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It’s a lot of work but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. If there is high enough demand I will do it, but the fonts have to be a bit more profitable than they currently are for me to afford too much of my time on them.

Ultimately, tho, my stance is that the more languages I can support, the better! I just have to juggle many projects right now and have to be careful with my energy. Hopefully I can eventually extend them.

excellent! happy font browsing! 

Yes, if the character is not present in the preview image that shows all the characters in the project description, it will not be in any of the fonts. 

Yes, the only characters supported are the ones in the preview image in the project description. If there is high enough demand I may extend all the fonts with support for more languages.

I can’t think of a good way to fit 175 fonts on one screen, but you could browse through the “Samples” folder or the “TTF” folder. some PCs show previews of the font if you have the icons enlarged.

Might be cool to somehow generate a huge image that just has a little preview text of every font on it…
might do that when I have time, sounds handy. 

Update: the individual font families are available now as separate packs you can purchase. You can browse through them on my itch page:

Thanks for the feedback! I like the idea of a font with roguelikes in mind, that’s a great idea.

For the JSON/XML, how come you want the whitespace stripped? Is it a load time bottleneck for your tooling? 

Thank you!

I do plan on putting some of the families into individual packs eventually. I just wanted to launch this megapack first.

Hey sorry I didn’t see this until now. This is a really nice review, thank you. 2nd person is definitely sketchy ground for game designers, with good reason, so it was nice to be able to explore it in a small experimental project like this.

The $20 one is my old pack, which comes with 40 fonts. The $99 one is the new 175 font pack.

The best way to find out is to either use the sample images that come with the asset pack, or just to type out some text in an image editor and see. When I find the time, I could maybe put together a line-height table for each of the fonts people can use to filter down what they might need.

A couple others would work, but this one was originally designed specifically to be a GB font so it was the obvious pick :) 

pixel fonts 2: boogaloo

i sometimes go hard 

There is some overlap! Just a couple of the fonts are upgraded versions of fonts from the original pack, with lots of their letters tweaked, way more letters (accents etc.) added, and they also come with more comprehensive kerning tables. 

I consider these V2 of the original fonts. 

By far most of them are completely from scratch though. 

There is no restriction on use for modification, except where it says you aren't allowed to sell your modified copies as originals, that's all! The license just lists restrictions.

okay i have updated the page with a How Can I Use The Fonts? section which answers your question, and also included a link to the license that comes with the pack

- they support the characters shown in the description and trailer, so no cyrillic

- i forgot to put the license on this page! i will do so shortly, thanks for the reminder

- no plans to support asian fonts. i do not have a way of assessing the quality of CJK glyphs

yeah, a couple folks here and there have requested this. i didn't add it cuz it didn't seem like it'd be particularly useful (maybe like, a little bit), and didn't seem too fun. but it'd be mostly harmless to add, so maybe if i ever do an update i'll drop that feature in for kicks.

thanks for playing!!

aw that's awesome! thanks for playing : )

1. a custom engine written for the game, built on SDL2 and OpenGL
2. i can't recommend any specific learning materials, i've been using SDL2 and OpenGL for many many years before creating this, and it took me a long time to get good at it all

sorry for taking so long to answer. thank you for playing the game, and i'm glad you enjoyed it!

thank you for playing!

thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed it

i wrote a custom engine for the game in C#/.NET Core

huh, this is the first i’ve seen of this. i can’t address the issue right now, i’m currently crunching to finish up another project.

sorry about that, i wish i could get you a quick fix but atm i have no idea why that would happen.

the only thing i can think of is if you have other software running that is poking at graphics memory, like recording software or another game.

awesome, really glad you liked it! yeah i'd had this game written out for 5 or 6 years and only finally gotten around to putting it to code.
thanks for playing!

oh cool thanks for the heads up. if i spot anybody else having that problem i’ll let them know your temp solution. thanks for posting it here!

aww thanks! glad you enjoyed it : D

thanks for playing! yeah you should be able to finish it in a few hours.

aww that's great to hear! : )

glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

aww yes!! glad to hear

thank you! glad you enjoyed it :)

i agree! hopefully after my main project is done i can come back to this and maybe add some music and sound to it :) i think it’d add a lot.

haha thanks! listening to a hacky soundtrack while playing is a really good idea! :)

yeaaaah! i would love it if the game had sound. i made the whole thing in quite a short period of time, and i had to get back to work on my main project (, so i didn't have time to create+implement sound.

it might be nice to do a Version 2.000 later on and add sound

thanks! glad you enjoyed it, and also glad you enjoyed the little visual flairs :)

oh wow thank you! yeah some of the levels are a bit tricky, and the difficulty curve is a bit wacky sometimes.

glad you enjoyed it!