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#Dungeon23 Resources

New & Improved!!

Join the Dungeon23 Itch Game Jam: Dungeon23 Game Jam


A list of Resources for Building a Megadungeon for #dungeon23 |500 [[ ]]
github: [[ ]]

Any entry in Bold is part of #dungeon23

What IS the dungeon23?

“Megadungeon for 2023. 12 levels. 365 rooms. One room a day. Keep it all in a journal.” Sean McCoy

It doesn’t have to be a mega-dungeon, folks are also using City23, Facility23, Horror23, Island23 etc

Assets and Templates

Theory and Design

System Rules -

Populating Dungeons

Bryce Lynch “Wandering Monsters should have a Reason for Wandering Around”: [[ ]]


World Building Exercises


Goblin Archive’s Twitter Thread for MegaDungeon Resources: [[ ]]

Ava Islam’s megadungeon twitter thread resources [[ ]]


Gold Piece Publications

Perplexing Ruins

Mythmere Games -

New Dragon Games -

Hack & Slash Publishing -

Sine Nomine Publishing

Rise Up Comus

Drawing Dungeon Tutorials




Map Crow

Matt Colville/MCDM

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Posted a playing card Dungeon Generator, perfect if Dungeon23 was calling!


I've made a Google Sheet with links from various sources, with a resource Type filter:



Very nice! I’ll add it to the next batch of updates, it’s now huge and moved to

Another resource from an excellent blog - Dungeon Fantastic: Megadungeon Design

Found another source - just give credit where credit is due, as per the first post in the thread: The Vault: Rare and unusal stuff for the taking | Adventure Design and Reviews (


There's also ShoutingCrow's free to download and share etc Monthly Mega Dungeon Maker booklet ~


Gus provided a digital Dungeon23 worksheet here:


I had it in with assets, it got lost down at the bottom

Reorganized to put the Assets & Templates up at the top :)

Please add any resources here as comments and I’ll add them!


I had done something similar the other day, and I see some overlap, but yours if far better organized.  Loot links as you see fit.  Thalian Musings: Gathering Resources for #Dungeon23

nice! yeah this was just my personal notes that grew to the point it seemed silly not to share


The Dragonsfoot forums have lots of discussion, which may see a resurgence with #Dungeon23.  Megadungeons - Dragonsfoot


Same goes for the Knights and Knaves Alehouse - a dedicated Megadungeon forum.  Megadungeons! - Knights & Knaves Alehouse (

Mentioned in this post

Graphic Assets Pack for anyone working on the Dungeon23 challenge.
A print-ready workbook to help plan and create a dungeon or megadungeon.
A new version of the original role-playing game
A workbook for building an RPG campaign setting in 5 weeks.
Small notebook tool for generating and organizing ttrpgs
Making a Megadungeon is Easy