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I initially wanted to make all the upgrades and power-ups persistent but then the difficulty would have to go up much faster too and it would make it even less predictable due to the random/procedural nature of the game. This could easily lead to unexpected situations where a really good player could keep on playing indefinitely or a the player would face an "unfair" difficulty. 

I have some power-ups planned that have limited usage and those will probably stay between levels.

That black box is likely an unused cube mesh instance.. I though I fixed that bug a long time ago but apparently it has returned. Thanks for pointing that out.

I used to have all game files in a sub-directory but I had to change that for the app. I'm not sure if that is needed anymore, though.

Thank you for the feedback again!

Oh, I didn’t think app requires to package games in such way. I actually use butler for all my games and it does exactly that. But it packages everything in a zip archive, and those commonly store everything at the top, so it won’t surprise anyone.

In that case you could use zip for the Linux version as well. Or give butler a try, it’s actually a very nice way to manage releases. ;-)

I don't use zip for Linux release because it doesn't preserve file permissions on executables.. at least I thought it didn't.

I actually already added an item to my to do -list for finally checking out Butler :)

It actually does for me. I prefer tar myself, but seeing that itch favors zip I think it’s okay to use it. It’s kind of universal.