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I'm Becoming Stuck With My Own Thoughts (Rant)

A topic by wildroseinteractive created 7 days ago Views: 58 Replies: 4
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Recently, I've noticed that I've become so stuck in my own thoughts that I don't end up making progress with game development. 

I've released four titles, and have about six prototypes on my computer.  When I try to work on a project, I worry that there won't be interest in it, that there is some fatal bug I never noticed, or that it will be poorly recieved. I worry to the point that I stop working. So many ideas are thrown out because I'd never have the skills or resources to make it happen.

My first game was released in April. It had an interesting concept, but the execution was terrible. People thought it was stilted and awkward.

My second project, a quiz, did much better. People are playing it every day. It has a very clear niche that was underserved at the time I made the quiz. I have no way to translate this sucess into other projects.

My third project was a game jam game made in a few days. People liked it, except that my unclear instructions and a game-crippling bug broke the game's main feature.

My fourth project was a game for a game jam that I finished months after the jam ended. It has 28 views. Although there might be people who like this game, they haven't found it.

I never thought that publishing a game would give me instant sucess. In fact, when people started commenting on my first game, I was shocked. I thought nobody would notice it. I have to work hard to build success and learn new things.

Right now, I'm trying to change my worrying ways. I'm working on a game jam game with another person. I'm trying to spend less time refreshing the analytics page and worrying if an idea is doomed. Hopefully, this will improve my attitude and I can create more games.


You never know what people will like. That's something you must get used to. :) But yes, it can be discouraging when people hardly ever seem to like much of what you do. Try taking a break maybe, and doing different things for a while so you don't burn out.

Don't getting people to notice games in that you've invested much time really sucks. What can help is focusing your efforts on the games that you really love and that are fun creating. Regardless of the impact of your game on the community, your time then  has not been wasted.

keep a journal, write notes so when working on your next one you can guide yourself as to not to repeat bad patterns 

Feeling down and unmotivated? do what i do, sit around the house, play video games, eat |Censored| foods and smash things.

Motivation will be back (some time) in the future, he is just on holidays.

Just try not to force yourself, or else you might face burn out (which is a ton of fun from what i have heard (JK))