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One of a kind developer, I hope they come back and drop more creations.

I hope to see this in a GotY anthology collection in the future

The dye on the floors when leaving the burrow is verrry pretty, also quite mesmerizing.

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So this bundle idea never happened. California is having a deadly blizzard that has already killed 12.

It'd be helpful if I can add entire gamejams submissions into my collections on my apps main page so I can play each one later instead of adding each game to a list. Or favorite GameJams that then showup on my apps main page. 

Trying to install games in the app but everytime I get:

Error: JSON-RPC error - 1100: JSON_RPC connection timed out

this looks crazy similar, is it the same developer?

This looks really badass, also highlight game of the bundle. Look forward to seeing more games from you, cheers!

This is one of the best short horror games. Great lore, great macabre horror, great creep factor, AAA. Hope to play more from this developer. 

Like the previous Palestinian bundle, it was met with great success. I'd love to see itch join in to help the fight. 

These demo anthology games remind me very much of the V/H/S horror movie anthologies. As long as you keep making them I'll keep playing them. Very awesome. 

low key would love to see the huge Leviathan class SCP's in this to battle.