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I had to go back and re-play this to remind myself how much I like this.
So many things to like:
Excellent music.
An intriguing story that could have gone in an easier direction but did not.
The gameplay was smooth as butter.
Tight writing.
I love it when sounds mesh with movement, the splashing for example.
Again, well done!

Congratulations team Occult Software!
Sorry for the late comments, I was with my family in Washington state for Christmas and as soon as the Jam was over, I spent my time with them.
Amazing game and the atmosphere was palatable!

Hi Alex,
I replayed this with a different mouse and was able to get to the areas I could not before! You did an excellent job!

I have not worn my watch in a month and have taped over the clocks in my house Chef :-)
Congratulations on winning  first place!

Next year Binary!

This was so creative Binary! Thank you!

Hi there. This was the game was not compiled?
People that did not have Unreal installed could not play it I believe. 

Thank you!

I really enjoyed this, well done.

I enjoyed this and was delighted to see the controls as well!

I think I'll take a moment and say - wow!

Wow Tillion, what an excellent job!

I don't expect perfect grammar from non-native English speakers :-)

Wow! I was wowed last year and am again! 

This was interesting to me and something I did not expect.
Well done!
I'm saving my more detailed notes for our announcement. 

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With every game I will do the same:
I will not look at any instructions until after I play unless I can't figure it out. 
If I can't figure it out something new has been implemented and I will look.
I want to experience it the way most players will; they oftentimes do not read instructions in their excitement to play :-)
If you have more than one person mentioning the same thing, perhaps you should listen to player feedback, there are always new players coming to the genres that might need help.

Doors :-). It took me a while to figure out that you did not click on the doors! 

Good game overall, I'll go over my list of items when we reveal. 

Instructions! I love instructions! Now I'll play the game!

Hi there, you have not compiled the game so we cannot play it.

Great, thanks, I will try again tomorrow!

I can't move beyond the opening screen. I used the "E" and seemed stuck there; the mouse wheel did nothing.

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That voice!

There's more of course :-) But that wow on the voice factor!

Oh good, I'm so glad you found it~!
Others had the same question; we'll have to make sure we mention it next year!
I'm around ten hours' time zone difference from you right now :-), so replies may take a while here; on the server is a quicker way to get an answer.

Congratulations on completing it, well done!
See you on the server!

That is looking fabulous!

Great! I'll look forward to the next one!

By the way, I loved the colors you utilized. There is time to fix the credits and resubmit.

Your game has been removed from the Senscape Jam.
Feel free to resubmit when you meet all criteria for the Jam.

You're welcome, and you made some great progress!
We're so glad to hear this has been a positive experience for you; that is important to us.
As you've seen, we have a talented group of Indies on the server that are always willing to help each other out.
After the jam you can stay connected in the other dev-chat channel.

It did not.
Almost everyone hits that phase, eventually.
There will be some trigger and the exhaustion and frustration comes out; it happens.
I know you've spent time on the server so you may have seen that yesterday was a breaking point for others.
You have the right attitude, pick up, move on as best you can!

I'll bet!~ 

Hey, I'm sorry you had such a lousy day.
Better tomorrow, much, much, better, I hope.

You deserve a nap!

If you ever want to post a WIP, we have a dedicated channel on the server.

Good luck to you and Murial!

I put on my glove saying "no, no' don't make me!" :-)

Great game!

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Our WIP's are coming in; it's not too late! 

Coders needed at this point.

Yiu are going gang busters!
Have a nice day off, we look forward to your plan.

Thank you!
The matchmaking spreadsheet is here: Senscape Adventurous Jam Matchmaking-2021 - Google Sheets