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Indeed, who knows what can still happen? Even though it is very unlikely we would suddenly become evaluated - rewarded or punished - in life and by life, in a "currency" unbeknown to us, there is yet always something to be further appreciated within the scope of realms we already consume, respecting the trajectories of our living - that is, without violating who we are and what we are. Like a flower blossom, good things come naturally, in a peaceful manner. It is our task, as sentient beings, to learn how to appreciate, how to see there are advantages even in apparent disadvantage. Every stance in life is like a viewpoint, but it is up to us whether we choose to become fixated only on one spot, disregarding all the other existential landscapes. Our surrounding consumerist culture is mildly oppressive with the "do this" and the "get that" attitude, that can fog the mind, narrow the vision, cause a sense of entrapment. To clear oneself of that fog, is the job to do, in order to be able to see better and appreciate better. To learn that there is value in what we already have and where we already are. I do not think "places" would mean any physical locations to me, but I am glad to ever know the Universe more, painting my picture of understanding, that I carry with me and within me, at all times. This picture, I will carry on, unlike anything I can possess or become in life. I am happy, in my own way, but I need to understand some people cannot seize the vista capturing my sight so much, given moment. Even that vista, though, will I need to let go, eventually, to be able to move forward, in due time, like a flower blossom, sprouting towards new horizons.

So now I know where do I come from.

This is what happens when The Hanged Man combines with a fortune cookie.

Genuinely eerie, but not depressing. Acceptance of the inevitable with serene mindset. The way, the practice. I am often impressed with the depth behind the Bitsy community.

Beautiful, thoughtful, excellent piece of Bitsy interactive fiction. For some intuitive reason, I expect to find myself being a collapsed giant, if I ever am to become a star. Paradoxically speaking, I already am. Nothing sad about it. Obscurity, though, is a thing to meditate upon. Without a matter of own, I need to expel gravitational influence upon other bodies in vicinity, to make myself detectable to conventional human technology. Kind of a manipulative way, but I rather think of it as giving inspiration. My orbital trajectories, are most perplexing. Even though without any face of own, I make perfect natural lens to see things further for those who seek. I also have an event horizon for those who near too close.

These would do for some nice 'Norwegian Black Metal' song lyrics.

Ants upon the carcass of God. For his death, our fall.

Beautiful sonet. In the end, a card, hung in the void. But not an empty card. Damage, comes from experience. It is what makes us remember, question and seek. Lost shard, still adrift.

Nice! But theoretically, every Tarot card is a metamorphosis of the Fool. Therefore, well, Emperor is also a Fool. (Five years sentence.)

Bitsy movie, nice. Innovative. The movie itself, good deal of psychedelic.

Bitsy is a true blessing to the digital poetry and the interactive fiction communities. Room Null, what does it mean? It means M.W. belongs to the gods, I guess. Please, use less cliche music, though.

Beautiful, mature. For some time I have been thinking to tell my mother I am sorry if I had ever wounded her, by not becoming what she could perhaps imagine to be the best for me - or the best of me - in life. But on the other hand, I do firmly believe she just wants me to be happy and the way my life or my attitude in life appears, could sometimes indicate perhaps I am not that happy altogether. But if I tell her I am sorry, for what I am, that may sound like a goodbye of a sort. Kind of scary. Maybe it will be better if I do not say anything of such. I will just try to be healthy and strong and with these two, the impression of happiness could just jump in. Because hey, if you get nothing major to worry about and you realize that, it is some form of happiness already. I do not feel depressed, I just feel like maybe some people think I totally missed my potential. I do not feel that way, actually. I feel that I just chose a philosophical path in life, to live it. It is hard sometimes, but what experience of reality is easy? What kind of reality, is easy?

Games are like small social rituals. Games going cyber, witchcraft going cyber. Life going cyber. It is all about life, but what does it mean to be alive, to live a life? There could be life in the cyber realm, but life, has to involve passion and it is hard to find passion without the people and social context. Such as, what spell would one want to cast if there was nobody to ever reap the outcome? We need to imagine a space entity, who is like a reaper of all that is redundant. But in order to find it, one needs to tune in with what becomes redundant.

