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Thanks, I appreciate it.

I'm sorry, I solved it thank you very much.

Thanks, would be much appreciated

You can use the assets for any type of project (commercial or non-commercial). I will add the license in the pack. 

Credits would be greatly appreciated, thank youCredits would be greatly appreciated, thank you. 😊

With this template you can learn how to create your first game, learn how to use unity for your custom flappy bir

Thanks, I'm happy to be of help. I will also upload the game project.

We really appreciate your feedback. In the next update we will add a real tutorial that introduces to the different game modes. 

At the moment you can use power ups to survive and kill the Blobs, and use the dash to push them away. 

The macOS version is coming soon. In the meantime we have fixed the web version. 

Thanks for the feedback. We really appreciate it. We are working on it to fix it, in the meantime you can download the standalone version for Windows fully functional. 

More updates are coming soon, stay connected. ;) 

Thanks for the feedback.

Hello, if you want you can try my game "

It is playable by both PC and android. 😃

Here's the link in case you want to take a look at it

Hello, get into the server. I'll be happy to help you out. 😄

Grazie per il feed. Abbiamo preso come esempio l'engine che abbiamo utilizzato. Sapevamo che per molti, soprattutto chi non utilizza quest'ultimo e coloro che si affacciano per la prima volta a questo mondo, sarebbe stato un po' incasinato infatti abbiamo aggiunto degli indizi e dei suggerimenti che ti aiutano nella scelta delle risposte.


I like this game, it's perfect. I would only add a description of the objects in the shop.

Thanks you😁

Can I use this even in a commercial project? 

Fight in this small 2D platformer against your friends or relatives. Have fun destroying them using one of 3 of the different characters, each of which has a unique feature.

Have fun with your friends and intuitive gameplay. 

Play it:

The game is still under development for more bug fixing and more updates.

This is the game:

I put your name on the credits screen😆

Thanks you, I will put you in the credits screen and I will send you the final product's link.

Hi, can I use this for my game?

Hi, can I use this for my game?

Thank you. 😀

Can I use it for my game? 

Thanks for the positive feed. 

I will add more players and power ups in the next updates. 

Tomorrow the halloween update will come out, with new skins and much more.