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Nice one! Love the small details. Keep up the good work.

I'd recommend consuming a variety of different genres of video games. Getting as much creative input as possible gives you a solid basis for developing your own ideas. Nowadays, people are able to build awesome Jump'n Runs only because the game mechanics have already been established by Super Mario Bros.

Another great habit is writing down all of your weird ideas, even the weirdest ones, and just let those ideas rest for a while. After having gathered many of them, you might see connections between them that allow for unique gameplay.

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What if a loading screen was actually... fun?  What if it fought you? What if it had pretty girls, monsters and cute  cats? What if a loading screen just wanted your love and to be admired  for a second? Well - check out 'Loading the Game'.

'Loading the Game' is a different type of  game. I'd call it a humorous point-and-click puzzle game, but it is more than that. This game is about thinking outside of the box - and having a good laugh!

You  will need to use all of your wisdom to outsmart a narrator that is trying to keep you away from cancelling the loading screen. Do you think you are smart enough?

This game is currently under development. I need your feedback! What can I improve?

Play the free demo here on! I hope you enjoy it!

If you like the game, please support it on Kickstarter. That would help me a lot!

Really good! One gets really eager to get that promotion. Well done!

Simple, yet great. Kept me entertained until the end.

Hey, if you still have time, you could play "Moonicorn's Cookie Quest". It's a cute little platformer with creative level design:

Play on


Nice concept. But how can I die without having unlocked dying? :P

Unfortunately, it does not reset once I die...

Groovy. Sound and art style fit together perfectly. 

I remember Donkey Kong 64 had a good underwater level. The style is oldschool of course, but manages to create a creepy atmosphere nevertheless. Not to forget Super Mario Sunshine!

This needs an update containing the Ukraine impeachment process.

Like the aesthetics, but the layout size is unfortunately really bad... I have a 16:9 screen and need to scroll up and down to see the full level.

Great game! Took inspiration from COD: Zombie Mode? I think there should be a small tutorial on how to build barricades. Keep up the good work!

Don't getting people to notice games in that you've invested much time really sucks. What can help is focusing your efforts on the games that you really love and that are fun creating. Regardless of the impact of your game on the community, your time then  has not been wasted.

This thread has been opened 2 years ago... still no news on a private message system? How come?

Didn't take necro-ing into account when posting. Thanks for the hint, I don't wanna spam!

Are you playing platformer as well? If you could try Moonicorn's Cookie Quest, that would be great!


This platformer is quick and quirky for sure: Moonicorn's Cookie Quest 

Feedback is appreciated, thanks!

Studio Name:

Johannes Gross (That's me!)

Name Of Game:

Moonicorn's Cookie Quest (Play here)

Quick Bio of Game:

Tricky platformer with minimalistic one-button controls, but creative level design. 

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete:

Moonicorn's Cookie Quest has been under development for... way too long. Started out as a mini game with an estimated development time of 3 months, ended up being a bigger project and took me a year. It's still under development.

Why you became a game developer in the first place:

Because of the love for it!

If you are looking for a tricky platformer, Moonicorn's Cookie Quest could be the game for you. If you have time, it would be great if you can do a let's play video, thanks!

If you like platformer, Moonicorn's Cookie Quest is the game for you!

Hello everyone! My name is Johannes, let me introduce myself:

  • From the great city of Bonn, Germany
  • 27 years old and made games for a while
  • Favorite games: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Earthbound, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door aaaand many more
  • Trying to finish all these games that I started developing and that are now taking 3 years instead of 6 months... 

Looking forward to cooperate with you guys! 

Moonicorn's Cookie Quest

Hey folks! My name is Johannes,  I just released a neat little game called 'Moonicorn's Cookie Quest'. 

Link: Play on

Moonicorn's Cookie Quest is a platformer that focuses on minimalistic one-button controls combined with creative level design. The learning curve has been chosen to start low, but rises rather quickly in a way that turns each level into a small puzzle.

Every 1000 years, a unicorn is corn with lactose intolerance. Use your unique ability to find all cookies and save the unicorn world!

... Well, there is more to the backstory than I can tell right now. Stay tuned for updates.

This game is still in development. I really put some love into it and hope you will enjoy it. If it appeals to the community and the feedback is generally good, I will continue development. I'm planning to provide 20 new levels with brand new features as well as an awesome backstory with an intro video, which will look something like this:

Here are some screenshots, all pink und fluffy. :

Got feedback? Post here, on the site of the game or write an e-mail at .

Moonicorn's Cookie Quest is completely free, you can play it in your browser. Have fun!

Play at