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Rabidly waiting for the next one.

Do you have a sense of how many total will be in the Wildendrem series?

I was absolutely blown away by this book. Every idea is gameable, evocative, weird but gettable, interesting. It sticks in the mind. The setting is like deja vu. I love it.


Soon. So soon. Sooner every day.

When you do, I want to hear about it!

This is a really cool adventure that’s laid out in a really gettable way.

:) I am eagerly awaiting news from the publisher and printer, and have no news to share today.

It slumbers It stirs It rises

I am not sure yet/I will have to defer to my publishers when that is figured out.

This is also what I say every two weeks when I email my publisher

Right, no HP. As you accumulate Wounds, you have to put them places on your sheet. You can wound talents, armor, and statuses. Once you mark your last status, though…

Launching at the same time!

The game is at the printer’s. It’s a long wait!

I would like to, yes!

It will very supplement friendly! The game’s rules and text can be reused - even commercially. I hope very much to be able to support third-party creators by providing art and layout assets for them to use, and will aggregate and link to third-party supplements on my website.

Yes, it will be available in print through Exalted Funeral and in PDF form as well.

Easy! I’m running Dolmenwood in it right now. The optional “Hexcrawling not Dungeoncrawling” rules are in the Camp section (when you get it).

There aren’t by default. The players are the hirelings.

Thanks! I like having a little book a lot at the table.

You’re so kind! It is coming out soon - just going through the arduous process of “physically printing things” and “shipping them” and “warehousing.”

Hey, thanks for the questions!

Exalted Funeral will be putting out the game (without crowdfunding) in the early part of next year. When I have more exact details, I will be sure to crow about them.

Feel free to sign up for the mailing list and I’ll email you when it comes out, if you’d like! In the meantime, feel free to ask questions. Would love to talk about it.

I really like how your attributes are resources you spend to get bonuses on your rolls. I had thought about making attribute pools into resources like that to represent, like, getting tired as you travel. I’ll have to play this to see how it works!

Can’t tell you how much it means to get comments like this. Thank you for the kind words! Hope you’ll check out the full book when it comes out.

Good question! No, no plans to release a set of tarot cards for the game. A pack of $20 Rider-Waite will suit you well for it, though.

Looking forward to sharing it with you!

Aw shucks!

Hey, thanks!

I have been saying “Soon” for a long time.

“Soon” seems to be Q1 2024.

Hey Sean! The book is complete at this point, but very very glad you liked the episode!

Hey, so kind, thanks. The best answer I have is soon. The game is being thrust into the real world through machinations of ink and paper.

If you would like to know when it is available to buy, please sign up for the mailing list (found on my blog or and I’ll ping you when it’s out.

Send me a lil email at hismajestytheworm at gmail dot com

Hi there! There are not solo rules in the book, so you would need to use other oracle systems to supplement your solo experiences.

Hi hi there! I think the download for this one is messed up–right now it only has a single image.

That is broadly true.

Yes, of course!

Writing, art, and layout are completed. We have a publisher. Now, we just have to wrestle with problems like “Paper shortage” and “Shipping.” Those are big problems! But we also have smart folks on it. Soon!

I’m sure it’ll be both PDF and print.

I very much appreciated this question, and wanted to share this example of what I meant when I said that I try to provide advice for you to make your own content and how

The gimmick isn’t “Here are the official dungeons and maps and creatures and spells.” It’s “Hey, here are some dungeons, maps, creatures, and spells to get you started. Here’s why they’re made the way they are. You should make your own, too.”