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2020 years since the birth of Jesus Christ have passed on the planet Earth and so it happens that this very year, which is about to come upon us, is a titular gem in the name of Cyberpunk 2020 franchise, better known among narrative RPG enthusiasts. It would be shame, though, if the event was not properly celebrated also among the indie dev and indie gaming crowd. Why not have a Cyberpunk 2020 indie game jam ?

I would also allow Shadowrun in the mix, taking it as a cyberpunk flavour.

WEB version? C'mon, it is roughly 8 MB in download.

BTW, avesome nickname picture.

Trippiness, you have it.

Can you define 'success'?

Interesting case, but as it usually happens, the only fair answer to most of interest questions, is that it all depends. Finding own balance and striving for balance in general is not something that can be automatized, but it certainly is good to have some guidelines to follow.

Personally, I would recommend looking at the "Ockhams Razor" principle. In the evolved meaning, it says the amount of entities should be kept down to minimum, to a degree where each entity serves a unique purpose. Therefore, if certain idea does not fit in one game or the implementation of which the idea would disrupt the intended cohesion of one game, it is better to be put the concept into another game, but then, as soon as we have two games to work upon simultaneously, each arising idea has to be directed either to the first or the second game, which already could pose a problem to decide. In general, the more the things, the more the distraction, but I do not believe everything in the world either could or should be put into a single game, because games, are not meant to emulate the world, as they are worlds themselves, of fewer dimensions.

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Glad to hear that. HERE is the spreadsheet. You can comment. Also, I have seen on some websites around the itch that developers established local forums. Maybe it would work for this place too?

I can go through thusfar suggested material and maybe put it into a more cohesive piece, unless there is no actual need to?

Regarding the directional armor bonus for the Space Marines, I was thinking if there could be problems in determining when does the received damage reduction apply? In close encounter with the Tyranid, it is easier to determine, because Tyranid can only attack from adjacent tile, which means, it is clear whether the Marine faces the opponent onwards or not. In case though some opponents wielding ranged weaponry were to be introduced eventually, the case gets more complicated. Even if mechanically it is solvable, it still ought to be simple enough and clear to the player, when one can count the bonus in for granted.

Eventually, we may back down to a standpoint that the armour bonus works only against attacks launched from adjacent tile.


In the Linux version of the game '0.0.12', I cannot seem to be able to exit the mission, albeit I can exit the game from the menu.

Minding that the amount of tiles the Marines can move may differ from the original Space Hulk, the maps ought to be proportionally increased in size or made more complicated.

For the units, the artwork is okay... y'know, it is there. But I would opt, for now, to replace the actual unit models with mere symbols on visually styled square tiles with proper unit symbol put on them. The direction the unit faces, could be emphasized with a marking on one edge of the tile, speaking of Marines - or on all edges of the tile, speaking of Tyranid infantry.

Try to maybe find a way on how to inform the player of enemy movement without having the screen go all wild.

There is apparently a bug, which allows the unit to move with only 1 AP - while the movement costs 2 AP.


'Multi-target' means that up to three targets in the range of fire can be affected in one attack.

For the range, we ought to assume some simple solution. For example, short range is up to three tiles ahead of the unit, middle range is six tiles far and long range is nine tiles in distance. That is for the current size of the maps. Eventually we can upgrade, for example to 4/8/12 or 4/7/10, eventually assume some more irregular ratios, depends.

Movement backwards for the Marine ought to cost 3 AP per tile, also for the Raptors. This would affect the description of special rules for the Raptors, to such, for example:

movement onwards costs 1 AP per tile (unit rotation and backwards movement costs without change).

It is also important to point out that the special ability of Medics, is now cumulative, which means, a unit supported by the Medic, gets +2 HP for each Medic on adjacent tile. Effectively, up to +8 HP can be held this way, if tactically sensible.

My opinion on the Tyranid, the way it is done currently in the WH40K universe, is that it is royally screwed up and we should only very loosely base on it for the inspiration.

I am actually thinking, what if to upgrade the special ability of a Medic, in a way that the unit Medic faces onwards, gets +3 HP bonus, instead of the regular +2 HP.

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Sorry to spam you a little bit with my wild ideas, but hey, WH40K is such a fun universe. Been reading some Lexicanum lately, very impressive well of lore. Anyway, I have been playing around with some numbers and I came up with an early version of the squad assembly material, mainly focusing on the pointsworth of each unit variant.

There are five unit types, as given by description:

(1.) Leader is an avant-garde Space Marine soldier in terms of battlefield prowess and biotechnological engineering. Distinguished with wearing an emblematic bone-white armour, the Leader leads battle brothers by example. Only one Leader per squad is allowed.

