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A topic by AsumaGames created 6 days ago Views: 82 Replies: 3
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This is the main thing that is holding my project up.

i need help with this

So my game is a robbing simulator game but i need help with stealing.

So basically i want so when you hover over certain objects (Vase,Money,GoldBar,Computer) it will say Take item. Then when you press E To take the item it will change the UI's text to how much the item is worth. basically like 0$ to 1000$ 

Then if you want to escape the house you need to have a Certain amount of money.

Please Reply to this thread or email me

We all use different programming languages here - I found from your profile that you use Unity - so I guess you're asking how to do this in Unity.  

Unfortunately, I don't use Unity, so can't help you, but for technical questions asking in their forums will probably get you an answer faster than asking here.

However, a quick search showed me these results - they're old so the code might have to be modified to newer versions - but it would point you in the right direction:

And more:


Please check email.


Hello, get into the server. I'll be happy to help you out. 😄