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If you're using the perlin noise pitch mode, make sure the perlin multiplier isn't 0. That multiplier decides how quickly the pitch raises and lowers. That's the first thing that comes to mind.

Glad it worked out! I should probably mess with this more to have it built-in... I personally never touch Unity UI, so I'm always worried about getting the uGUI implementation wrong.

Try the "Playmaker Actions" package here, under "support packages for other assets". Should be the same file from that link: http://supertextmesh.com/docs/SuperTextMesh.html

Also make sure "autoread" is enabled, or text will just go blank automatically when rebuilt.

Looking thru STM's code right now, try messing with the boolean on line 2510? It tells the mesh to only resize the rect when autoWrap is off. I forget why I have that in place, so hopefully it doesn't break everything else?

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I've been away from updates for so long, forgive me if I've forgotten stuff about my own asset!

Is it possible to just use the size of the recttransform, itself?

Hey! This should be doable, I know other users have used the text mesh's bounds to get the right size, so I'll look into why that isn't updating. The textMesh variable there is the actual mesh used by STM.

That said, I know that accessing a variable from a mesh directly can cause garbage, so I have some variables in STM for getting bounds data (which I use for drawing the blue outline, in-editor.

I finally updated the docs to the latest version here, as I changed some bounds-related stuff since. http://supertextmesh.com/docs/SuperTextMesh.html

Check out the "topLeftBounds", "topRightBounds" etc variables in there, see if those work for you?

Hey! I should probably make this more clear in the docs - you have to make a new material for the new mesh to allow them to have different shader settings. This lets material settings be stored in a material, rather than in the STM component, so setting can be shared between text meshes, but you do need to make a new material to do otherwise w/ it.

I can't seem to recreate the second issue you mention - I'm creating a new gameobject under a canvas, attaching STM as a component to it, and it seems to be showing up fine? Could you give me more details?


You can have events go over multiple letters with the tag <e2=string> instead of <e=string>, and then use the tag </e2> to stop it. The sample code for links should work with this!

I think I'll be able to add the shader channel myself through code when that comes, so hopefully this works! Either way, my asset that replaces Unity UI should be going up soon, too. Let me know if you want a copy!

Ahh okay. Hopefully it'll be fixed in the next major Unity release, then?

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Testing this out more in-depth now!

The additional shader channels variable seems to have been added in Unity 5.6, so this should fix it for that. But even though I'm following the sample code on the page here: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Canvas-additionalShaderChannels.html it still seems to cause a crash after a second or so. Are you applying the code in a different place? I'm applying it to the parent canvas immediately before the materials are set.

Setting the canvas to have the extra layers in the inspector also seems to crash. Not sure what I'm doing differently?

Oh boy, that's a new one... Is anything similar happening with the non-UI mesh? If not, then it's gotta be either Unity UI itself, or the code that sets the materials.

I have a feeling this might have to do with the "Multi Material UI" bool? Make sure it's checked/unchecked to test this.

Email me through my website, please! I don't have the itch page ready yet, so I can send you a .unitypackage for now

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Still no fixes here, even when trying to fix it from a Windows machine. I even managed to get a crash log I've never seen before, and it didn't lead to any new clues. (The log just said the material array had too many things in it, but changing that still crashes) Since I can't seem to figure out why Unity UI is causing issues, I've made an asset that completely replaces Unity UI and should be up on the Unity Asset Store shortly. If anyone in this thread wants a free copy for putting up w/ all this, let me know! I'll hopefully put it on itch shortly so I can distribute some keys.

Not exactly the best fix for the issue, but it is a workaround, and I don't see myself needing Unity UI for anything w/ this new asset.

Just a note, this bug doesn't happen on Windows in Unity 5.3.4, which I build STM in, but happens in Unity 5.6. I'm not sure what changed between those two versions, but it's a step forward, I guess?

UI text has given me so many issues, it's frustrating to troubleshoot... Could you send me a .unitypackage with an example scene to my support email? Either the one on STM's store page, or the one on my website will work!

Are you using async loading? Another customer was having an issue with this, and I was hoping to properly fix it in the next update. The temp solution I told them was to use FindObjectsOfType() and call Rebuild() on all of the meshes, but that's weird that it's not doing anything for you. The cause probably has something to do with the OnSceneLoaded delegate on STM.

Does it still happen with non-UI text? That might help me narrow down the cause.

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If you're using the most recent version, v1.4.5, you're going to have to keep the "multi material UI" bool under the "Appearance" tab unchecked. It doesn't cause a crash on Mac, but causes a nasty crash on Windows, unfortunately. The bool was left in for when Unity eventually fixes the bug, or gets back to me on what else to do to prevent the crash.

For now, I highly recommend not using Unity UI, and just using the standard text mesh, which is fully-featured.

I have an "Anchor to Screen" script that replaces the screen-anchoring feature of Unity UI that I've been meaning to release, so I can give you an early version of the code if you want to try it out!

I also recently picked up a Windows PC, so I'll be trying again to solve this bug in the near future!

(Oh oops, didn't realize this was a reply to the thread at first, didn't mean to explain that all again)

I'm honestly not sure? Unity has so many different things that do the same thing so it's kinda hard to keep track of. But let me know if you get any updates, or they need more info from me. I also made this forum post about the issue, but it kinda accidentally turned into a journal: https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/canvasrenderer-crashes-unity-when-given-a-mesh-that-has-submeshes-more-than-one-material.439133/

Sweet! Just pushed an update that makes this a toggle for now, and tried emailing someone at Unity who helped me before. I really want to get this bug taken care of once and for all

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Damn, I'm really not sure, then! That log is very handy though, but it's all Unity backend stuff that I don't know how to make sense of. I'll try getting in contact w/ Unity again, but I've had no luck so far.