Special rules: twice per mission, the Leader may attack with ‘Frag Grenade’ (short range, single target, damage 4, blast, cost 4 AP).

(2.) Troopers are highly trained Space Marine soldiers, holding universal applicability of tactical value on the battlefield.

(3.) Medics engage in warfare to actively support their fellow Space Marines, helping many survive the wounds otherwise possibly fatal.

Special rules: each allied Space Marine on a tile adjacent to the one of Medic, receives a continuous bonus of 2 HP extra. The bonus lasts as long as the unit remains in touch with the Medic. Disjoining from the Medic, will make the bonus nullify as soon as the next turn (may cause death if little HP remaining).

(4.) Gunners provide a vital firepower backbone in the Space Marine army, excelling at heavy weaponry of devastating power.

(5.) Reserved for open field battles, the Raptors utilize their ‘Raptor’ engine jump-packs to rapidly confront the enemy and provide combat assistance of high mobility value. 

Special rules: movement costs 1 AP per tile (unit rotation costs without change).

So these are the unit types. Now for the pointsworth:

Leader – Bolter Pistol: 4
Leader – Storm Bolter: 6
Leader – Plasma Pistol: 5

Trooper – Bolter Rifle: 9
Trooper – Graviton Gun: 10
Trooper – M/C Bolter Rifle: 15

Medic – Bolter Pistol: 13
Medic – Storm Bolter: 15
Medic – Plasma Pistol: 14

Gunner – Heavy Bolter: 11
Gunner – Assault Cannon: 11
Gunner – Plasma Cannon: 17

Raptor – Bolter Pistol: 14
Raptor – Storm Bolter: 16
Raptor – Plasma Pistol: 15

The squad at minimum consists of a Leader and two other units. Maximum is a Leader and eight other units.

Cheapest squad setup comes at 22 total pointsworth. Most expensive squad setup equals 142 pointsworth. I propose to introduce an order of thresholds varying by 15 each level, starting with 30 and ending up with 120. That would be: 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120.

For each mission, the player would choose the threshold amount of points oneself. If mission successful, it would be booked in the high scores of given mission, allowing the player to sign in a name of the squad that made themselves a name. If the mission was completed without the loss of any squad member, the name of the squad would go to a separate - more important - book of high scores, marked as "perfect".

If you would like to know how did I get to the particular pointsworth values, I can link you up the spreadsheet. It is all rather nominal, we will see whether it does justice.

I think majority of typical missions should work on the basis of 'Capture the Flag', which means, not only to get something, but also bring it back to the dropzone. 'Assault' missions, are to achieve certain spot, but also to hold it for a number of turns. Another kind of mission is 'Headhunt', which ends with certain unit being killed.

Yet another type of mission is 'Mayhem', which ends with having all enemy units killed or rendered armless - the latter, due to shortage of both the ammo and the combative special abilities, for example - albeit this is no good against the endless spawnings of the Tyranid, so rather perhaps against some more quantitatively defined forces, such as other Space Marine Chapter. It is possible for the 'Mayhem' to end up in stalemate.

'Skirmish', is a type of mission which must resolve within fixed and narrow amount of turns. The party which has scored more pointsworth in slaughter of enemy units, wins. Again, this poorly applies against the Tyranid, but maybe if to assign each Tyranid infantry unit of any kind the symbolic cost of 1 point, the mode could be tested.


Summary of changes to the earlier assumptions:

=> Captain/Leader - changed the unit name to "Leader"
=> Leader - added special ability, the "Frag Grenade" attack
=> Medic - changed the rules of special ability

Furthermore, perhaps if to bring the base HP of the Leader up to 6, for the reasons of correspondence with the damage line of Heavy Bolter, such as the base Marine HP corresponds with the damage line of Bolter Rifle.

Good luck then.

Can you define 'career'?

It is okay.

No need to, I am not a celebrity.

Glad you liked the idea. We must remember that good old RPG classics, were mostly based on the narrative magic created by interactive dialogue, as well as distinct visual style, accompanied by proper soundtrack and soundscape. In other terms, these games, had soul, they had unique identity. They offered something to explore. For the mechanics, I think it plays secondary role, but certainly it must not be flawed.

Should you not talk to developer of the Mindustry?

I think we get too much entangled here.

You are welcome.

I understand, but for the "win", handy is also WEB.

Windows only?

How can you say that, baby spiders for certain are beautiful to their mothers.

Platformer in pixel art, where the opponents are being defeated with rocks and items collected from the ground?

Why does everybody hate on spiders so much?

