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Yes, of course!

Writing, art, and layout are completed. We have a publisher. Now, we just have to wrestle with problems like “Paper shortage” and “Shipping.” Those are big problems! But we also have smart folks on it. Soon!

I’m sure it’ll be both PDF and print.

I very much appreciated this question, and wanted to share this example of what I meant when I said that I try to provide advice for you to make your own content and how

The gimmick isn’t “Here are the official dungeons and maps and creatures and spells.” It’s “Hey, here are some dungeons, maps, creatures, and spells to get you started. Here’s why they’re made the way they are. You should make your own, too.”

Thanks for the kind words!

Not only do I think it’s homebrewable, but I argue that it’s an essential part of playing any RPG. I show my notes through designer commentary in the text about how you can and should make the game your own. I want you to homebrew it, and I’m excited to see what you make!

You and me both. I am so excited to show it to you.

Hey! For what it’s worth, I think you found the gimmick here that advances the paradigm in a simple easy way–it’s better than my version, and I like it a lot.

I see a lot of content drift across my radar, but few have made me put down my beer, take off my glasses, and say “Wow” the way this did. I had initially thrown the asking price towards it to download it, and immediately came back and paid more because making this PWYW is a STEAL.

Great stuff. Really great format, really compelling magic items. Absolutely entering my prep for my next game.

Yes! In the time scale of indie RPGs, yes! I admit this is slow going, but things are still happening. I so appreciate you’re enthusiasm, it means a lot.

Thanks! It’s coming sooner every day.

I am LOVING this series. Absolutely top tier aesthetic.

I love these!

These are great! Purchased!

If you had different file formats - jpgs or tiffs - that’d be great!

I haven’t checked them out yet. Thanks for the recommendation!

Cheers! I haven’t yet had the opportunity to explore Amazon’s POD quality, but am hoping for something a little fancier than DTRPG.

Cheers, many thanks! Will definitely send out an email, so please do make sure you’ve signed up for the mailing list at

Hi there! Good questions.

  • The first piece of advice I’ll give it think of your skills less like “I need to roll to see if I can do this” and more “Absent a player-driven strategy, if there’s a risk, you can roll instead to see if it turns out okay.”

  • You’re right to think that everybody starts with 1 (in 6) for each skill. This is only modified by attributes for Aldwins/Vonhnkars. Dulkeen have starting skill points to add to their initial ratings.

  • And yep! For party success, you’re rolling X-in-6, where X is based on your preparation. If you roll your rating or lower, huzzah!

I super appreciate it. I will give a state-of-the-union address within the next couple of days. The gist of it is: “The book text is pretty much done, and I’m working on getting all the other stuff that it takes to get the book into your hands in order.”

Kind of you to say! It’s coming soon.

Psst. What’s a good way to get in contact?

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That is correct. In 2022, I put up the appendices to give a sense of the flavor of the game and generate some funds to bring the game to fruition. This has been successful (thank you everyone!). The game itself is nearing completion and should be ready for purchase soon.

(A note: Anyone who buys the appendices now will receive full versions of these chapters–with editing, art, and layout–when they are ready. A free upgrade as a thank-you for helping the game. I hope that these chapters contain useful advice for everybody and are not game dependent.)

Gus provided a digital Dungeon23 worksheet here:

Very cool! Thanks for this!

Good stuff! I had “number of syllables” instead of “number of words” for my LeGuinian magic system, the Truespeaker.

Thanks! Might take you up on that very soon.

Of course! You’ll notice that the text, the background layer, the art, and the explanatory text are all on different layers to facilitate printing (or personal preferences) and optimize accessibility. There are instructions on turning off the layers in the front matter (p. iii).

Thank you so much! Without exaggeration, I am deeply touched. I can’t wait to share the full game with you.

I would welcome any translation help that anybody could offer!

So happy to hear that you’re interested! I do not have a hard timeline at this point beyond “2022.” I am hopeful it could be before October!

Hey if $ is an issue just ping me on Twitter (@riseupcomus) and I’m happy to generate a community copy. If you’re just interested in general, my blog post here - - lays out my initial thinking about the procedure that came into this book.

This is SO good. The structure here is so compelling and the ideas so fun. One of my faves.

Things are happening!

Actually, we received another request for extension and we had several people join this week, so I’m pushing it back another week!

Hey y’all - Because I had received some requests to do so and because I needed some more time, I pushed the jam’s ending date back to February 13th. The end date was ever only to timebound the project, not be a source of stress.

If we need to extend it again, we can do so! Just let me know if you need more time.

Hey if anybody is interested, here’s a draft of the Walking Holiday text. I’m currently revising and copyediting, and the content might change during layout.

But, you know, might be interesting from a sausage-making perspective.

@WeirdBlueYonder and @EvlynMoreau on Twitter were kind enough to provide illustrations for Walking Holiday. I’ve uploaded them here just because I’m excited about them.

I love the art! This is great! Thanks!

The best I can say is “Sometime 2022” - but after six years of development, having a year date narrowed down is exciting (to me)

Hi there! There’s a very good reason why you can’t find it - the core book isn’t out yet! The books nested under this project are the appendices to the game. I’m releasing them each one at a time to slowly gather funds to pay for editors, artists, and layout designers for the core book.

By signing up for the mailing list, you can be sure that you’ll be alerted when the core book is finally ready.

You can learn more about the future of the game here!

Hey, these kind words mean the world to me, thank you so much.

To answer your question about dungeons vs hexcrawls: to me they are the same thing. I have run both overworld hexcrawls and “you are all in the infinite dungeon forever” games of His Majesty the Worm using the same procedures (called the Crawl Phase, in the text).

There’s IS a page about adapting the Crawl rules expressly to hexcrawl rules, substituting rations for torches as the main delineator for how far you can travel.