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Color me excited, Tillion! Chapter Two has been released!

love to see dev-logs! Nicely done.

Congratulations on taking first place in The Senscape Cursed Adventure Jam!

This game wins the $1000.00 first place prize!

If you’ve not played it, do!

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I guess we will just have to hold the developers money for them until we can transfer funds from the US.

The winners of our recent game jam have $1000.00 waiting for them. So, if hosting a cash prize game jam the hosts should probably put a disclaimer in. 

thank you all, and what a tragic mess. 

I have this question too. How can we send funds to Russian devs?

This game was so intriguing, I did enjoy it, but had a few bugs pop up.
Are you on the Senscape Discord server?
DM me if you would like feedback. 

I enjoyed this game so much!
Thank you Civen, nicely done!

Are any of you on the Senscape Discord server?
Would love to give you feedback on this; it was very good,  just had some bumps that needed ironed out.

Feel free to DM me if you’d like the judges feedback.

I also enjoyed your game. Reading your CV, it all makes sense!
Are you on the Senscape Discord server?

Congratulations on taking first place in the jam!

Congratulations on taking third place!

1) Halloween World <Halloween World by DoubleVGames (>

2) Project Gamma <Project GAMMA by Joakim "Chef" Lundstrom (>

3) In-Terror-Gation <IN·TERROR·GATION by olinkalex, bubbykinz, Crims0und (>

4) Deep Wreck <Deep Wreck by discolexia, kimsnarf, JoshATSound (>

5) Re/Fragment <RE/Fragment by Occult Softworks (>

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Jam.
Please contact me on the Discord server if you would like the judge's individual feedback!

This was a pleasure to play!
The sound and music was particularly amazing for me.

This was a solid entry and came so close!
Please contact me on the Discord server if you would like the judges individual feedback.

I loved this entry; we all did! . I will send you the individual feedback in a dm on the Senscape Discord server.

Congratulations on taking first place. 

If you explore every corner, I would plan on more than 30 minutes.
Go explore this game when you have time to devote, so you can enjoy this great experience.
Great entry, Nick and Mel.

new question: does Zoom work in your location?

We are planning on using Zoom Monday. 

Nice entry!
Thank you very much!

In both of our past jams, someone has gained employment because of their work.
The sheet is updated!

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Hi all!
Never mind, Russia?

I do not have your country listed on my sheet; we like to keep track of the country in case we hear of employment opportunities that may arise 


Thanks for the submission and good luck, Chef! 

Hi there Bruno,
How much experience do you have using` Unreal?
You had an entry in our Senscape Adventure Jam last year.

Thank you for the entry!
Ah, school exams!
I am in the same spot as Petraefa; we downloaded as soon as the submission window ended.
I see you have a new build, I'll try that.

What a great entry, thanks!

Congratulations on submitting a game this year!

Great game, Tillion!

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Great submission Tillion, well done, again!

This was a nice Visual Novel with lovely graphics.

Wow! it was so impressive!

Great, see you one the server,

What a great entry, really well done, Augusto! 

Sadly, going to just watch a stream of this.
I do not have a VRhead set.

Excellent and fun game, great job!

What a great entry! I really enjoyed this game!

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Are you on the Senscape Discord server?
I have already heard good things about your game!

Also, were all voice actors credited?

We play all the submissions and look forward to yours! 

Good luck! Tillion is a rockstar to be sure! 

We are so sorry to hear that.

Best of luck and congratulations on your first Jam Radioactive Beans!