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I would welcome any translation help that anybody could offer!

So happy to hear that you’re interested! I do not have a hard timeline at this point beyond “2022.” I am hopeful it could be before October!

Hey if $ is an issue just ping me on Twitter (@riseupcomus) and I’m happy to generate a community copy. If you’re just interested in general, my blog post here - - lays out my initial thinking about the procedure that came into this book.

This is SO good. The structure here is so compelling and the ideas so fun. One of my faves.

Things are happening!

Actually, we received another request for extension and we had several people join this week, so I’m pushing it back another week!

Hey y’all - Because I had received some requests to do so and because I needed some more time, I pushed the jam’s ending date back to February 13th. The end date was ever only to timebound the project, not be a source of stress.

If we need to extend it again, we can do so! Just let me know if you need more time.

Hey if anybody is interested, here’s a draft of the Walking Holiday text. I’m currently revising and copyediting, and the content might change during layout.

But, you know, might be interesting from a sausage-making perspective.

@WeirdBlueYonder and @EvlynMoreau on Twitter were kind enough to provide illustrations for Walking Holiday. I’ve uploaded them here just because I’m excited about them.

I love the art! This is great! Thanks!

The best I can say is “Sometime 2022” - but after six years of development, having a year date narrowed down is exciting (to me)

Hi there! There’s a very good reason why you can’t find it - the core book isn’t out yet! The books nested under this project are the appendices to the game. I’m releasing them each one at a time to slowly gather funds to pay for editors, artists, and layout designers for the core book.

By signing up for the mailing list, you can be sure that you’ll be alerted when the core book is finally ready.

You can learn more about the future of the game here!

Hey, these kind words mean the world to me, thank you so much.

To answer your question about dungeons vs hexcrawls: to me they are the same thing. I have run both overworld hexcrawls and “you are all in the infinite dungeon forever” games of His Majesty the Worm using the same procedures (called the Crawl Phase, in the text).

There’s IS a page about adapting the Crawl rules expressly to hexcrawl rules, substituting rations for torches as the main delineator for how far you can travel.

Ah, the one TRUE copy

InCREDIBLE work! To thrilled to have this tool in my toolbox.

My curiosity about your journey rules is reciprocated! But MORE JOURNEY RULES I say.

(1 edit)

How’s everyone coming along with their jams?

I’ve been mostly still at work the past few weeks but have gotten a few solid writing days in!

The first chapter feels like it’s settled in. You can check it out here!

More importantly, the skeleton of the rest of the book seems like it’s settled in. Just have to put some flesh and …you know…skin and stuff. This is a weird metaphor.

Is anybody else excited about what they’ve done so far?

I’m plugging away on Walking Holiday. There are a lot of weather tables, but I think this one I cooked up is very charming.

It was pointed out to me today that the round page number element was missing from the .indd package I uploaded. Apologies. I re-uploaded the package with the page number on the A-master page. Redownload the template design kit if you want to use this element.


Honestly, having a not!adventure be a big party with a lot of NPCs and things to do would be a great intro module for the game. That’s such a cool idea!

Oh my gosh that sounds amazing! I love the idea of doing figures with your pipesmoke!

For my entry, I’m going to be working on a supplement called Walking Holiday. “What games can do travel well?” is a common question and I find most of the answers unsatisfactory. Obviously, I think the procedures for an Under Hill, By Water game won’t work universally, but I have Opinions (TM) about what makes travel procedures interesting vs boring, and will work those into this supplement.

What about y’all? What are you thinking of making?

Sent! Let me know if you don’t see it tonight and we’ll try something else.

Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know. If you let me know your email I’ll send it along! You can PM me on Twitter @riseupcomus or email hismajestytheworm at gmail dot com, if that’s easier.

There is not a print version currently - PDF only. People have print and bound it though (example:

I will point out that the PDF is optimized for tablets and screenreaders, has layers that you can turn on/off for printing, and is thoroughly hyperlinked. An easy read on your device.

Good catch, yeah, thanks for pointing that out. You’ll have to use Acrobat.

This game is evocative and full of flavor. Every word choice, every picture, every name is meticulously considered and chosen to create a very specific experience. If you’re into Arthurian horror and/or folk music, it is very worth checking out and running as a one shot/small series.

Hey cheers!

ETA is hard to say. Work on this stuff on the weekends. My goal with this slow release cycle is to accumulate liquid cash to pay artists, editors, and graphic designers.

The game is totally card based, no dice. Resource management mostly revolves around limited inventory space. The Meatgrinder tracks your turns each time you cross a threshold, eating up your light. Camping allows you to heal, but uses up your rations. I try to make the stuff you might handwave in another game actually fun by having you make a series of discrete, meaningful choices around what you carry and how you use it.

For the most part, those are just good edits instead of questions. Thanks!

For "idols of Jungian manifestations," I would probably describe it like this as a GM:

"Have you ever seen those stone age Venus statues? OK, picture those--and hand prints, and phalluses, and crude statues of aurochs, and eyes--being built by invisible hands out of the stuff that's in the room. So, little pebbles, and the chest you broke earlier, and the potsherds I described--they're all being assembled by invisible hands into these abstract, cave man like images. What do you do?"

Thank you, very seriously, for the feedback!

This is very dope. Thanks for sharing!

"Not complex, but random" is my best answer to that. By and large, the flow of the game is probably merely handled by GM adjudication--similar to how things are outlined in the OSR anti-canon codex the Principia Apochrypha. The bulk of the game is randomizers for both players and GMs to create characters, neighbors, villages, seasonal events, etc. The rules themselves only come up sometimes and they're usually resolved with a die roll or two.

I don't have any active plans at the moment. I'd have to learn more about it, honestly! I'm glad you got a kick out of the game though!