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Looking for quick / quirky / fun games

A topic by tomcheshire created Jun 07, 2018 Views: 2,048 Replies: 69
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Update:  A few people have been asking if this series is still running since this thread has been pretty dormant. The short answer is 'yes' but I'm in no rush to put these videos out. I did eventually get around to most of the games covered here, and will continue to check in from time to time.

Hello Itch! I've been making games for a while, and I know what it's like to put a lot of time into a game and struggle to gain feedback from players. So, recently I thought it would be a good idea to give something back. To do a series where I check out some random Itch games totally blind and give my impressions.

Now obviously, if I want to continue this series, I'm going to need more games to play, so if you're interested in me trying out your game, let me know! If not, I'll be back to drawing them at complete random. I'm likely to be dedicating only a few minutes to a single game in a video so if it's something that immediately grabs my attention, with fun / quirky ideas out of the gate, I'm all for it.

Hey, it's cool to see somebody like you doing this kind of things. I can suggest you the demo of a game that is in development and I would like to receive feedback, from you or your viewers. The demo is about 3 to 4 minutes, and it's a metroidvania style game. Here's the link: Have fun!


Thanks, you made it into episode 2 :)


I had so much fun watching you play! Thank you very much, it gives me a hint to know how people think when playing the game. Also, if you are wondering, the resolution is small because it makes better artstyle, since I am better in drawing little than drawing bigger. I hope you had fun playing it and if you have more comments to do about the game (other than the ones you've said in your video) would be great to hear. I'll keep you up-to-date with the game if you want, and if there is words you have a difficulty with, it can be normal since my first language is french and not English :)

Hey Tom!

Since you've included my game into your video and you said that you would like to see how it goes out, would you like to be part of the tester team? I'll publish the new version each time there is a major update. But, keep it for you, don't put it into your videos please.


Sure, I'd be glad to. I can't promise I'll check in with every update but I look forward to seeing it evolve over time. It ends when you have the double jump :)

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Do you have a discord account? If yes, it will be easier to communicate. Here's the link.

Hey, that's quite generous of you, and I'd love to see your reaction my game. If you play it perfectly, it only takes about a minute to 'finish' the game. It's an endless runner about snakes, ostriches and lots of jumping over lava pools.

Here's a link:


Loved the style, I wasn't able to finish it I'm afraid...

Cheers for putting it in a let's get itchy video. I've realised since releasing it that some people really struggle with jumping over the gaps. A lot of the lava pools require starting the jumps quite late, and with the jump button held fully to get max height. Yeah, it can be quite a hard game, glad you appreciate it still, and watching other people play my game is always fun. Thanks again.


Thanks for giving random games a go. If you don't mind interactive novels (non-linear), then it'd be great if you gave Witches and Bandits and Swords (Oh My) a crack. It's a tongue in cheek fantasy game where, even in the first few minutes, you'll be able to wander through a forest and meet some fairly odd characters. The ebook version also made the shortlist for an indie fantasy book of the year award. A lot of work went into the sound and graphics too.



It made me laugh, good stuff :)

Brilliant! It's great to see someone else give the game a run out- good luck with the youtubing.

By the way, that sexual favours option isn't as bad as it first looks ;)

FYI, we're trying to get a group of itch users together to regularly do something like this. You can read more in this thread:


Very interesting! I'm definitely in favour of any and all ways to shine a spotlight on unknown games, and that sounds like a good way to delve deeper into individual games, while my series is a lot more rapid-fire and based on first impressions. I'll consider joining in future!

I've heard that my game is kinda fun. It's about an art gallery and lame hats.

It's about 10-15 minutes long, with a few secrets!


Nice! Here's me playing it

Thanks for playing it!

Deleted 1 year ago

I've played both of these now - Cartographer's Tale is covered here , Half Empty will find its way into a future episode. Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks a lot for the feedback and taking the time to play through the game! I enjoyed the Let's Play video, especially seeing the sped up portion as you tried to find the last painting!


Featuring Half Empty :)

I've been making a silly little runner game that doesn't rely on procedural generation like runner games do usually, but instead plays more like a platformer in which you only hold the right button. I'm open to any form of criticism, be as harsh as you can! Especially concerning the level design and the difficulty curve (it's supposed to be challenging, but not in an obnoxious way)

Watching people play your game is such a magical feeling. Thank you so much for doing this. Have fun!


I didn't have any reason to be harsh :)


Thanks a ton for playing! That was a blast to watch (the whole video!). You got yourself a sub, and I'll definitely keep an eye out for your future videos :D 

Thanks for the sub! (Sorry for late reply)

Cool. Enjoyed your videos. Our game is rather laid back. Would you be interested in checking out? Although I'm not sure how to send you a free copy through :(

Hey :) thanks for reaching out. I haven't covered paid games yet but I may look into your game, it looks really cool. Is there any possibility of a demo version?

If you would send me an email to, I'll send you a Steam key.

