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Charlie Batten

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very cool

Thanks for playing!

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I'm proud to present my new game, Idylls of the Lunar Maria! It's a match-3 game with combat and story elements! It plays a bit like rogue-like deckbuilders but with a much more casual approach. I'd love to hear any feedback on it, thanks very much if you read this :)

best sports game

the perfect game

Thanks for playing, this feedback is extremely useful - especially so since it's coming from an expert of Jak and Daxter! Thanks so much for taking the time to detail your thoughts.

I'll make sure to go through each point and address them for the full game. I really want to get the movement to a much more improved state, and will approach level design more carefully. The unintuitive jump to get the collectables at the start was intentional but poorly communicated, so I'll make sure to distinguish between platforms and scene decoration more.

Hopefully with more things to do we can make the levels feel less empty and more focused. I can add a brightness slider, this level is indeed quite dark. Thanks for letting me know about the missing button sprite. There's a lot more to do and say, I'll just end this saying thanks again for playing and I'm glad you appreciated it enough to write such an in-depth review!

As for the lizard, lets just say you already have the reward... take that as a cryptic hint 🤔

Thanks for playing! I'll make sure to add control rebindings for the full game. The character movement and platforms definitely need a lot of improvements.

Thanks for the feedback! I need to redo quite a bit of the character movement I think. I'll look into the sign bug too.

Interesting, thanks for the heads up. I will try and fix this.

Cylinder collider sounds like a good idea! I have a lot to revamp for the character movement, this could help a bunch. Thank you.

Thanks for letting us know, I'll look into this

nice one

Thank you!!


Cool, but I carried that statue half all the way to the plinth, and placed it on the side of the screen and it disappeared :(

Thanks a bunch, I've finished it now... what a crazy game!

Hi, I've found myself in the same situation (except not so many tablets). What/Where is monster town? I've been everywhere, I think, and don't remember seeing that name pop up.

Aside from being stumped at this point I'm really enjoying the game. I've figured out what to do and haven't felt lost until now.




Cheers chum :)

This was just the funniest thing, had me cracking up frequently with each surprise. Nice job, top game.

cool frog experience

Cheers for putting it in a let's get itchy video. I've realised since releasing it that some people really struggle with jumping over the gaps. A lot of the lava pools require starting the jumps quite late, and with the jump button held fully to get max height. Yeah, it can be quite a hard game, glad you appreciate it still, and watching other people play my game is always fun. Thanks again.

Hey, that's quite generous of you, and I'd love to see your reaction my game. If you play it perfectly, it only takes about a minute to 'finish' the game. It's an endless runner about snakes, ostriches and lots of jumping over lava pools.

Here's a link:

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Studio Name:

Charlie Batten

Name Of Game:

Run Away From Snakes

Quick Bio of Game:

An endless runner game, where you play as a pumpkin girl running away from snakes through spooky corridors with lava pools, set in an ostrich cathedral. This is all for my brother's web-comic, where the game is a playable 'panel'. You can see it in action here: (might take a minute to load)

Here's a link to the itch page:

How long the Game was in development and if it's still in development, early access, or complete:

This is a finished game that took two months to create.

Why you became a game developer in the first place:

At first it was something to do with the computer when I was about 9, playing with some software called Multimedia Fusion 2. It was fun to make small terrible games and learn how to improve by trial and error. Right now I'm unsure if this is still a hobby, or if I should try to make a living off of it. Game development takes up all my time nevertheless. Like most people, I have lots of ideas for games and I'm getting better and better at being able to realise them, so might as well :)


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Ayy, I made this sweet endless runner. You play as a pumpkin girl running away from snakes through spooky corridors with lava pools, set in an ostrich cathedral. This is all for my brother's web-comic, where the game is a playable 'panel'. You can see it in action here:

This was a lot of work. If you read this and acknowledge it, nice. Crazy.

cheers pal, glad you enjoyed it :)