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Hi everyone!

I made another devlog to my rpg game. Come check it out! Its all about outfits for the player and some new screenshots.

If you find new armor and weapons for the player it will show visibly what you have on and of course give your player better stats in the game.

Outfits! - Palins Fate by SorceressGameLab (

Thank you!

Hi everyone!

I have been posting devlogs for my upcoming action RPG Palins Fate. Explore dungeons and a mysterious fantasy world and find the sacred stones to restore peace to the land. A demo of the game is coming this summer! 

Dungeons + Updates! - Palins Fate by SorceressGameLab (

Follow me on YouTube and watch some gameplay videos:

Love your ui pack! Just wanted to give a few suggestions if you ever add more sprites to it:)

- coin bag/pouches

- something like a book page for spells for example, maybe icon of the book as well?

Great job on this asset pack!

Hi! I was wondering if any of your farming assets contain animals? Or fishing content? 

if not will you consider adding? 

Thank you!

Thank you so much for playing and making the video!! ✨️✨️

Thank you:)

basically yes. Just don't use it for printed media like stickers, t-shirt etc. 

Hi! Aw you are very welcome:) One day I get back to making some monthly pixel assets😏

These look cool:) I will try them out:) i'm using 8x8 sprites in my game so i'm looking for something low res looking:)

Hi! Thank you very much for your kind words! I'm happy to hear you enjoy it:) I hope everyone will love my new upcoming game as well;)

Thank you!

Hi! I really like this asset pack collection! Does it come with enemies and characters? Or will you add some to it? 

Since this is a roguelike asset pack will there be some kind of separate shooting weapons pack? Sorry for many questions ha ha. I'm a big fan of your work!

I might get both bundles little later on if you do another sale closer to end of the year;)

Thank you for your reply:) Okay got it:) I normally always give a tip even if something is free. I appreciate all the hard work! 

Hi! Those are some cool tunes! Just to clarify: your license means i can use it privately and commercially but with proper credits right? Name and link to your itch page?

thank you!

Hi! I stumbled across your assets and i'm so happy i found them! The assets have so much to offer i'll probably buy all of it:))

Will you do more updates in the future? 

Do the assets have pets? Portraits for the characters?

It all looks so amazing. Thank you!


I bought your collection like a while back. The only thing I'm missing is some monster sprites! Any chance you will do a monster pack(action rpg style) like with 4 directions, attack etc. ? That would make it complete! Or do you know of any that could match with your tile sets? Thank you!!

Hi! Yes i do still make pixel art. As of now though i dont have as much time because i still have a day job to go to. I'm okay to do small commissions but it sounds like you are looking for a very big job to do:) 

I'm also working on a gaming project myself. I hope one day I can invest more time in assets again but as for now small things is all i can do in my free time. 

I appreciate you considering me! 

However feel free to email me if you need some smaller work done. 

Sorceressgamelab at gmail dot com. 

Thank you!

Wow i remember seeing this a long time ago but never used it. I will definitely get it now and use it for a prototype! This is awesome work!


Thank you very much for your review and suggestions! Wow you really wrote a long one:) I always take everything into consideration and see what I can do and what's possible. 

Making something in 3D was definitely challenging. 

That's why now I'm back into my comfort zone and making something in 2D again ha ha. I think I wrote a short paragraph on my page:)

Basically it will be a very retro 8bit rpg game.

I'm happy you still somewhat enjoyed the game. Thank you for taking time for your review!

Thank you for your reply:) Ah okay no worries. I will keep looking or maybe make some myself. I was just looking to save myself some time:)))

Hi! Do the monsters have a basic idle animation? Also do they have look down view? Thanks!

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Hi! I really like these characters! I understand it's okay to use them for commercial projects? Do I credit your name here on itch?

Edit: is it okay to recolor as long as I mention that it's recolored?

Thank you!


Thank you for being interested in my tileset! In the description I wrote what's allowed/not allowed. Basically you can use it in private or commercial projects and modify them to your needs. But don't take the zip file and sell it again or don't use it on printed media. 

I hope that helps!

(1 edit)

Thank you for your feedback! I will check out the issues that you mentioned. The equipment and inventory window should be able to open at the same time but I can double check. 

I made this project in unity and yes the scroll windows can be kind of funky which is a unity thing and unless I design it different I can't really do anything about it. It should work properly though. 

If the game doesn't run smooth it might be a PC issue. I know the game can be slow on older models. However if you have a new super speed computer and it's still slow then I'm not sure:)

I will check everything else you mentioned. Thank you for taking time to write some feedback!


Thank you for taking interest in my tile set!

Oh what it simply means is you cannot take the zip file and sell it again. I'm sorry if my wording is confusing. I will fix that:)

But yes you can totally use it in your game and sell it. Any of my art can be used in private or commercial games:)

Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy it!

Just launched my new action rpg Tizahl's Quest and made a sale for it! Also get it in a bundle with my other games.

Trailer: Community » Game Development » Devlogs · Created a new topic Summary!

I created a summary to my current gaming project:) 

It's an action rpg where you can craft, collect loot and complete quests!


Hi everyone!

Crafting is coming to my action rpg Tizahl's Quest! The game is still in development and also on Kickstarter now!

Read my latest devlog here:

Demo is also available on my page!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

I uploaded a new demo version to my action RPG Tizahl's Quest! Try out the shop keeper, new spells and I added an attributes system! 

Also the project with Launch on Kickstarter on the 23rd!!

Games page:

Kickstarter page:



I just released a new update to my action rpg game Tizahl's Quest! Fight monsters, collect loot and use some magic! Full release planned for june.