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Escape from Life Inc

A quirky platformer with a capturing story (literally!) · By PowerBurger

FAQ, Credits and more! Sticky

A topic by PowerBurger created Jun 14, 2019 Views: 248 Replies: 2
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Developer (12 edits)

Here are some potentially common questions! If I forgot something just ask in the comments :D

Who made the shitty art?
Me (And I also used some stuff I found online for free)
- Underwater background by Ansimuz
- Industrial pack by OllieBerzs
And a few sound effects from

Who made the awesome music?

What's the deal with the character names?!?
I just took the name of the animal in swedish. Varg just means wolf, Hund just means dog, Ern(Örn) means eagle, etc. No, Bob doesn't mean fish, you idiot. I just made that one up.

What platforms is it available on?
Steam & Itch! Also Xbox, PS4/PS5 and Nintendo Switch as of March 31 2021!

What games inspired this?
The three characters idea was from some old prototype that I don't think ever released, but it's kinda like The Lost Vikings and Trine.
Also inspired by successful indie story-driven games such as Undertale, Owlboy etc.

Controller support?
It supports Xbox One/360 controllers. Other controllers might work, if you're lucky!

Where can I leave feedback/bugs/ideas on the game?
Just post in the feedback thread or leave a message on the Discord Server!

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i want a rare physical edition of life inc and make it happen let me buy it . awesome game and email me ps4 or ps5 or switch or a cool action figure.


I’d love a physical version too! After the digital console launch on March 31 we’ll definitely be considering it!