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Hi! Thank you so much!! I'm so happy you enjoy playing it! I will definitely keep making more games:))

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The full version of my new retro platformer is now available! Explore 7 worlds, find bonus levels and fight bosses. Listen to amazing music tracks in each level.

I just added a Mac and Linux Built, which makes it complete with the Windows one, Enjoy!


Your game is really fun so far! The game runs very smooth and even though I played with keyboard is was easy to control. It took me a minute to figure out to go back into the house and get the sword LOL I just wanted to run off and adventure! Will there be some kind of magic in this game? Enemies are fun too, love the ones from one of the caves who just pop up from the ground:)))

Looking forward to the full game and more updates! Definitly recommend, this developer knows what he is doing:))) Super fun so far!

Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm happy you enjoyed playing it! Any enemy that throws something has been fixed:) The snow balls wont follow you if you run away now :)))

I'm hoping to put up the full game around February 1st!

Adventures of a Radish 



I played your demo! The game is very fun but also very hard! I played in easy mode and died like 5 times at the beginning LOL The Keyboard controls take time to get used to so I definitely recommend a controller to play!

Otherwise I thought the game was a lot of fun! I love the graphics, controls are good and great soundtrack and effects!! Very Mega Manish which I like, is there a boss in the demo? I haven't gotten there yet:))) 

Maybe add some type of healing item? 

Great job to the developer, will definitely get the full version!!

Hi! Thank you so much for playing and your feedback! Yeah the game still has some bugs that I need to fix, will be adding it to my list!

I'm glad you had fun playing, stay tuned for my devlogs!

Hi everyone!

A new demo to my retro platformer Adventures of a Radish is out now! Its playable in browser, come and try it!

Thank you!

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Edit: I lowered the price to $1.00

Hi Everyone! I just published a new RPG/Fantasy asset pack that includes items, weapons and food, made with pico8 colors! If you need assets for your game come check it out, thank you!

Hi! You are welcome! I'm happy you like it! Thank you for your support!

Hi everyone! I just released a new free dungeon asset pack! Find dungeon dangers/obstacles and items. I also made a spikey turtle monster as a bonus:) Come check it out!

no problem! 👍

Thank you! Maybe I could make an asset pack that contains different kind of dangers/obstacles and the door, do you have a color preference? I will take a look at your link :) Currently I have a project going on but I should be able to fit in a small asset pack:)

Hi! Thank you so much! I'm happy to hear you like my asset pack! Yes you may use it privately or commercially in your projects. My name in your credits section is not a must but would be greatly appreciated:-) Let me know if you would like to make me anything else you could use! I make asset packs as time allows me:)

Hi everyone! I just added a few more levels to my game demo A Radish lost in time. A full version is planned. Its a fun retro platformer! Come check it out! Thank you!

Thank you so much for your feedback!! I'm actually adding a few more levels to the demo in the next 24 hours:))) Happy to hear you enjoy playing it!

Hi Everyone! I put up my first update for the Radish game! Newly designed level with new sound effects, new enemies and more! Next update will include the corn boss and the snow level! Come check it out! Thank you!

I love it but controls are too tough! 

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Nice! Have you published any games yourself? Yes animations take forever sometimes, it happens that I work on something for a long time and end up not liking it -_- But practice makes perfect :))

I saw you made quiet a lot of food:)))) 

Nice! Maybe you could make some weapons/armor? Do you make games too?

Glad you like it! :)) If you make anything let me know!

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I just released a new animated items pack! This pack contains over 100 items, 4 different color palettes, different varieties! Find potions, gems, treasure chests and keys! They are all free so come check it out!

I love this game! Good job! I hope you keep working on it:) Nice mushrooms!

Excellent question!:) When the gamejam first started I had to think of something quickly, first I thought Radish would be too silly but I think people like it! :)))) I wanted to make something simple but with a character that normally people wouldn't think of:)

Hi! Yes it's because I have to adjust the little box underneath the player when you jump on the enemy:))I have to tweak some stuff! I'm actually working on fixing things and adding more content! Thank you for your comment and thank you for playing!

just added it:) Thanks for reminding!

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Hi! I just finished a gamejam and put up a demo of my new game! It got some nice reviews and everyone seems to love the music! I'm working on big fixes and more content. Come join the Radish fun! Thank you!

Thank you so much! More is to come soon!!

Hi! Thank you so much for your review! And thank you for playing! Yes I'm aware of some minor issues. This was a tough gamejam for me since this is only a hobby at this point. But it was a lot of fun! I will tweak out all the bugs and will definitely finish this game, so please stay tuned for more! Thank you for liking the music!:)) Some enemies only patrol between 2 points. The cabbage thing only follows when you look away, have to fix that he turns around when going to the right:))

Thank you!:))) I take that as a compliment:)) Thank you for playing!

Hi! Thank you for your review! I will check on the Escape button, no one has mentioned it but I will check:) And there will be more levels! I work full time so this is what I was able to make in only a week:) I think people like it so I decided to continue and finish it! Thank you again for playing!

Hi! Thank you so much for playing! I'm happy to hear you like the game! And thank you for your detailed review. Yes a lot of those things I will address very soon. I made a list of things that need fixing but I just didn't get time to do it before the gamejam ended:)) Once the little things are fixed I will work on some more art work and levels. Please stay tuned for updates and more Radish fun!

Hi! Thank you so much for your review! I'm happy you like the game. A lot more is to come, please stay tuned for more!

Your characters are great! Nice work! 

Hi! Thank you for your feedback! You made quiet a long video of your gameplay, it was nice to watch:) No worries at all, I love getting peoples feedback. I know the game needs still work but it was a lot of fun to make for me. I will most likely give it a makeover sometime, at least for the mobile version because I have had a lot of additional downloads there:) This was actually my first published game ever, I will take your feedback and keep improving, thank you again!! In case you are interested in match 3 puzzle games, I just uploaded a new game on google play, on itch only demo. Thank you again for playing I hope it was still fun for you:)

Cant wait for the full version of this game, it looks great!!