Very poetic, touching. I like the free movement around the environment in a way that remains explainable, sort of, in a Bitsy way.

All the possibilities in the world within sight, but a room without an escape.

Kind of like a life journey, concluded in a bottle of memories.

Nice one, tight resource management with survival strategy. Until the light takes us!

SMASH BASH is positively a promo of a remarkable web game. It has nice retro flare - of the CADILLACS AND DINOSAURS type - with sincere DIABLO feel to the moody and haunting outdoor, desolate swamp environments. The isometric view action dynamics are fluent and catchy, properly modern. The dialogues, appearing once in a while, are framed within nice animation sequences. Even though I did not test the one particular feature, it appears the game handles local multiplayer, based on various controllers. Available protagonists differ slightly with their characteristics. The unintrusive music, fits the background. For the current drawbacks, there are minute rendering glitches, nothing that would disrupt the major gameplay, though. Hope to see the project expand!

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Knife could also indicate the desire to cut off something or someone. Knife may also serve the purpose of "cutting the way through", such as in going through the bush, but then, one would perhaps want to use a machete instead.

Actually, it was a mistake, but nevermind.

I believe you do not mean God?

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Apart from having the privilege of being a major nuisance to the universe. Like a program forcing your PC to run some serious voltage all around, instead of doing in a powersave mode. Not that it should really matter to the universe, which some say, is the biggest quantum PC ever. If the universe could conceive such bizarre a program, it means, the universe could afford it, nay? It is all part of the plan, the Joker says.

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One of the quantum theory interpretations says the world does not actually exist in any set form or shape, if you do not witness it directly with your senses - that is, if you do not "measure" it accurately somehow, forcing the world to decide what does it want to be. Therefore, the  most bizarre superpower would be to make the world exist, even if you do not look at it. In a way, you would be like a god then, all-witnessing all the time.

You may not even know that you have this power, now.

The Mierdas Touch.


Eating fruit with your earlobes is downright weird if done on a weekend.

Damn right, on a weekend, batshit crazy, but if you do it on a common day otherwise, fine.

First, we need titles that represent genres or unique concepts in gaming. Not so many of them in the recent years.

Finding good synergy is a hell of a task.

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Gun Night is a multiplayer-only, topdown action shooter, heavily inspired by the Hotline Miami series. Main catch points of the gameplay are simplicity, rapid pace, low tech requirements, simplicity, intensity, visual style and music. Did I mention it is simple and fun to play? It may be challenging, for certain. There are impressive, fine crafted nuances in the way of design, speaking the developer knew a fair deal about what effect was best for the most competetive setup - or is it, because I have not played the original Hotline Miami as of yet? Presently, I would not change a thing in the Gun Night, albeit a temptation to ask for some greater game-affecting diversity, there is.

Therefore, in case you have liked the SuperHotLine Miami, then the Gun Night might be a thing to check out, if you happen to stumble across a match going on.

Give it a try sometime.

One of the things proven and most amusing to think about, is that all biological life emerges from the stars. It boils down to the chemistry. Primordial universe, was made of very few kinds of elements. The diversity, required for life to eventually emerge, has been cooked in the stars. With their death, they released this chemical diversity into shared space, having major physical forces do the rest. However to look at it, life is a crown to the creation and sentient life, a pearl in that crown. The question is, could we have life, not based on chemistry? This is exactly the question about what is 'alien'.

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It is rather high speculation ground. Cyclic cosmology is oft dismissed nowadays, for the second law of thermodynamics. Complicated stuff, but in short, it says a universe is unlikely to go cyclic indefinitely, because the entropy level will never decrease, only increase, as long as the system remains hermetic. Entropy is like a summary of possibilities. The more the possibilities, the lower the  entropy. The fewer the possibilities, the higher the entropy. Such as, the longer you live, biologically speaking, the less the adaptability you have, with increasing chance of death. Death, could be when you no longer deal with anything that may affect you. Maximum entropy, is when all energy is equal, thus no exchange ever occurs anymore. Penrose tries to outmaneuver the second law of thermodynamics with his theory. In science and exploration, no word is ever final though and definitely we do not know everything about the Universe, even whether it is a hermetic system. But we know it expands and this quite hints towards the entropic death scenario. The universe will grow too cold and dark to hold any life. But until then, many interesting things may happen. Even the Sun death is quite some time ahead, so I guess the entropic death is pretty superfluous thing to worry about, for now. By the way, Sun is not going to explode. Just in case. It will turn to a 'dwarf'.

