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I couldn't score more than 8

This one is a really early version for better understanding of the concept. I made an educational game that can make learning fun. Some feedback would help me with a bigger game. Huge thanks to the author of this topic. Play now 

You can try out my educational game. No worries there is no boring learning. Play now

This is a topic I really wanted to find. Thanks to the author for the idea. I also hope that it is still active even though it is old. I have been struggling to find players just for testing my game.  I made an educational game and want some feedback. Play now 

Such a great idea! I play this game part 2. I wish there were more games like this

The tortures of physics. Play now

Hi! My name is Tamara. I have recently become a game developer. I make educational games like this The torture of physics. It was  made in twine using different pictures from all over the internet and I even painted a few myself. I am planning on making bigger games with a similar concept in Unity. I have never used it before but I hope to learn it. 

Saw this game in the newest.  Once I started playing I couldn't stop!  I think it has a great gameplay. Honestly, I have never seen a dash like that before. Even though it is simple I enjoyed playing. It is hard at the beginning but you'll get use to it. My advice - don't come too close to the edges. 

Play now

Couldn't get past 8. If you add levels and different locations you will get more players because it is a really cool idea.

Hi! I enjoyed the simplicity of the game. Sometimes less is more. Maybe you should try adding the movement of the spaceship

Well, good luck!

Interesting style of the graphics. Do you plan to develop this game or is it just a test of a new tool?

Have you ever thought about science being fun? I bet you enjoy the fantastic experiments in your class but what about formulas and terms? Sure seems boring to me. Now imagine that you are trapped in a house and the only way out is to make science step up for you.  Welcome to  the torture of Physics - Density.

You don't need any knowledge of physics to win the game. Pay attention to what you pick and where you go.  If you're still not sure if you're interested, my advice - give it a try. The game takes from 10 to 30 minutes to complete.  People who've taken physics class might recognize some of the items but you have no idea what  value they have now when you're in a closed space. Rune of Density

Rune of Density.
Hint: it is one of the keys to your escape
This is a simple text game with pictures and quests made in Twine. I did the best to give you the idea of a much bigger game that is now in development.  You see, it is only one small chapter of physics  - Density.  I can show you the screenshots because it will reveal the mystery but do not be afraid there is no problem solving.

I made this game free to access. You can  start playing now  right in your browser. No need to download anything. But before this I want to say that in order to make the bigger game happen I need your help. I made a short survey (less that five minutes)  about this game. I would really appreciate your feedback because it will give me guidance  on creation of a bigger game with animation, characters, variety of challenges. 

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