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Gun Night - no story behind a gun fight

A topic by Halloween Astronaut created 10 days ago Views: 58
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Gun Night is a multiplayer-only, topdown action shooter, heavily inspired by the Hotline Miami series. Main catch points of the gameplay are simplicity, rapid pace, low tech requirements, simplicity, intensity, visual style and music. Did I mention it is simple and fun to play? It may be challenging, for certain. There are impressive, fine crafted nuances in the way of design, speaking the developer knew a fair deal about what effect was best for the most competetive setup - or is it, because I have not played the original Hotline Miami as of yet? Presently, I would not change a thing in the Gun Night, albeit a temptation to ask for some greater game-affecting diversity, there is.

Therefore, in case you have liked the SuperHotLine Miami, then the Gun Night might be a thing to check out, if you happen to stumble across a match going on.

Give it a try sometime.