Yeah, honestly, I do not like downloading and installing stuff, it always feels like making a mess on my computer. I do know the browser does download stuff and this is why transfer values and data caps exist, but at least it is handled in a less "obliging" way, so to say.

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Interesting. I know of two games following similar pattern, entitled TIS-100 and Shenzen I/O, both by Zachtronics studio. I mention these games as reference, in order to point out the genre of programming inspired puzzles, done in a simulation type visual environment, mostly of retro-style, is fairly recognizable as a genre, but probably due to the difficulty level or at least the very challenging appeal, understandably there are not lots of these being made.

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Alright, it took me some perhaps one hundred edits and a post broken down between six parts, to present my game related ideas for your review. Enough is enough. Breaktime. Post link HERE.


Instead of having the faces of units at the left of the display, perhaps it would be better to have symbols of the classes they belong to, beginning with a Captain, then the Troopers, then the Medics, then the Gunners, by the order of default AP amount. The player could employ perhaps up to nine units in the squad. Furthermore, each unit-class sign would be associated with a name, given to the Marine for better particular recognition. Beyond that, the sign would be accompanied by a number, pressing of which - normally, on a keyboard - should instantly switch to that unit. There could also probably be an information about both the current and the total HP and AP of a unit.

Could you streamline your proposal for the itch in two very brief sentences?

Yes, forgive me, I am simply being theoretical for the sake of dispute, I will disengage now.

Interesting artstyle, for sure.

I think it is up to the game developers to make this choice and balance out if it's worth it or not.

I guess that is right, the developers should make a decision whether they want to invest in creating modding tools for their projects and keep it organized, therefore, it is up to developers in each case. By the way, even with GNU license, I believe it is fair to e-mail the original developer and establish basic agreement over any actions to be taken on own behalf upon their work. Communication, in general, is recommendable.

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Perhaps the only way to reasonably summarize my input in this thread is to state that balance is important in every aspect of life, be it also modding or approach to software availability in general. Any type of extremity typically asks for the principles of it to be tested, as if proposing a challenge, thus fueling not only competition, but plainly son-of-a-bitch behaviours that are a pain in the ass to deal with.


But y'know, since I have no programming or artistic skills whatsoever, maybe I just do not understand the charm of joyful commune aimed at sharing, rather than achieving any particular goal on the basis of organized teamwork. Perhaps I am being overly theoretical.


Open source technology has proven to work best as a springboard, meaning, someone will cash on your work eventually. I see the desire to make the world a better place, but in the end, you cannot negate the major ecosystem in charge.

Alright then, thanks anyway.

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I do not think centralizing anything is the way to go, unless you want to make the thing a business. Free, simple to use and efficient engines help a lot, like 'Bitsy'. People using it can express themselves and their ideas swiftly, without putting the creativity on pause, due to overt technological obstacles. It is simple, it is fast and it is free. We need more tools like that, tools that would turn consumers into developers.


For the open source, I know the mantra of earning on product related services rather than the product sales, as well as I do realize the terms of self promotion, but riding the horse of socialism, open source is not destined to function well in the capitalist environment.

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Lately I was thinking about the concept of Chaos in WH40K universe. I am perfectly aware there is a legitimate "Chaos" army, slightly "as if" warped from the fantasy realm version of the Warhammer. But I feel this topic can be approached from a different angle.

I like Chaos as an idea, namely, a destructive force acting always from within, driving certain events happening in the universe, but such mysterious, immaterial force would not use exclusive tools, like having own army with distinct characteristics, labeling itself "Chaos". Instead, the metaphysical Chaos - as I have suggested - would use whatever the tools are already present and handy, therefore, certainly any aggressive races, species or denominations involved in any widespread conflict, should somehow ship the agenda of Chaos.

'Acts of Chaos', would hypothetically base on the rule of escalation, which roughly associates with the "chaos principle", stating that a major event, notably a major catastrophe, may be directly influenced with very minor choices and deeds, perpetrated out of free will. Which is why, knowing this, the Imperial command ought to very strictly reprimand any signs of rebellion, only fueling the unfolding of what they fight. Because the Empire, means order and Chaos, opposes order.

I do not negate there could be certain Chaos embodiments, particular shapes rooted in myth, but I find these more suitable to exist only intellectually, in a noetic sphere. Which is why, there is no "Chaos Space Marines". Instead, there are 'Chapter Wars', an ongoing fragmentation and over the edge competition between various Space Marine divisions - demonizing the appeal of one another - understandably becoming a problem phenomenon to the conditions of peace in the Empire. There are aggressive external species, such as Xeno, that I think ought to be the main tool of Chaos - as perceived by the Empire - and possibly a source for the legends of actual "demons" and "possessed humans", infected and incorporated in the brood. There are also intelligent non-human species, such as Eldar, who have own agendas and deeper understanding of the universe, eventually falling into quarrel with humans over achieving of certain goals.

