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Nice fun game and looks great.

Hi, I loved Tower Defence games when they first came out. I played alot of them for a long time, ( 3+ years) 

I played your game with a open mind, adding sound and graphics in my mind. 

Moving the towers when needed was a little awkward, as I wanted to move it close to the road as I could but kept fighting with the RED NOT HERE. Just me, and my opinion on it. I would like it to snap or something to position near the road. Also when you have two roads, I need to know when and where the enys will come from.

Apart from that. Its Tower Defence and I just like them. I look forward to seeing your game grow.

Hi Bluecoaster . You have a lot of patents playing Mario, thay always make me mad, too much jumping and having to re-start lol. Anyway Good luck with your channel I hope it all goes well for you.

My Game is a Tower defence/Red Alert game. The challenge is to beat the other player or AI. IT might not be something you normally play, Its a different challenge then Mario. I hope you give it a try, and hope you do like it and make a video would be nice.

Heres the link:

cheers and enjoy :)

Hi, My name is Simon, Si for short.

About me.

I have always been a creative kid. Loved drawing, making stuff with paper and glue and playing music. I play guitar and Plano and always enjoyed games.

I would make games on my Spectrum and commodore computers. If you remember them, then you are probably my age. Born in the 70's, and was a 80's teenager and still to this day living it young.

I don't  rush to compete projects. I take my time on something to get as close as I can to my vision. What has always driven me is just my passion. Not money or fame but the best thing about making games is knowing you or someone out there is having fun playing them.

My History:

I started making digital games in 2012. I quickly learnt to use stencyl and Flash AS3 and made games for Kongrate and the long lost Mochi-Media. I leant from others on you-tube and now I use Unity3D for most of my digital games.

Thanks for reading this far down. Keep up the good work. This site has some really nice games to play and its good to be around other creative people. Send me a message or something. It be nice to know more people on here.

Cheers for now.

My cube icon box is something I made in under 10 mins with MS image composer. It is my digital box and I just like the look of it :) 
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Hello there !

I have my new first new Game published that I been
working on for around 8 weeks.

Side Battle Game play
Side Battle Game play
You build Tanks that will deploy on the battle ground to attack other tanks. I really like the game challenge with 2 player or against AI.

Each tank/unit has it's own fire power and strengths. You have one boss tank that moves slowly towards the middle. It has a strong firepower and can take out enemy's units with one shot.

I be adding new maps and maybe some new units. The visuals are OK but will be cleaned up, its something I like to work on for longer.

Here's the link:

If you like Tower defense and red alert, then you might like this. If you play it, please send me some feedback.
Thank you very much for your time and hope you enjoy playing.

NOTE: The AI plays based on your game play and on The money and UA it has. Level 1 & 2 are hard but level 3 is a big challenge. none of the AI cheat, I designed it and level 3 still beats me. My only tip is try to build up your money. You earn money when you destroy an enemy.