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Thanks, you made it into episode 2 :)


I had so much fun watching you play! Thank you very much, it gives me a hint to know how people think when playing the game. Also, if you are wondering, the resolution is small because it makes better artstyle, since I am better in drawing little than drawing bigger. I hope you had fun playing it and if you have more comments to do about the game (other than the ones you've said in your video) would be great to hear. I'll keep you up-to-date with the game if you want, and if there is words you have a difficulty with, it can be normal since my first language is french and not English :)

Hey Tom!

Since you've included my game into your video and you said that you would like to see how it goes out, would you like to be part of the tester team? I'll publish the new version each time there is a major update. But, keep it for you, don't put it into your videos please.


Sure, I'd be glad to. I can't promise I'll check in with every update but I look forward to seeing it evolve over time. It ends when you have the double jump :)

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Do you have a discord account? If yes, it will be easier to communicate. Here's the link.