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Thank you, CP-Dimensions. You described exactly what I was aiming for with this little game experience, so I'm happy that it works. :)

Thank you very much, CP! This impression was exactly what I was aiming for. :)

Thank you for your nice feedback! Developing this small game was fun and I hope I'll find the time to give it a proper ending soon.

I haven't finished it yet - found several objects (don't want to spoil anything here) and still not sure about the use of a certain object. So I'll have to give it a try another day and just rated what I've seen so far, for now. Hard to say if it's too difficult - I haven't played Myst or Myst like games, so I'm not that used to that kind of game navigation (orientation), which always confuses me a bit. Like "have I been there ... where was that scene again ...). So I guess experienced Myst players would definitely have an advantage here. By the way, I like that unique hand-made graphics style of yours. It is inspiring and I hope I'll find the courage & energy for making such a true "handmade" style game too, some day (in my own style, of course, not copying yours ;-)).

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Haha, about the gloves: Maybe I will! I've already got an idea. Thank you for the nice feedback. With some time, I want to add a proper "ending" for the game, but since there wasn't thaaat much of a concept either, I just made sure to meet that requirement first and maybe think about that later.

But I think the player who waits until the 5 minutes of playtime are reached should be rewarded somehow. Recording the sounds was fun, especially since this developed very organic and simultanously. Like "mmmh, I want to have that object in the game. Ok, it needs some sort of sound." So for me, the scene came first, then came the voiceover.

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Best credits ever! I like how you used that 5 minutes restriction but still put so much content in it (especially compared to mine). When I first played it, I thought I'd lose the items I found if I don't manage to finish the game with the first try. It feels much fairer as it is.

Great sound design and obviously according to the restriction, but I didn't expect anything else here. :)

The idea of this game has some China Miéville vibe. Nice concept! Moving the life/ammo meter down sounds like a good idea. I also wasn't sure what those collectibles actually do.

I didn't manage to kill that end boss with its infinite minions. But I liked the overall setting and visuals. Guess this might also work as kind of an endless runner game with varying (maybe procedural) levels.

Lovely sound design!

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Such a funny idea! I like the setting, it feels more immersive than I expected. :D Very inspiring, too. I guess I'll never reach the moon, but it is a game I can like although I'll never "win" it.

I've learned a new word today, thank you! :D

I'm really looking forward to this unique game! :)

I get a "Stage3D error: Context3D not available" error in the browser on this page, but I'm curious about this tool and will try the downloadable version.

Awesome update! :)

Very good storytelling and interesting worldbuilding. And oh, so sad ... The soundtrack is perfect, good pacing overall. I'm amazed that you managed to even have voiceover in your game inside the jam timeframe.

Out of curiosity: In the credits it's stated that you used Blender. What did you use this for?

Why do I always forget to leave a comment on It was really nice to follow the whole Francium series so far. You've created a nice little world there with a unique, bright style that lets the player forget the darkness of the real world for a while. Thank you! :)

It's so funny to see that we are using the same fonts :D Looking forward to play your game!

Merci beaucoup pour ton gentil commentaire!

Thank you for your honest comment!

Yes, the game looks empty - I guess even a nice animated gif preview wouldn't help much there. Players have to fill it with their thoughts. :) It makes me very happy that the game could convince you after you made that first step and gave it a chance!

Oh yes, I think I found them all! :)

You are motivating and inspiring too, with your project - showing how traditional art can shine in a game. :)

I'm sure that people who are into this kind of games won't have a problem to get to the boss! :)

There are also videos already for your game: check out rehvaro or blacketdeker on twitch, they did a stream for the whole game jam. :) But a nice video for your game page would be great, of course.

I was so sure I'd already commented on your game! But maybe the comment was deleted with an update? (played the version on day 1). I like the concept of your game, the simple graphics and sound. It's very intuitive, and such a cool idea to animate the background like this - looks quite unique! The interactive playful menu is fun. It's not really my kind of game either and I didn't make it to the boss, but I see that the gameplay works and it is definitely convincing. 

Thank you for your feedback, Esmeralda!

Haha yeah, these two-sided texts ...  it's funny getting such ideas just because of playing around with the tool. ;D

Thank you, GlitchyDust! :)

Yes, the environment is rather boring and empty. I think I'll make it even more boring in the next iteration. ;D I'm not a 3D artist and never created a game in 3D before, but I'm interested in playing around with techniques. All but one 3D assets were created in engine, which was ok for this since I didn't want details. I can only recommend trying it, Unity can really be fun, if you like to try this engine, too.

Thank you very much! This kind of impression was what I was hoping for. And you motivated me to develop the game more to strengthen the replayability a bit more. :)

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Thank you for your nice comment, Yaz! There are some ideas behind this game and not all of them have been implemented. The technical realization itself was a maze and a-maz-ing for me and I might have gone lost in having fun with programming a bit, instead of creating gameplay elements that make sense. I wanted to leave it to the players what they think while or after playing, therefore the strange questions in the maze. I guess a very very loose inspiration for this was "Sofies World", a philosophical book by Jostein Gaarder. I hope players feel some emotions when experiencing this game, be it fun with the bubbles in the ball pit or being reflective in the rather quiet maze.

The hardest game of this jam! Interesting idea to create a whole scenery out of the ominous symbol. The controls felt sometimes difficult, but I liked the gameplay with manipulating the room itself. A peaceful and quiet game. So peaceful that I don't want to beat it. Nah, honestly, I just haven't found out how to beat it yet. ;)

So many characters, so many locations! The art is adorable and the game much more than I expected for such a short amount of time. The ending was indeed unexpected.

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Again a delightful little point & click adventure. I don't want to spoil anything here, but what I liked the most was that you can just say "no" with consequences. And how you used the "dark silhouette" restriction. Funny! The one-room setting works very well and I like the humour. The puzzles seem nice and fair. Writing, graphics and animations have the typical unique quality I had hoped for in this game, and the chosen music is also fine. :)

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I love the soundtrack you created for your game! Funny and annoying gameplay, just as the title suggests. Perfect for a small jam entry :)
(Windows and other virus scanners report several trojans in the .exe though, you might want to check that!)

I like the concept and the setting. Nice characterdesign and sounds. The roller-skate animation is funny! What I especially like about this game is how you can change the world in this simple game. The idea is communicated very well. Oh, and I liked that the falling stones also hit the enemies and not only the player character. ;)

Ha, thanks for your feedback! Yeah, cats are tough. :D

Thanks for kicking Powerhoof, Loganou974 :D

Your game is superb and really inspiring!

I haven't developed many games yet, but I would like to contribute what I have:

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Some players informed me that they cannot start the game because their browser throws an error.

If your browser (Firefox) gives you this Error:

"Apologies! A fatal error has occured. Aborting. Error: no valid storage adapters found."

This is most likely because your browser or an add-on doesn't accept third party cookies. The server needs to set a cookie though, otherwise the game doesn't work. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it, so it's your choice if you want to allow that to be able to play the game. Or you can download the game (zip file with the html files) and play it offline.

Such a nice idea again! Lovely :D

Your generators are so entertaining - and sometimes surprising. :D

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Nice idea!

Well done :)