Basic notion of evil, is simply caused by differing perceptions and conflict of ambitions among and between various parties. Human-Eldar war emerges on the ground of who can actually solve the problems of the universe and by what means, with unfortunate trait of mutual disregard and prejudice.

Therefore, even though it may sound like "heresy", I do not believe in the "legitimate army of Chaos". Maybe in the end times, something like this could possibly arise, a mixed force united under common idea and leadership, but until then, Chaos best remain as obscure as it would fit a force without shape of own, wanting to remain as concealed as available.

Which is why, the event of 'Chaos Gate' - the manifestation of personalized Chaos - is actually the trademark of end times, when Chaos finally becomes a phenomenon, revealing own, distinct face. But then, it stops being Chaos and becomes yet another order.

My humble opinion is that 'Chaos Gate' will never happen, because then the ideal and phenomenal planes would collapse onto one another, making phenomenon an ideal and ideal, a phenomenon, which inevitably leads to anomaly and anomaly, means no good for anything.

What I think is significant part of the itch culture, is that it is pretty dense with creators and creativity, for example with the game jams movement. It clearly addresses people who are developers or active participants, not just passive consumers. That is quite awesome. It feels very different to simply waiting until you can buy something. Creators and artists, have some fondness for the open source technology, I think, because it simply makes it easier for them to bring forth their ideas.  I respect open source culture, but again, if someone wants to make money, this is not going to be their place. Understandably, there is also very limited amount of time and effort an activist can invest in non-profit activities, therefore, open source developers need to work smart.

Modding is nice, but to be done right, it is not easy to arrange. Here is a quotation of a comment by @boranrobert, on the Mindustry game:

1) Modding idea is fantastic, but it can create large problems for future versions [of the game[ if not carefully designed.
2) Really good modding must have a very well organized structure, documentation and functionality (one external robust tool to create mods is a good start).
3) Modding is really fun until everyone decides to make their own external tool to create mods (this creates chaos and problems for future mod developers).
4) Modding distribution and creation must have from the beginning a simple dedicated web page (here you have everything - how to make mods , sharing mods, mods library).
5) Modding should include clear and robust API used by all modders (this is hard and complex to handle but it is essential).
6) Making mods should be easy to get into and hard for changing gameplay feeling.

To summarize, modding is both an opportunity and a danger - opportunity to expand the game and danger, for making it chaos and possibly falling into conflict with the status quo, in particular where some mods would claim supremacy over basic version of the game, thus splitting the community between those playing the "proper" version of the game and those playing the "vanilla".

No need to. I think everyone is responsible for own existence in the first place and the change, must begin with oneself.

You sound kind of emotional. This is not a train that will get you far distance. I believe any reasonable human being should at least try to find an excuse for literally taking space in the great universe we live in, not because it is required, but because it is healthy. Nobody is going to persecute anyone for failing at answering that question, because we are all imperfect and nobody knows the endless margins of beginning or end, where do we come from. Each life is precious but that does not mean it should prohibit a man from taking action and simply living own life, because we belong not only to an ideal realm of our identities. There is truth to everything, as we are all shades of God. There is also metaphysical truth to homosexuality, but that does not mean I should consider this truth my part of excuse for literally living.

People don't have to justify their existence to you by citing scientific studies.

I like that. But... how do you mean?

I guess that I should say something more to give it momentum.

Lets call it 'comedy' and hope the guy stops before he has to learn.

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I estimate it could be some tester bots, as a lot of traffic on the web, are machines, actually.

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If it suddenly looks there's a lot of trans fiction out there? Oops, guess there are a lot more trans people in the world than anyone thought.

Once I talked to a guy, whose tactic aimed to make game developers think there are  more Linux users than there are - and therefore, that Linux is a profitable market - was to buy as many games as many times as he saw fit, therefore, as if pounding his wallet against the wall. In other terms, he thought he could perhaps hack or bribe the reality this way - the reality of big picture statistics. But in the end, I think it was just a heavy consumerist agenda.

It is unnecessarily true that a lot of "gender" themed games on itch mean there are a lot of "gender" people out there in the world. It means that "gender" people tend to be a lot more active on itch, than they are perhaps on other comparable platforms, as well as, that itch is popular among "gender" developers, for whatever the reason, which in turn could be interesting to discover "why" independently.