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Thanks for playing! We'll consider the suggestion, too.

So true and yet so hard to follow. We seem to fall into that "rabbit hole syndrome" all the time. Before we even realize to cut it short a week or two passes by and the project stalls. That's why we started to set up schedules with milestones that are fairly short term. If we have a date set for a feature we seem to be able to keep our focus better. For example, instead of diving into the full rpg game, which we wanted to develop next, we decided to make a mini prequel to test out our ideas as well as the functionalities.

Great! Send me an email and I'll send the Steam key.

Our game is pretty laid back with no monsters or difficult puzzle. Would you be interested in playing? If so, could you send me an email to and I will send you a Steam key?

I have a part-time job but my husband and I are trying to make game development our mainstream work. We found it complements our skills well. However, we only recently found a comfortable role for each other that not only works but we both enjoy. We also learned from releasing our first game ,Sarah in the Sky, that setting achievable short term goals is vital to us. Yes, we are just starting out but we are optimistic. 

Thanks everyone! I'll have to experiment with some of your suggestions.

If you would send me an email to, I'll send you a Steam key.

Good luck! We are working on an rpg for our next game as well. It's fun to come up with ideas but execution is always harder than you expect.

Well, our 44 views in 3 weeks sounds like we are in trouble. :) We are new to the market with a relatively simple and casual game, so we have the same type of questions. Nevertheless, here's something we noticed. We launched our game on a week before we launched on Steam.  We are also trying out the major social networks as suggested, but we are also new to these social networking as well so that's time consuming and awkward. As it stands now, we have virtually no responses from but some on Steam. We've made some sales on Steam but none except to friends and family on Apparently releasing on multiple publishers is a good advice. 

Cool. Enjoyed your videos. Our game is rather laid back. Would you be interested in checking out? Although I'm not sure how to send you a free copy through :(

I'm still learning my way around. Meant to reply to your post but ended up replying to myself. Duh.

Thanks for the reply. I'll check out offworld site some more though my first impression was doubtful.  Just spotted this article from Our game seem to fit in better as hidden-object game and it's good to see a site like kotaku mentioning this genre.

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Hi all. We've just released a really laid back game and would like to promote it. It has no battles or complicated puzzles. It's all about navigating through the environment to discover simple objects with a short narrative. Does anyone know of sites that review this type of games?

Hi, all. My husband and I just joined to publish our first game, Sarah in the Sky. It's a simple maze game. We chose the simple format so I could learn the process as well as complete the project in timely manner. I wrote the stories and designed the levels while my husband did the rest. We really enjoyed the experience, so we want to continue developing games. In fact, we want to make a rpg next and have been brain storming a lot. Cheers, to all the hard working game developers out there!

Sarah in the Sky is a laid back casual game of exploration and discovery.  Check it out and let us know what you think!