Your offer is generous and I would be honored if you played my game. It is very quick and totally quirky.  It's pretty much designed  for first impressions so I'm curious to hear yours!

Thanks in advance

- C

(+1) here you go :)

Thank you for the feedback! I took your advice to keep creating and I made a new version. It's mostly a visual update, and I'd love to hear what you think.


I took a look at some of your videos and enjoyed watching them!  I've been working on a roguelite dungeon crawler for about 2 months now.  Would appreciate if you check it out and gave feedback, thanks!


Thanks for watching my videos! I did check out your game, it's good! Impressions below 


Thanks for playing! We'll consider the suggestion, too.


Awesome, thanks for playing and for the feedback.  It was definitely helpful and revealing!

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thanks for sharing! I'll try to play)

I have a few short quirky games. I think the best for your channel would be Flex Armstrong

Feel free to choose a other game of mine if you like (or none at all)

I often think of doing videos of peoples games too. Maybe I'll find the time some day, but I just like making games so much.

I'll definitely check this out at some point soon - sorry for not responding!

Had a ton of fun with this, hope it's worth the wait!

While it's not quirky it does have local multiplayer. Granted this is only a simple Golf game but it's ultimately your choice.

Golf Jinn

I'll definitely get around to this in a future episode - planning to do more multiplayer games so should be a good fit

Finally got around to trying out Golf Jinn here, thanks for the suggestion!

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Thanks for trying it out. The game may not be the best but thanks for trying it out anyway!

If anyone has just taken part in the GMTK Jam, let me know, and you may make it into my next episode of Let's Get Itchy!


I have a really short parody game called the story of maple about a evil cat who was summoned from the underground by two bored nerds set out to kill humans. Very funny and weird game! Good at making fun of fanbases.

Retro Dev, a game about "Game Dev Struggles".

Retro Dev is a platformer, rage, adventure game. Each level has a different sound track and each level represents a struggle or other parts of Game Dev.

There is a charismatic "Narrator Guy" who helps you in your journey, he is your tutor, critic and your friend :)

I can certainly relate to game dev struggles so this is right up my alley. Pretty colours, not that my poorly calibrated monitor helped me see what I was doing :)

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Hi tomcheshire! 


Try the free demo for my story-driven, pixel platform adventure game, Horace. There is approx 2 hours of game play available in the demo and you will get a mixture of story content and puzzle platforming challenges!


I mean... wow. I'm impressed. I only played through the first 10 minutes or so for this video but I'm already really intrigued. Keep it up Paul, this is looking very special indeed!


Thanks tomcheshire for the positive feedback! I really liked your play through and commentary and you still have plenty left to see in the demo ;) I hope you enjoy the rest of the demo as much as the first 10 mins. I'm also really happy that you enjoyed the story elements too and feel this was unique - that was my intention.

I have one small favour to ask, if you wouldn't mind leaving a rating for the game that would really help other potentials players see the quality of the game.

Hoping to release the full game early next year so hopefully not long to wait now!

Chalk Gardens is a cute and imaginative exploration game about dealing with life's setbacks. You play as a child exploring dangerously high rooftops while looking for a way to fix your doll. It was made as a graduation project and I think it's pretty short (between 10 min and 30 min depending on the person). I don't know if it qualifies as quirky, but it's definitively full of imagination.

Here is the link:


It's good! I can tell a lot of work went into it 


Thanks for playing! I enjoyed watching that ^^

I recently made an audio-only version of Minesweeper for a game jam, games (that you don't die in!) generally take only a couple of minutes, so it should fit the bill okay (but be aware there are NO graphics :-D):


It made me laugh, good job :)  

Cheers Tom!  Will take a look later.  :-)

Just saw it... er, listened to it.  Quite entertaining!  I must do an updated version sometime with better SFX, clearer instructions and multiple difficulty levels.

If you're still seeking new games could I suggest another of mine?

It's a retro arcade game.

Hey Tom, I would like to ask you if you would like to make a video about the 8 games of the Metroidvania Month 2. Please reply to me if you do it, I want to tell the devs behind the games. Thanks!

Early build of my lil game 

Keep up the good work, this could become quite an addictive little thing!


Thanks for playing! I liked the critiques  so ill get to work on fixing everything.

You still looking for games?

This is a topic I really wanted to find. Thanks to the author for the idea. I also hope that it is still active even though it is old. I have been struggling to find players just for testing my game.  I made an educational game and want some feedback. Play now 

I am looking for some fun Android games to play on my Windows PC

Any Suggestions?

Hello, if you want you can try my game "

It is playable by both PC and android. 😃

Here's the link in case you want to take a look at it

Hi! I recently released a demo for my game! It's a story based platformer with some puzzles and a weird character switching mechanic!

I've worked on it for over 6 months now, I'd love some feedback on it :D

My game is called Tank Battle and is available for Windows and Android. You can download it with this link:

Thank you very much!

This platformer is quick and quirky for sure: Moonicorn's Cookie Quest 

Feedback is appreciated, thanks!