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Thank you very kindly!  :3

Thank you!  :3

Thank you very kindly!  I glad you like it  :3

Thank you very kindly!  :3

Visually they  what I put in the book, more or less; I can tweak selan. 

Vaskr are noticeably taller than baseline humans, they have teeth like a carnivore's (including fangs) and they have horns that branch (you could give them antlers, it's basically the same thing, antlers just shed annually), this can give them a fiercer appearance.

Selan are more lean than baseline humans (more slender or wiry, however you like), and they have cloven hooves; this can be digitigrade legs as well, so something like looking like antelope- or deer- legs, with a long tail for balancing that has long silky hair, like a banner or pennant of a hair-tuft.

Thank you kindly!  :3

There's also ShoutingCrow's free to download and share etc Monthly Mega Dungeon Maker booklet ~

This is awesome of you  :3

Thank ye very kindly  :3

I preordered the expanded version, but I didn't get sent a key for the pdf  D:   Where would I pop my head up to get in contact proper and confirm I'm me, etc?

Thank you kindly  :3

Yaaaaaay!  :D

You're very welcome!  I'm glad they've been so useful for you  :3

Yay!  I'm glad it gives you ideas  :D

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it   :3

No worries!  No rush, either, I hope things get better for you though :3

Hi!  I just wanted to check in on the physical release time?  :3?

At least two (GM and player) is a default, but you could probably use it as a solo framework with a bit of thought and a set of oracle tables to roll on if you wanted them.

Omg yaaaaaaay  83

I'd be happy to submit to a general itch-supported bundle  :3

Why, thank you very kindly!  I'm glad to know you've enjoyed it :3

I've actually been considering a little companion or expansion to Varas, now and then; if one pulls together, it'll go up here :3

Thanks kindly :3

Thankee kindly, and you're very welcome  :3

Yay!  :D

It says the video is unavailable  :o

I really hope so, because I wrote them in the last few weeks *lol*

Thanks kindly :3

Thank ye kindly!  I think it might have a few holes in what it covers, though  X3

Thankee kindly!

Thank you very kindly!  I'm glad it's been something enjoyable for you :3

Thanks kindly :3

I know this is late in coming (apologies), but by any chance might I ask about a single-page format?  Printing the spreads for a booklet is proving tricky order-wise  D:

You're very welcome! :D  I'm glad you enjoyed it :3

Dropping a bought-it note like you mentioned on twitter for those community copies ~ :D

Thank you kindly! :3

Looks awesome :3

Would a single-page pdf be possible in the future?