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Hi tomcheshire! 


Try the free demo for my story-driven, pixel platform adventure game, Horace. There is approx 2 hours of game play available in the demo and you will get a mixture of story content and puzzle platforming challenges!


I mean... wow. I'm impressed. I only played through the first 10 minutes or so for this video but I'm already really intrigued. Keep it up Paul, this is looking very special indeed!


Thanks tomcheshire for the positive feedback! I really liked your play through and commentary and you still have plenty left to see in the demo ;) I hope you enjoy the rest of the demo as much as the first 10 mins. I'm also really happy that you enjoyed the story elements too and feel this was unique - that was my intention.

I have one small favour to ask, if you wouldn't mind leaving a rating for the game that would really help other potentials players see the quality of the game.

Hoping to release the full game early next year so hopefully not long to wait now!