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Style, it has. Good stuff. Simple and fun. I like action topdown shooters that know what they do. Would like to see some bigger match going on though, since it is multiplayer only.

For the particular effects, plus for the screen angle emphasizing the direction the protagonist goes. Also the blood footprints. It is pity though various blood colours do not react together.

What else? go HOTLINE!

Penrose had some interesting idea, regarding the cyclic cosmological model of the Universe. Namely, he argued that if entire matter and defined objects become loose energy, so that any possibility to physically measure time, disappears, the Universe eventually would reset, as if a new tree would grow from the trunk of a decayed one. He also speculated that it could be possible to see back in time, so to say, before the "big bang", to conclude upon the influence of earlier world iterations over the one we have now. Pretty crazy stuff. It is called "conformal cyclic cosmology". One may notice how the shape of a tribar figure and the conformal geometry, hint towards this theory. But it seems too esoteric. Anyway, I do not recommend reading Penrose though. Someone would do a good job writing a book having explained to the layman what does Penrose actually mean.

I do understand that a solid premise of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is association with post-soviet Russia, historical events, geographical places, as well as certain mythos. Nonetheless, imagine if Silicon Valley of the USA, was a post-industrial hell, an abandoned man-made wasteland of once mighty steel - now rust and mercury - filled with toxic smog. Land divided between zones, as originally would relate to territorial division between share of corporations, focused mainly on production. "Stalkers" are treasure hunters, intended to claim whatever of value they can find in the so envisioned Silicon Valley. Understandably, the area is under governmental no-go, thus the "Stalkers" - people who break into, break through and bypass, steal, stalk areas and places, trespass in general. Wonder how would this go with the notion of trespassing the border between the land of the living and the realm of the dead. Further down this line, the Silicon Valley, could actually be a portal-land, a place where dimensions interfere, creating an experience of unique half-life: the coexistence of that which is and that which dwells beyond.

Anyway, just a loose idea on how to "export" S.T.A.L.K.E.R. to the USA.

We just need to kill the Silicon Valley.

I have actually made an attempt once in my life to read The Road to Reality by Roger Penrose. Nah, there are better popular science writers. Penrose is too hardcore of a mathematician.

AFAIR, it is from a set linked HERE, look up in the descriptions.

Yeah, I have, not even games but many different things throughout in my life altogether, but I did not try to retrieve that back.

If to think about it, what use is there for something to exist, if there is no will to actually employ that thing for the sake of sustenance?

Y'know what is the fate of toys. They are put back in the sack.

Interesting how the world map goes full circle around, having one tunnel cutting to an inner yard. Is the ending phrase indicating that the protagonist did escape the bottleworld?

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It is still unclear to me whether your concept of 'low tech future' does describe primarily a "fork" of the actual or reasonably expected, earthly reality, such as most 'post-apocalyptic' scenarios do - or is it a vision of organic evolution, describing an entire, parallel - perhaps extraterrestrial - reality, which has come to different conclusions and different status quo of technology?

Digital poetry with heavy emphasis on image. Astounding sense of fluid, verge minimalistic, linear motion, accompanied by delightful music. That is a form of directed dance, perpetuated in an interactive tidbit of pixelated art. Piece of meditative sweetness. Commendations.

Conceptual demake: Diablo. All hands on board. Dungeon generated. Traps ready. Treasure boxes secured. Adventurers dropping in five minutes, countdown. Technical crew, please leave the deck. Summoning final boss on level 10, arrival expected with minute delay {those celebrities}. Special effects, orchestra... wait, what is that dude still doing there? Is that in the script?

Ha, great little story with a strong conclusion!