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Thanks for sharing this! I also use LICEcap for gifs. The GIMP trick is a good one. I didn't notice any of the effects, but I really like the grid layout (I have something identical on my site home page right now).

That gives me an idea -- I can generate the CSS/images for the home page automatically like I do for my static site today ...

Thanks for this, it really helps.

I saw this when it was featured. I think it took lots and lots and lots of work ... I'm hoping to find something "good" that I can use, that's not quite as much work.

That looks really great. Do you mind sharing some of your methodology to get it to look like this (or maybe your CSS)?

I just discovered that itch.io allows you to write pretty much arbitrary HTML in the game description pages. This could be a good thing!

While looking at top games in several categories, I noticed that most people don't really do much, other than change the default colours that you get to pick when editing. But, I did see one Android game (can't recall which, now) that used images for headers and bullet points and stuff, similar to what you see on Steam.

What are some examples of game description pages that you really like? (Doesn't have to be for your own game!)

That sounds good, thanks for the tip. The actual problem I was trying to solve is described below.

I published an Android app, and with it, a parents/educators guide. The PDF and link to Google Play is available on my website.

Since then, I decided to switch over to a one-page site, and just link stuff to itch.io. So I'm in the process of cleaning up and uploading all my apps. I know itch.io allows you to upload non-executables (eg. Book), which is fantastic, but I also know Android makes it hard to install APKs from the web.

Linking Google Play sounds like the ideal solution. Thanks for this.

I'm trying to understand the trade-offs of publishing my Android apps here. From what I can tell from looking at other apps, the advantages look like:

  • More traffic/eyeballs from itch
  • I can have better marketing text than the Google Play store, because I can include images, etc. in the description

The only drawback I can see:

  • Most Android devices block APKs from non-Google-Play by default, so users have to enable installing unknown-sourced APKs to use the store

Is this accurate, or if not, what am I missing/misunderstanding?

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!