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I'm planning on releasing some tools and I would like to be able to charge a monthly subscription amount for this. There are other sites (not Itch) that can do this, but since it's gamedev tools, I'd rather host it on itch.

Is this something feasible to add in the future? I know it entails additional complexity (storing encrypted billing information, controlling the date billed, etc.)

Cool, glad to hear you enjoyed it! This was a one-month collaboration between the four of us.

Sorry to hear you got stuck. Here's the solution, for anyone else stuck on that puzzle. (I agree that it's one of the more frustrating ones - I couldn't solve it either.)

Godot is pretty amazing. Sorry you got stuck! Some of the later puzzles are mind-bending. Which puzzle did you get stuck on? Game Page:

Legends tell of a hidden kingdom, long lost; a forgotten place, where peace reigns. Our hero discovers the entrance to the kingdom, only to find nobody. Not a single soul. Stranger still, notes litter the ruins ...

  • Explore 20 diverse puzzles that range from simple to mind-bending
  • Experience a 3D art-style mixed with old-school 2D pixel-art
  • Uncover the mystery of the lost kingdom, and ultimately, decide its fate

Thanks for the suggestion. Time didn't permit us to add too much polish, sadly.

Would someone like to take over? I am not planning to put more time into this initiative.

Thanks to everyone who took time out to play/rate games.


We decided to mob-play and review your game. You can find the relevant thread on Itch here.

Please spread the word about the current thread (#3). If this doesn't pick up, I will probably move on to other projects. (You guys are welcome to continue without me.)

Pretty solid Asteroids clone; like the twist of having auto-fire (thus requiring no button clicks -- only a mouse to aim/move).


  • The graphics -- overall presentation, theme, and especially the particles and special effects. Really well done.
  • The gameplay -- fits well on the screen size, not too hard or easy, difficulty ramps up as you get closer to triple-shot

I think you can improve this game if you:

  • Add some sort of goals or objectives like levels. I thought getting ten yellow triangles will complete the level, but it just gives me triple-shot.
  • Increase the screen height. It's a bit short.
  • Tweak controls when you're near the edges of the screen. It's easy to move the mouse off-screen and end up losing control momentarily.

Overall, really well done game. Would love to see a fuller version levels, upgrades, and stuff like that.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback this week. You can view the next weekly discussion thread here.

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Every week or so, we pick a game on Itch and provide detailed feedback. You can read more about this initiative here.

This week, we're going to discuss Asteroidx. Please post your detailed feedback below.

Please tell your friends and other members of the Itch community!

Hi, we did a group review/discussion of your game as part of our weekly-ish itch community review. You can find detailed feedback in this forum thread.

At least one person nominated your game (that's how it showed up in our queue), so you definitely got at least a watcher :). Thanks for letting us know about the update!

Disclaimer: I couldn't figure out the puzzles (other than the glass one) and would have really liked a walkthrough.

What I liked:

  • The voice acting. It was pretty well-done.
  • The story was really interesting; I want to know how it ends!
  • The puzzles are simple if you can get them -- like the outside one.
  • The setting and theme of a church -- a risk since people don't usually like religion in games. I think it works.

What I didn't like:

  • There are no hints. If you get stuck, you're stuck, there's no way to figure out what to do or how.
  • The lack of feedback. Beyond the radio and glass puzzles, if you do something right, you don't know.
  • I got stuck! I couldn't figure out the letter puzzle, the shapes for the glass (once it was solved), or the numbers (the comment was a dead give-away).

For a 48-hour game jam, I think it's a really well-done game. I would have liked to solve it though :)

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback this week. You can view the next weekly discussion thread here.

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Every week or so, we pick a game on Itch and provide detailed feedback. You can read more about this initiative here.

This week, we're going to discuss Signal. Please post your detailed feedback below.

Hi! We chose your game for our weekly Community Feedback discussion last week. You can find lots of detailed feedback on your game in this thread on the itch forums.

It probably doesn't play well with edge cases like my profile (lots of games with very few views each).

When I log in to the Dashboard, the Summary bar chart shows some days have views in grey; I can't mouse-over them and see what game they're from. Is this a bug?

The total number of views per day seems fine, and I can select any other segments/games in any of the days, but when I mouse-over the grey ones, nothing happens.

That helped, thanks. For future reference, it was this game: Snack & Slash

A couple of weeks ago, I found an interesting game made for one of the Ludum Dare competitions that puts you in the role of a chef chopping up living vegetables or something. I didn't bookmark it or add it to a collection, and now I can't find it.

Does anyone know what game it was?

Tried this. When I launch a game, the menu screen is zoomed in too much (doesn't even fit on the display) and I can't click on anything. Clicking a bunch of keys eventually starts the game.

I'm on Windows.

Hmm, interesting. I have two screens, and when I leave the game on the primary screen (square aspect ratio), everything is fine (highlighting included). When I move the browser window to my alternate screen (rectangular aspect ratio), the button neither clicks nor highlights.

From the Codex screen, clicking X to return to the menu doesn't do anything; it only seems to work in full-screen mode, for some reason.

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I played through the full demo (three battles) in one sitting (30ish minutes). I liked the tactical aspect (which reminded me of Final Fantasy Tactics and friends), not so much the map overworld part -- the latter was more confusing (and the opposing force doesn't seem to do anything, which makes sense for a demo). The pixel art was very well-done, as were the effects (you didn't feel like it's lacking any animation).

