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I wrote a script to list ratings/reviews for multiple games on Steam, and I would like to build something similar for Itch.

Steam currently has a free (non-login-required) API you can poke to get ratings information for any of the ratings/reviews on your games. It doesn't require an OAuth token or anything, it's just a public-facing API. Here's a sample URL that shows reviews for my Steam game:

Is there any such thing on Itch, or any plans to make one? I checked all the API docs but didn't see anything.

Thanks, glad you like it!

Looks like I can't send you a DM. Please send me a DM there, or @DeenGames, or drop by on Discord.

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What's your Twitter ID?

I never got your Twitter message. Did you send it to the right account? Mine is @nightblade99.

If you're not sure if you will like it, you can check out the videos/GIFs (there are three videos on YouTube as of right now). The game-jam/GameJolt/free version is extremely old (from March 31st) and the game changed quite a lot since then.

Oh hey thanks for noticing!  I actually thought nobody's looking at the Itch version, and didn't bother updating it. I've uploaded v1.5.0 now.

If you're interested in buying it, I suggest Steam. It's currently on sale there (50% off) and they have a decent refund policy if you decide that you don't like it.

Hi Spectragate,

To be clear, in the introductory tutorial, that move - me placing the 3 earlier than the tutorial prompt about a loop - got me three things scored (I think it was sequence, same, and loop), all in one turn. If you try it, you'll see that only the sequence points add to your total. (The game shows a nice "wow 90 points total this turn!" or something, but it doesn't actually gain you those points.) So instead of getting 20 + 30 + 40, you get just 20 points.

It's easy to see with any closed/sequence or closed/same ... only the first of the two things mentioned that turn grants you points, the second doesn't.

Hello, me again. One more important bug I found: multiple scoring things report the total correctly, but you only get credited for the first thing. So if you have a same with two tiles, followed by a loop, you only get +20 points for the same - nothing for the loop/sequence/whatever else you get.

Hello! Found a bug in the tutorial, FYI. From one of the earlier moves, if you place the piece in the wrong spot and make a loop, it's great; except later, the tutorial asks you to make a loop, and you already did - so there's no available spot and the tutorial gets stuck (screenshot: below).

Salams, glad to hear you liked it! The game is open-source, so you can find the code on GitHub:

The "TL;DR" version of the generation is that it's two stages: the first stage is to pick a bunch of random rooms on a grid (I think 9x9) and make sure they're connected. The second stage is to generate each room, as expected. (eg. the forest is a bunch of random points connected on a path, with some clearings; the castles are random interconnected rooms; and the caves are just a lot of random walk.)

If you're interested in discussing further, asking more questions, or just hanging out, you can find me on Discord quite often:

Thanks for the feedback! There actually are some strategies you can use to win sooner than later. But yeah it is heavily dependent on random.

Glad you enjoyed it!

This is technically cheating :( although you're allowed to upload newer versions, the idea is to use it to fix critical bugs (like yours) that stop the game from working, not for adding new features/levels/content/etc.

Your game looks really interesting, so I'll give it a try, but I probably won't leave a rating since I'm not clear on what's supposed to be in the jam version.

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Thanks! Yeah, that's normal ... sort of. Once you rescue enough Oneons, you become strong enough to one-shot some of the enemies.

Very cool. You really nailed the whole feeling of mecha/kaiju, including the sound design. The actual battles themselves were OK (if you're able to figure out and master your current weapon) - it required good reflexes though :)

I encountered a couple of bugs, like Kaiju just waiting for you to slaughter them (near the end of each round) and in one case, controls freezing (couldn't move) but overall, very solid and engaging system!

Very cool. You really nailed the whole feeling of mecha/kaiju, including the sound design. The actual battles themselves were OK (if you're able to figure out and master your current weapon) - it required good reflexes though :)

I encountered a couple of bugs, like Kaiju just waiting for you to slaughter them (near the end of each round) and in one case, controls freezing (couldn't move) but overall, very solid and engaging system!

Really fun game, really really liked it! I can see the level design in the placement of certain slimes together with other ones. The difficulty is quite steep - lowering the cost of upgrades and/or starting with some sort of extra skill or something would help (I only ever could afford health upgrades).

Still, this idea is really good, would love to see the full version of it!