Til then, the non-UI canvas should work perfectly.

Oof, yeah this looks like the whole "multiple materials on a canvas crash Unity" bug again. I tried to fix this in the latest update since it seemed to be fixed on my computer, but I suppose it's not the case? I've been asking on the Unity forums for months how to solve this and never got a reply, so it's hard to tell if this is something wrong w/ Unity, or if I'm setting materials incorrectly.

One user has already contacted me about this, but all I can really do right now is add a toggle to enable/disable multiple materials on UI? I'll be uploading that version soon, but that's not really the best fix. I'm developing on a mac, and don't have access to a PC to test this yet, and I'm not too sure where to begin...

I'm coding blind, but give this a shot:

Around line 2430 or so, you'll see a block of text like this:

c.materialCount = newMats.Length+1;

for(int j=0; j<c.materialCount-1; j++){



Try changing it to be like this:

c.materialCount = newMats.Length+2;

for(int j=0; j<newMats.Length; j++){



In the previous build, adding that +1 prevented the crash for me, so it's just a guess, but maybe this'll work?

Included this in v1.4.4!


That's a really good point, I'll make sure to change this in the next update! The maximum value of the slider is controlled in the script "STMCustomInspectorTools" (which should be in the scripts folder) on line 100. You can change the second value to be a bigger number than 1. Might just make this an unrestricted value in the next update, then!

Fixed it in v1.4.3! The prefabs are now in the resources folder. I believe that's the only way to get an asset from within a static function like the one that creates GameObjects.


Everything was meant to be left in that specific folder, but you can also create a new UI text by doing this:

  • Create a new child object under a canvas
  • add a Super Text Mesh component to it
  • it'll become the same as the prefab, without needing the prefab!
That said, I'll try to add relative folders for the next update! I can see why users would want to organize folders like that. I should be able to do that with AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath, so hopefully that'll work!

Nice catch! Patched this in, and I'll update it soon! Ive seen weird quirks like this before, so I'm not surprised there's one I missed. Thanks!

Update again:

Arabic is now supported thanks to this amazing open-source script: https://github.com/Konash/arabic-support-unity

In the next update I'll be linking to this in the docs, since I got permission from the developer! I'll also be detailing how to get it working together with STM in the docs, too.

Ah okay, what's happening right now is one of the reasons I prefer selling on itch.io... I submitted v1.4 to the asset store using Unity 5.4.2, meaning v1.4 doesn't appear for anyone with a lower Unity version number until I submit using an Older version of Unity. (Even though I know it'll run fine on any version of Unity 5.4) So... you're still using v1.3 right now! I need to redownload an older version of Unity and resubmit with that to avoid this in the future.

Send me an email at support[@]kaiclavier.com with your asset store invoice, and I'll get you an itch.io key so you can get the latest version!

Could you give me the current error log? The code moved around a lot since the update and I'm trying to figure out what line is calling this, because I still can't seem to recreate this yet. Also, what version of Unity are you using?

Does it happen when you create a new Super Text Mesh object from the GameObject menu, then create a prefab of that? I believe somewhere between v1.2 and v1.3 there was an odd bug that would effect older textmeshes because of how they used to be created.

If this doesn't work I have a few more guesses, but hopefully you just have to re-create the GameObject?

Could you give v1.4 a shot? I know it still says "beta" on the store page, but it's actually the version i just submitted to the asset store! I've fixed a ton of bugs and it's kinda impossible for me to bugfix older versions. (I'm actually going to be taking v1.3 and below down afterwards)


Just an update on this post:

Inline Images are now in STM, so you can get emoji working that way!

RTL read order is also in now, but I'm still working on how to handle languages that have letters that join together, like Arabic.

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Hey! I'm trying to recreate this, but can't seem to get the error to occur. What version of STM are you using?


The playmaker actions were written by a friend of mine, and I just linked them this forum post. They're gonna take a look at the actions, and I'll get back to you asap! The actions were last updated for v1.2, so some things have probably broken since then. Thanks for catching em!

Hey! Support for non-roman scripts depends on the font you supply. If your font contains the appropriate characters, then it'll be fine. Here's an image showing a font that contains Japanese characters: http://imgur.com/YagfBi6

(An exception to this is emoji, which seems to get totally messed up in Unity for some reason. Emojis don't seem to work in standard text meshes either, so I'm planning a workaround for a future update.)

As for RTL text, it'll display just fine! But like every text field in Unity, it seems like you have to type backwards, or just copy-paste in the text you want to use. Unity is looking into support for RTL inspector fields in the future, from what I've heard.

Finally, for the animations that read out text, there's currently no support for it, but it's a feature that's already on the to-do list in the docs! So it'll be added sometime soon. I think I might have just come up with an easy way for me to do it, so hopefully it'll be in the next update!

Hmm I tried looking it up and only found other people talking about it happening while importing assets. Just to check, you're using Unity 5.3.2+, right? Maybe it's a version problem?

I'm reading that it might have to do with "Force Text Mode" being enabled under "Asset Serialization" in "Edit > Project Settings > Editor". Try changing that setting to "Mixed"? This is just my best guess.

Replied to SebasRez in More Q's

Yeah sorry about that! The rest of the actions will be coming shortly! The existing ones are already useful for most things.

If you buy it on itch.io, itch lets me send out a notification by email whenever I upload a new file!