Other than the learning curve (which is a bit steep) and the confusing infantry-beats-cavalry (which is explained in the comments), I really liked the tactical aspect; you really have to think how to deploy carefully (eg. cavalry can charge anywhere but can get overwhelmed quickly; archers can hang back and snipe; cavalry archers are confusing; infantry swarm cavalry). 

Most importantly to me, the game was straight-forward to play through: there's a convenient "next unit" button, and it auto-cycles through units with simple options like move (which you can use multiple times for far-moving units) and attack; ranges (including attack range when you move) are clearly indicated with red/green squares on the grid; unmovable tiles (eg. houses) look good and are easy to navigate around.

I liked the trigger system a lot (and used it in my games). The only criticism I would say is that missing the trigger entirely should probably be less of a fail; taking a page from Super Mario RPG, a successful hit should be skillfully double-damage etc. while a miss should be just a regular attack. As a game designer, I would say the design of the battles is pretty standard, nothing special or new other than the trigger system.

On the other hand, the overworld part is confusing; it's not really explained that you have bases, you can generate units/gold, and command units to move. I eventually generated three more units and tried to marge them, but clicked X and one just seemed to disappear. Not sure exactly how this works. Also, opponents didn't seem to increase in units or gold over time.

The characters were pretty well-developed also (in how they develop over time) and the overall picture of the game world is easy to understand. There were a couple of confusing sentences, but nothing untoward.

Also: please add a settings screen with options to turn off music!

FYI, we're trying to get a group of itch users together to regularly do something like this. You can read more in this thread:

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For the first game, we're going to review Daybreak Empire. Please post your detailed feedback here. Once everyone's done, I'll post a comment pointing to this thread, so they know where to find the details.  You can read more about this initiative here.

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Game threads:


As discussed in this thread, a bunch of us are going to pick a game roughly every week or so and play/review/discuss it together. The goal is to give developers genuine feedback and/or ratings on their projects.

To keep this from becoming yet another self-promotion mechanism or voting ring, we have a few house rules:

  • Anyone can join in at any time
  • You can opt not to give feedback/ratings if you don't like a specific game/genre/etc. or don't want to give it a poor rating. (This should be in rare cases.)
  • You can nominate someone else's game(s); but not your own.

Some suggestions on how to give useful constructive feedback:

  • Mention specific details.
  • Start with some positives that you liked.
  • Suggest a few things that could be better.
  • List anything you didn't like. Focus on problems, not so much on potential solutions.

I will post another message here every time we are done with our previous game and are starting on another one (roughly every 1-2 weeks).

If you want to add some games to the list of things to check out:

  • Please use this same thread I mentioned already to post suggestions.
  • Please mention only freely-available games; this is not a place to get free sales for your game either.
  • Try to look for games with no comments; those are lesser-known and probably need the feedback more.
  • You can use the Itch Randomizer to find cool stuff.

For any given week, you can view the queue and the current item in this gist.

Sounds good. I'll throw them into a Python script and let it randomly pick. Ok create an official "what are we doing" and coordination thread, and a new thread per game/week.

You're welcome to join, although we're not doing any sort of review trade or anything like that. Just agreeing to review a third party game every week and discuss it in some detail together.

Thanks for the invite! I wish I knew about this sooner. I will plan to enter next year and create a proper game (this game is just a prototype that didn't quite work out).

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We're going to go with games nominated by one person who's not the owner. Someone actually cares about that game. If you decide to nominate something that has no comments, that's cool, that's up to you; I would probably pick something that someone on Twitter mentioned as "please give me feedback" or something I thought looks interesting.

And yeah, we'll try for one game every 1-2 weeks and see how quickly people can respond.

Thanks for showing interest! If you read the thread (I know, it's long), we decided to ditch ratings in favour of posting detailed feedback. I think we'll end up posting a couple of placeholder comments and/or ratings (comments are the important bit) and a link back to our weekly thread where we say "here's where we discussed it in detail."

Megaflops is finalizing the choice of game. Keep your nomination link handy for the second week/iteration of this.

Agree to all of the above. Hopefully this takes off and we have a bigger pool in a couple of weeks.

I'm fine with Away Team. How about: if you can't get it running in 24 hours, pick something else? Either is fine, let me know and I'll put it in the "official" thread.

BTW, Itch has a concept of Collections (I just learned about this recently). It's a good way to track games you want to check out later. I forgot that I have three games saved up in there.

Just to clarify, we're not doing this as a reviewer duo. We're just agreeing to play the same game at the same time and give the developer some sort of useful (detailed? actionable?) feedback on it.

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Since we're just starting out, sure, that's okay. But if I can put some restrictions, I would suggest:

  • Free games only. (Otherwise, if this picks up momentum, it'll be another easy self-promotion / free-sales thing to spam.)
  • We should avoid genres either or both of us really don't like.

For me, IF and visual novels are not my thing. At all. But since we're starting, that's cool.

I'll make an "official" week 1 thread for this shortly and we can use this thread to coordinate stuff.

Sounds good?

Oh, and although it's not required, I plan to leave a comment and/or rating on the game itself for developers, for any games that I end up playing because of this. Thanks for being the second person! This is now officially a "thing" :)

Okay, let's try it. I guess the implicit assumption is that the game developers will read our comments/feedback/etc. We may not get feedback on our feedback, but that's cool.

I actually don't mind if you pick first. I haven't really looked at many games on Itch yet, other than my own.