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Hi, I'm making a zombie text adventure game, & right now I need someone to test it, and to tell me how long it takes them to finish the game so far. 

I don't trust myself to play it properly because I've already tested it loads of times, so it won't be representative of a real user, haha! 

The game is currently paid, so here's some keys:

Let me know if the above keys don't work, & I'll post some more. 

If you use a key, let me know how long it takes to rate by commenting below. 

Also it'd help me out if you could rate the game, but this isn't essential. Click here to rate:

Haha exactly! Maybe I should increase it!

ooooh that would be great, please! It saves me having to use gamejolt 

Omg a "reverse sale"? Such a thing exists? Madness!

I put my game on sale a few days ago. It's priced at $1. I've only had a few sales so far, but one person tipped $2. 

How do I know if I've got my game priced right? I know that the payment providers take a cut, and also takes their cut, and then there's tax too, so I won't get much from a $1 sale. 

I know that if I increase the price, it'll make the payment provider's cut proportionally less, but I'm also worried that charging too much will dissuade people - especially as my game isn't technically finished yet (it's got an ongoing story). 

Or is $1 too cheap - like does it make it look like the game is so bad that people won't pay more? Omg this is a minefield :-D

I suppose how I'd like it to work is on a URL which is only accessible to the user account that has paid. And for everyone else they'll be bounced to an error page or to the main game listing page. 

I've added an Android game for sale, with a demo that's embedded in the browser (it's on newgrounds). One person has bought it but asked if they can play in the browser. 

Is there a way on that I can embed a paid game into the browser so that it can only be played by someone who has bought it?

Not sure it's racist, but it's definitely pessimistically realistic! 😏

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Jesus, this game is brutal 😞

Thanks for making it!

I tried this on phone, you have to change the browser to desktop mode before pressing Play. If you do it works fine 😀

I've been playing this game on Android, it's really good!

Thanks, I'll do that! 

I'm interested in this game & want to download for Android (I see that's an option), but I can't find it on the Google Play store.

:-O It seems fine to me. But maybe moderated posts still show to the user? Not sure what I'd have done that was bad though 

I have yes, here it is:

An upvote would be appreciated, if it's not too cheeky to ask :-D

It doesn't look like you can add images or screenshots on that thread though, which is a shame because it's difficult to stand out

Thanka for feedback!

Do you perhaps have any ideas for ethical promotion that I might not be doing right now?

Yes very true! How about creating a video about a collection of similar games, and including my own. "Best local multiplayer games of 2018" or something, or is it unethical to include myself into such a list? 

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I recently got a buzz out of seeing people make youtube videos of themselves playing my game, so started trying to get game vloggers to review, which I managed - once! And it was great. The next step I think is to get my game into the sort of "Best mobile games of 2018 etc" videos, that get loads of views on youtube - BUT - this is really difficult. I was wondering (this is cheeky I know) if it's worth creating a youtube channel where I review similar games for the purpose of making them aware of my own game (not a hard sell, just like "oh btw here's my BotSumo game" etc). Or is this a lot of work and not worth bothering with? 

Hi, I'm sort of new to this, and only just found this area of the forum. I've seen some amazing games here in this section, but they don't seem to gather any comments or feedback, so my question really is there any point in posting dev logs here? I'd like to know if anyone's had any success (increased sales/downloads etc) by posting here or is it just an exercise in vanity? 

Hi there, my name's David. I'm a web developer, and making games is my hobby. I've got some games on the Google Play store which I created in my spare time. I got lucky with one of them called BotSumo and it's been downloaded over 250,000 times in the last 2 years ( I bet I won't ever be able to repeat that!). I've loved making games since I was a kid, and made loads in Flash back when that was a thing. Now I'm using Unity which has been a steep learning curve but I'm really enjoying the flexibility it provides! 

Not sure what else to say about myself really. I'm probably a generalist. A bit good at art, a bit good at code, a bit good at ideas. But probably not excellent at either. Although I think a knowledge of everything really helps. 

Hi, I'm really interested in these visual novels, how is it that they're created? Do you use specific software, or are they created using any game making software?