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no problem:) You are making great stuff👍

Thanks. My game is turn based and I will have map points to enter locations:) I'm also using the same color palette as you did here:)) Btw do you do battle backgrounds?

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I was so excited to see your asset pack for a world map! This looks great. I'm making a rpg game and this would fit perfectly. How big are the tiles? Can I use these easily in unitys tilemap editor? I use 16x16 tiles on my game.

Thank you!

Edit: I just saw you mentioned its 16x16 tiles LOL

Yes it can be:) Enjoy the sprites and good luck with your project! Feel free to post a link to your game when finished:)


Yes you can use the assets for private or commercial use! You just cant sell them as another asset somewhere else. Or if you make a software that's similar to rpg maker. But using them in games is fine!

I bought these sprites and think they are awesome! I use unity and just set the slicing up to automatically. Yeah some sprites I cant find a proper size for slicing. So the automatic thing in unity works just fine:) 

I use them in a turn based rpg game and they fit perfectly:)

I don't know about other game engines but in unity they work great. 

Thank you for making these!

👍 Glad you like them:) I will probably extend my sale for more time:) I wish you good luck with your project! Feel free to post a link to your game if you use any of my sprites!

Hi! Thank you for your question! Sorry no I did not include any other views. I should do that for future sprites!

I made a new candy platformer tile set that is free now(24hrs) and will be on sale after that! It includes tiles, items and some UI elements. Thank you!

Thank you so much I appreciate it🤗🧡

New free asset available now. Furniture sprites in pastel colors.

Hi! I'm thinking about purchasing your asset pack, just have a few questions:) What size are the character sprites?

Can I recolor them so they match my color palette? I'm making a turn based rpg so I hope they will match well!

Thank you!

I just released an extended version of my monster pack! 2 additional sprite sheets which makes it a total of 48 monsters.

Hi! I havent planned on animations for this one. I do want to make another extended pack that has more monsters in it. However if a lot of people request it I might add that:) I have a personal project that I'm working on so I will see what I can do time wise!

New 8bit monster pack! Cc0 license.

LOL thank you so much for enjoying it that much!! Yeah I decided to lower the price on some of my items:) ❤🧡💚💛

Thank you so much for your detailed answer, this helps me a lot! :)

You have so many great assets I wish I could buy them all:) I dont know if I should get this one or the other GUI pack that you have. For an action rpg similar to diablo what do you recommend?

Ah okay! I will play around with it:)) I use a ps4 controller so I hope it works, thank you!!

Played the demo today and I loved it!! Its so much fun and also beautiful to look at!! I wish you all the best with Kickstarter and I will definitely be excited for the full game!

I'm sure you are already working on this but will you add controller support or make it somewhat simpler to move around/move stuff? As much fun as I had sometimes I had trouble with all the keyboard buttons:P

Thank you so much for your reply! I understand no window is the same or a certain size. I was just wondering since I bought a ui pack from unity before and they were complete so all I had to do was drag the image in. But perhaps in unity this is all different:))) 

I don't mind making the window size myself I was just trying to save time lol

Thank you!

Thank you for your reply! I think you answered all my questions:) 

Hi! Question: 

For the UI pack, the window frames/bars/buttons are they complete or they come in separate sprites and I put it together myself? Sorry for this question but I bought a pack from someone else before and this was a big problem. Basically I want something complete not 20 separate sprites to built a window myself.

I couldnt leave a comment in your UI pack so I put it here:)

Question: Can I use these in a personal project that will be paid later on as long as I credit you? 

Any recoloring allowed?

Your artwork is amazing!

Thank you!


Does this pack have spell icons? My game is a lot about magic so I need magical items and spell icons.

Thank you!

Hi! These assets look awesome and thinking about buying it! Question!

Can we recolor the sprites? Would love to use it for my game and of course credit you:) 

Also for the items are any of them greyed out so I can use it for inventory background slots? I suppose I could recolor it that way too?

Thank you!

Thank you so much for your reply! I love your assets and will definitely get this one:) Thank you!

Can you please tell me what is the license on your assets? Are we allowed to recolor some things as long as I credit you? Thank you!!

Thank you so much!!! You are awesome!

Thank you so much!! I'm so happy you enjoy it! Thank you for making this video, it was amazing to watch!! So happy you had fun!

I just launched my new witchy platformer tile set! It's on sale for the first week! Find everything to make a cute witchy game:) Come find it here:

I just published my asset pack for june, player/roguelike sprites! Every month I choose a different theme for free sprites. Come check it out! You might want to check my previous assets as well.

thank you so much! I hope you have fun! I would love to watch your stream!


I made a 2d retro platformer starring a Radish!! Its free for the next 24hrs but I can send you a download key after that:) 

Have a look and let me know what you think! Thank you!!

Every month I create a small asset pack, for this month its ancient Chinese weapons/ninja. It's free so come check it out,thank you!

I want to give back to the community and made this potion pack available for free! Enjoy!

I made a new platformer tile set. Retro style, Adventure Island inspired.  If you like to make 2D platformer games this is for you!


Thank you so much for your nice review! I'm so happy you like it!! Thank you for your best wishes!:) I will always give my best to improve and grow with each project!

I'm having a St Patrick's day weekend sale!! And I'm also celebrating my first 50 followers on itch, you are all amazing!!

Find my retro platformer now 25%off all weekend!