This game is cool. I legit had fun playing it, and liked the variety of monsters and the achievements (I got Marksman every wave!) - the effects were really good, like the "ouch!" + screenshake when you get it.

I got lost a lot and spend time wandering around with nothing to do for quite a while. Once I reached Wave 3, it really was a bullet-hell game though. Nice work!

Really liked the art direction on this - very consistent. The use of persistence to keep doors unlocked was great, you don't sweat it if you die :)

Although it only had two monsters, I really liked the tactical decisions you get out of this. You can choose to attack bigger slimes and risk getting swarmed, and you can (for a short time) use corpses to block enemies from swarming you, which gives you a couple of options.

Would love to see more variety in terms of monsters, and maybe some skills/items or something to give it a bit more oomph.

Same issue here, too. (I tried clicking all the buttons / mashing the keyboard, didn't help.)

Interesting concept! I really like the mixture of turn-based movement on the world map, with real-time action battles. The art direction looked consistent, too, and there's some narrative direction hinted at in the tutorial.

The biggest issue I ran into is that the controls are hard to use (or maybe I'm just really bad at the shooter part of the game??) and I couldn't figure out if/where there's any persistence in this game.

I think this is a great starting-point to build on.

Thanks for the report, I'll look into it.

Thanks! Yeah it's random, you should get approximately one bomb per floor. Definitely something i can nerf. (I usually get one bomb per 2-3 floors!)

Thanks bro, appreciate the feedback. Glad it was able to engage you enough to reach 6F!

Let me know which sound effects need modification, will definitely add those suggestions to the backlog.

Thanks! I actually did that for accessibility reasons,but it worked really well to create a chill game.

That's cool. Incrementally submitting things actually works. I just thought you made a mistake because it's closer to the 7DRL jam deadlines.

Hi! I don't know if you made a mistake submitting this - the deadline is actually end of March (we're not the 7DRL). I don't know if you can retract your submission, but you can definitely keep uploading newer versions until then.

Thanks man, appreciate the feedback!

Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback! Yeah all the dungeons are generated. I guess it can be weird depending on what the game needs to put into each floor (eg. which obstacles).

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I just shipped Ali the Android, which is a sci-fi metroidvania/roguelite hybrid. You can check it out here:

It's a pretty short game (10 floors only). It includes weapon/power-up acquisiton (no XP / leveling-up). All weapons are also double-edged, and have environmental effects, which is something unique I had fun designing.

Hope you guys enjoy it, and let me know if you have any feedback.

Hey, thanks ! I assume you played it all the way through :) it took a lot longer than I thought (seven months instead of one), so I don't have any plans to add a ton of new content.

I'm curious, did you find all the data cubes? They're numbered, so it's easy to see if you missed one.

You can join our public server:

Sorry, I don't have any plans to add multiplayer.

Great, glad to hear it works for you.

Cool, thanks. Can you try Eman Quest v1.0.5 (just published)? It should work for you. It's compatible with OpenGL 3.1. and OpenGL ES 2.0 from what I understand.

Oh cool, another Godot user! :D

Eman Quest uses Godot 3.0.6. Upgrading is not (that) simple, because it breaks a bunch of things - things I did badly (like mixing static/instance methods, naming functions "get" and "set," using reflection, and a few other things).

I'm working through all the changes now. If you can sit tight for a few days, I should have a new build out.

Glad you enjoyed the little of the game you saw. Yeah, it's on my list of things to do (to submit to GDWC). Just have to fix all the crash bugs first.

Speaking of crash bugs, can you please:

  • Confirm which version of the game you ran (1.0.4?)
  • Look on your system for an EmanQuest.log file and post the contents when you find it?

I thought I fixed the crash with the latest release ... but it seems like there's still something crashing.

Ah, it doesn't work for you with OpenGL 3.1? Sadly, one of my development machines befell the same fate.

It's quite a bit of work, but yes, I will prioritize getting this done in the next release. Does your machine support OpenGL ES 2.0?

Thanks, glad you liked it! I thought "memory mechanics" are a niche thing, but it looks like - with enough iteration - it can actually be something fun that a lot of people enjoy!

Sorry to hear it crashed - it shouldn't. Sure, I can send you a custom OSX build with debugging enabled. Are you on my Discord server? I can DM you the link once I build it.