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The Dungeon23 Jam has been created to track projects that participate to the Dungeon23 challenge.  

The challenge has been sparked by Sean McCoy, designer of the SciFi horror RPG Mothership.

The idea is pretty simple: design a mega dungeon in one year, one room per day, 12 levels. Each day, do something, even the smallest thing, like adding an empty room. Since the initial spark on Twitter the #Dungeon23 challenge has sprawled in a variety of sub challenges: Facility23, City23, Horror23.

You can of course submit a draft, WIP,  unfinished project. 

Your project doesn't have to be strictly Dungeon23 and can be derived from it (Horror, contemporary, etc)

If your project is not written in English, please add an English blurb.

The jam has already started and will last until January the 1st 2024.

This jam is hosted by Iko and has been sparked by the following tweet.


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Suburban horror minidungeon
Printable isometric sheets for dungeon planning.
build a dungeon, 1 room a day.
a 39 room adventure location written to be played with the Into The Odd system
A print-ready workbook to help plan and create a dungeon or megadungeon.
A pocket-sized map-making tool.
Graphic Assets Pack for anyone working on the Dungeon23 challenge.
Printable dungeon planner template for Dungeon23
A short helper doc for Dungeon23.
find monuments in the sprouting ashes of the future
A sprawling market dungeon
The greatest horrors are the ones closest to home
A quick system for generating small arrays of dungeon rooms and corridors using a standard deck of cards
The village of Langwick, it's inhabitants and the surrounding areas. My #dungeon23 submission.
A mega-dungeon in the making that will play nice with Frontier Scum
54 printable zine-fold dot-grid weekly A6 journals - for Dungeon23
For the dungeon23 writing challenge, here are 52 tombs, all of 7 rooms.
A system-agnostic 7-room dungeon with a humans vs constructs theme
A mega point crawl based heavily on classic films. A #dungeon23 project.
A fantasy city based on Sean McCoy's Dungeon23
A Magical Reform School for Troubled Wizard Children
A TTRPG about a wizard who is unable to let go of the past.
Jewish Megadungeon for Dungeon23
Short ideas for FRP adventures, with monsters & maps
A megastructure dungeon. In progress until December 31st 2023.
An American Midwestern town has trapped itself in a pocket dimension
A complete campaign for Original, Basic, and Expert fantasy RPGs
Sci-Fi Megacity Crawl
An alternate schedule for people participating in the Dungeon23 challenge. Relies on a daily d8 for guidance.
A dungeon23 decent into the Netherworlds.
challenge dungeon 23 , 12 levels of dungeons for osr games, comes in french and english
A giant underground prison. Dungeon23.
Hairic's Dungeon23 project, about a dwarf fortress and everything below it.
A #dungeon23 project about time
A #dungeon23 mega-dungeon for Liminal Horror.
A funhouse milieu for Old-School Essentials
A Weird American Road Trip MegaDungeon
a #City23 variant on the #Dungeon23 project