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Hi, thanks for trying it out and giving feedback! Always appreciated. :) Which particular GUI elements do you think need to be bigger? What sort of screen were you playing on (PC/phone/tablet)?


The three bars that show the shotgun ammo would make more sense if they were in the shape of something like a bullet and were enlarged

Ahhh yeah I could definitely make that bigger. It's not really bullets, though. I think I'm running into the limitations of dumping people into gameplay without any tutorial or instructions. It's "capacitance" energy that powers all special abilities (currently just the hammer and shotgun). And the bar is kinda the worst place to look at it, it's also displayed on the character and on the mouse pointer. But nothing in-game tells you any of that... I think perhaps it'll be clearer when players start without any special abilities and buy them over the course of missions, getting a little video of how it works before each purchase.

Thanks again. :)