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Hi! I recently released a demo for my game! It's a story based platformer with some puzzles and a weird character switching mechanic!

I've worked on it for over 6 months now, I'd love some feedback on it :D

Escape from Life Inc

I will be sure to try it out on my phone when the android version launches! :D

This is quite cool and useful! The next step would be to add browing for games and maybe even downloading apks!
It would be super cool if you made it open source as well!

Just released a demo for my story-based puzzle platformer thingy, you can try it out here:

would love some feedback on it! :D

Hi! After about 6 months of work, here is the demo / first chapter of my narrative platformer Escape from Life Inc!

Escape from Life Inc is a crazy platformer with a capturing story. (literally) You can switch between the three main characters: Bob, a walking fish,  Ern, an eagle, and Rick, a stuttering reindeer. They each have unique abilities. Throughout your adventure you'll be doing puzzles, platforming, exploring and much more!

Thanks! And feel free to leave feedback here if you try it out!

Also wish there were more templates, but these are the ones I've found :D

Also, this thread shows how to remove the annoying "A downloadable game for " text at the top

This is quite impressive for a jam game! The music/background water sounds are awesome.  The level gen might need some tweaking and balancing but it was fun regardless!

Found a few bugs:
- pressing the select / back button on my controller just quit to the title screen which was quite annoying (pressed it by accident)
- Once I get a game over and go back to the menu, I can't start again for some reason.

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Leave feedback here!
Ideas and  suggestions for the full game are welcome, as well as small changes! :)
There's also a feedback channel on the discord server!

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Here are some potentially common questions! If I forgot something just ask in the comments :D

Who made the shitty art?
Me (And I also used some stuff I found online for free)
- Underwater background by Ansimuz
- Industrial pack by OllieBerzs
And a few sound effects from

Who made the awesome music?

When will the game release?!
Well, I dunno exactly! I'm currently working on Chapter 2. I'm pretty sure it's going to be at some point 2020 tho!

Will you release some sort of early access?
I might make it so if you donate (5$ or something I dunno) you get early access to what I've made so far plus the full game whenever that comes out! I'll use the money to buy music, tools and such!

What's the deal with the character names?!?
I just took the name of the animal in swedish. Varg just means wolf, Hund just means dog, Ern(Örn) means eagle, etc. No, Bob doesn't mean fish you idiot. I just made that one up.

Yes, when it's finished.

I wish

How much will the full game cost?
Sub $10, so like 7, maybe 5 , something like that.

How will the story end?
They all die

What games inspired this?
The three characters idea was from some old prototype that I don't think ever released, but it's kinda like The Lost Vikings and Trine.
Also inspired by successful indie story-driven games such as Undertale, Owlboy etc.

Controller support?
It supports Xbox One/360 controllers (Although currently not in menus). Other controllers might work, if you're lucky!

Where can I leave feedback/bugs/ideas on the game?
Just post in the feedback thread or leave a message on the Discord Server!

Will there be paid DLC?

How about loot boxes?

This game seems pretty fun, but I can't figure out how to plant anything :(
I figured out that you have to go into the other room, I bought a bunch of supplies, and I went back and.... everything in my inventory was gone and I had 100$ again. Am I just stupid or is this a bug? :P

Check description:)

Thanks mate, you just inspired me to make a sequel/remaster :)

Woah thanks dude! I think this is the first time a YouTuber played my games....
Like you don't understand how much motivation I get from this...

I could make a sequel? Whatcha think?

Really fun game and really polished!

A bug I found: The music stops if you play it long enough

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Hey thanks for the comment! 

Yup, there isn't really much logic in mind controlling someone, but it was the best way I could come up with to make puzzles with it.

And to proceed you need to enter the atom world(while in prison) and find a path through the bars, there will be orange atoms guiding you. I'm surprised you even got that far though xD

Also I know the atom world feels a bit pointless, I wanted to add enemies there but I didn't have time...