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Community Feedback Mother Thread

A topic by NightBlade created Jun 15, 2018 Views: 851 Replies: 1
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As discussed in this thread, a bunch of us are going to pick a game roughly every week or so and play/review/discuss it together. The goal is to give developers genuine feedback and/or ratings on their projects.

To keep this from becoming yet another self-promotion mechanism or voting ring, we have a few house rules:

  • Anyone can join in at any time
  • You can opt not to give feedback/ratings if you don't like a specific game/genre/etc. or don't want to give it a poor rating. (This should be in rare cases.)
  • You can nominate someone else's game(s); but not your own.

Some suggestions on how to give useful constructive feedback:

  • Mention specific details.
  • Start with some positives that you liked.
  • Suggest a few things that could be better.
  • List anything you didn't like. Focus on problems, not so much on potential solutions.

I will post another message here every time we are done with our previous game and are starting on another one (roughly every 1-2 weeks).

If you want to add some games to the list of things to check out:

  • Please use this same thread I mentioned already to post suggestions.
  • Please mention only freely-available games; this is not a place to get free sales for your game either.
  • Try to look for games with no comments; those are lesser-known and probably need the feedback more.
  • You can use the Itch Randomizer to find cool stuff.

For any given week, you can view the queue and the current item in this gist.


Thanks for posting this, I've sticky'd the topic. I'll try to pull in some people from discord to participate

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