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Hi! Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm happy to hear you enjoy the game so far! Thank you for your suggestions:) I actually implemented a lot of new things that will come with the next update by the end of the week:) I think I mentioned most of it in my last devlog. 

I wish you good luck with your project! The GameDev courses are definitely challenging!

Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback! As for the treasure bags I think I need to either decrease the amount of them or make a wider drop range. I think right now it's just too many:))

LOL yeah I decided the last minute to wait for the quests for the next update. Its coming...!

I will take a look at everything else. Thank you for playing!

Sweet! Thank you for making this. I bought your bundle with pretty much all your tile sets and I was thinking: gosh darn i need UI elements. You saved me:) 😄

Thank you! Happy you like it!

Love the graphics! its a cute fun game.  if there is gonna be a full version to this one I'd get it:)

Love the graphics! its a cute fun game.  if there is gonna be a full version to this one I'd get it:)

Nice work! Are you considering making some enemies/more NPCs? I would definitely buy some of your assets if there was some enemies and characters available!!

Thank you I really appreciate it!💜

Thank you so much!!💜💜

I have a winter sale now until the end of the month!!

Get my assets including the new 8bit animated player sprites now 50% off!

Games are also 50% off and my Platformer is free for limited time!


Thank you! I suppose that would be okay:) I never thought about it honestly. I think it's fine as long as you are not selling them to make profit:)

I made a new town tycoon pack in voxels! It's on sale now with all my other assets:)

Find houses, roads, dirt paths, shops and trees!


I have a big Halloween sale going now! Everything is 50% off! Including my brand new 8bit monster pack! Find 20 different monsters in 4 directions.

Hi everyone!

I just released a new voxel model asset pack! 14 characters. All models come in these files: .vox, .mtl, .obj.

Thank you so much:) Very happy you enjoyed it! I'm actually working on a part 2 right now!👀 I will be making a devlog to it soon!

Thank you! :)

Your game has come a long way, great job! Continue with the devlogs!👍

Hi everyone!

Today I made my final release of my rpg game THE LOST ARTIFACTS! You can get it now for 15% off or get it in a bundle together with my platformer game in a special bundle price!

Thank you!

Early Beta version to my turn based rpg game is available now!

Its also on sale. With the purchase of this version you do not need to pay again for any future updates or the final release!

New intro scene:

Hi! Thank you for your question! It basically means this:

You may recolor/adjust/add sprites to your liking and use them in private or commercial games.

You can use the sprites for making paid or free games. 


Sorry I know license can be confusing! In the future I will just post the explanation above:))))

New top down rpg tile set available now! Its 10% off the first 2 weeks. 

I originally started making a game with them but then changed the style. I have no longer use for them so I'm making them available for the public.

Hi! Not yet but I promise I will get to this! The game was made in an older unity version and it will take time to import everything to the new one. It's on my to do list!

Hi everyone! My rpg game THE LOST ARTIFACTS is now ready for wishlist on Steam! I also uploaded a new demo version to my page! It's a turn based rpg game where you can unlock and explore new locations, find crafting materials to make your own potions and gear!

Thank you!

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Oh I'm so sorry! I need to remove the Mac version Unfortunately. Apple has some new rules regarding Unity and apple apps. I apologize! If you paid for it just send me a proof of purchase and I can try to give a refund. I will be removing the Mac version Unfortunately:(  

Do you have Twitter you can DM me there for any question. 


Oh wow, those are some really great ideas!

Thank you so much for your inspiration!

As soon as I'm done with my rpg project I will get working on it!:)

Hi everyone!

I just posted a new weekly devlog to my rpg game! I also have a demo available. I would appreciate feedback on gameplay and new ideas I post in my devlogs! My rpg game is turn based and questing and crafting is a big key factor in the game.

My latest devlog:

Link to demo and videos is all in the devlog:)

Thank you so much!

First trailer:


Thank you for letting me know about the problem! Ah yes the game was made with the old unity 5 version:) I will definitely look into this!

I updated my game and a new demo is now available! Enjoy snes like graphics now in my turn based rpg game! Still in development. Go questing, adventuring and craft your own potions.


Thank you!

Thank you so much! So happy you enjoy it!


Thank you for your question:) I know this whole license thing can be confusing! You can basically do whatever you want except resell it. So feel free to use it in private or commercial games and in as many games as you like.

The only thing is you are not supposed to share with other people. Unless you work on the same project as a team:)

I hope that answers your question!

Hi, I would like to add a tile set to the bundle. Thank you!

Thank you for making these tile sets and offer them for a reasonable and affordable price. I decided to buy and love them! Definitely will credit you in my project!

Hi! I would like to submit my platformer game for this!

Thank you so much for playing! It was awesome to watch!!🤗💜💙💚

Thank you so much!!

the lost artifacts is a new turn based rpg game still in development. Play the first available demo now!

no problem:) You are making great stuff👍