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I recently got a buzz out of seeing people make youtube videos of themselves playing my game, so started trying to get game vloggers to review, which I managed - once! And it was great. The next step I think is to get my game into the sort of "Best mobile games of 2018 etc" videos, that get loads of views on youtube - BUT - this is really difficult. I was wondering (this is cheeky I know) if it's worth creating a youtube channel where I review similar games for the purpose of making them aware of my own game (not a hard sell, just like "oh btw here's my BotSumo game" etc). Or is this a lot of work and not worth bothering with? 

most people are looking at the review not another game.

Yes very true! How about creating a video about a collection of similar games, and including my own. "Best local multiplayer games of 2018" or something, or is it unethical to include myself into such a list? 

it will be unethical, think of it like youtube where you always say subscribe over and over. its very annoying because the video they want to see is something else they do want to see promotion.