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awesome game. as someone who hates cars i enjoyed seeing them fall into a giant pit

hi this is really good and very intimate in a very affecting way. i really liked it

Wow!! Thank you so much for this, glad you enjoyed the game!

There is! One of the downsides of developing for a jam, haha. 

Hey, thanks for finding these! I've uploaded an updated build (1.2) that should have those fixed!

This isn't the first time we've heard this, so I apologize if this doesn't help/is insultingly simple but... does pressing the spacebar do anything? It helped the last person who asked, haha

Thanks for checking the game out! I've just uploaded an update for the game that includes fullscreen support- press F in game to switch between fullscreen and windowed. Hopefully that helps!

i think they're all doin ok as far as things go, thanks!!

This is adorable! I love the artwork, games with hand-drawn art always seem rare. It's a cute little story, and the writing, while simple, did the job. I enjoyed it.

Hey!!! I'm Dante (@videodante) and I do games and writing and stuff. Most of my stuff is in 2D and real pixelly and now I'm trying to branch into weird 3D stuff too. I've got a lot of ideas and not a lot of time to do them. It's a blast