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Laura Michet

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Awesome!! Thanks so much for adding so much great stuff so fast!

The onion-skin animation feature made me think: we could also use with a toggleable visual indicator for what tiles in any given room are marked as walls!

A few new usability things:

  • When you are editing the text of a sprite, you must click outside the box on a blank background before clicking on a new sprite. If you click directly on a new sprite in the sprite selector strip, it will erase your writing and return the dialog attached to that sprite to what it was before you started editing it. I've lost a lot of dialog this way!
  • If you move from one room to the next with a tile selected in the tile/sprite viewer panel, the checkbox for "is this a wall" will remain in the status it was for that tile's version in the previous room. So if you create room0 and room1, create a wall tile in room0, and navigate to room1, it will still show that tile as a wall until you click on a new tile in the palette strip, then click back to the first one. It won't update automatically, basically. Can get confusing, particularly if you're working with duplicated rooms, duplicate tiles where one has to be a wall and one has to be not-a-wall, etc.

holy shit, nice!!

Here's one I made yesterday: https://lauramichet.itch.io/reunion

yeah, sorry, characters per "page".

And yeah the thing with making a larger grid of rooms and using them to represent a map, you end up creating SO MANY entrances and exits. It gets a little dizzying

I LOVE this tool!! Here's a few usability issues I came across while building games today:

  • When making animations, it would be useful to see a "ghost" of the other frame in the editor. Makes it easier to replicate confusing shapes between frames.
  • As far as I can tell, exits and entrances can be only one tile. This can be very frustrating if you're making games where the entrances and exits take up the entire edge of the map. If you do this, you've gotta create a new exit on every edge tile and link it specifically to an edge tile on another room. Here's an example of a game where I had to do this. It would be great if we could simplify the process of lining up rooms into a larger map-- right now, the longest and fiddliest part of any game-making experience, for me, is elaborately covering room edges with entrances and exits.
  • Would be nice to see what the max number of tiles we can have is, and get some info on how many we've already made. I didn't know there was a tile limit until I hit it, and the UI for making new tiles makes it hard to count and see how many you've already made. I still don't know if there are limits for sprites.
  • Speaking of tile UI: I would like to be able to see all my tiles at once, as a palette and click on the one I want, rather than clicking awkwardly to navigate left and right along the strip of tiles.
  • Would also be nice to know what the character limit is on sprite dialogue, and whether I'm close to hitting it, like twitter shows for tweet length.

Here's some features I'd like:

  • An "end game" condition of some kind
  • A key to restart the game
  • The ability to change the color of the page background in the game editor

And here's something I think might be a bug:

  • When you create a new game in the same window you were using to make a previous game, you can get stuck with empty rooms from the old game in your menus, inaccessible. I made a game with rooms 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Then I made a new game; now I've got rooms 0, 5, and 6, and rooms 1-4 living as inaccessible ghosts in me "add an exit" drop down menu.
Thanks so much for making this!! Hope the project goes/is going well!
Created a new topic We have a Discord server now!
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We've got a discord server! You can join it here: https://discord.gg/FVj364C

Landon helped us set up a discord bot which can be used to find team members! Here's a short description of how to use the bot.

I'm glad so many people are participating! It means a lot to me that people seem excited and invigorated by this event.

Personally-- the problem with feeling frustrated and angry is that it's hard for me to spend a lot of time with my head inside a frustrated and angry game project. I think, as a designer, I want to spend my time working about games that look forward rather than games that stew and fret and make me feel sick.

Thank you!!

Created a new topic Looking for teammates?

Figured some of the people interested in this jam might be looking for teammates! Here's a place you can do it!

Created a new topic Utopian fiction inspriation

Hey folks, if you've been inspired by any Utopian fiction that you think others might find interesting or useful, tell us about it here!

In particular, we had a hard time finding good, well-known examples of modern utopian fiction that was not about post-scarcity economics or ultra-sci-fi stuff like giant AI brains or matter replicators. If you have any examples of near-future optimistic fiction that is not about economics or science, we'd love to see them here!

Thank you!! Thanks for playing it!

Thanks! I have a PC also so it's not a huge problem for me-- I'll just play it on my other computer.

Here it is! http://imgur.com/a/OgXfB

In trying to open the .app on my (up-to-date, OS-wise) mac, I am getting an alert that the app "is not supported on this type of mac." I'm unable to run it.

Thank you!!

Ahhhhh this is excellent!!

Thank you!! We appreciate it!

no need! I also have a PC and I've been able to play it just fine on that machine!

There's not an easy way to figure out, and I'm unfamiliar with Macs, but I have found an adobe air installer through Finder that is version 23.

Posted in Bug reports

Getting crashes in the Mac version! Running it on OSX el Capitan. Crashes after about 2 minutes every time I run it-- sometimes during the character select screen at the base of the tower, sometimes in the game proper.

In the very first scene where the character runs through the forest, and in the character select screen, the character's sprite also flickers and there are some weird vertical black lines that flicker as well.

I may be able to record this with video later today if you need me to.




I'm Laura, I make text games by myself and sometimes with a group of my friends. So I also run the Plus Ultra account, which includes our group games.

The best game I've ever made by myself is Swan Hill; I'm currently working on a sequel and a few related short stories which I hope to release together in Unity for PC and tablet. I'm really into interactive fiction where the text changes systematically on the page.

I'm also releasing a collection of interactive short stories later this year or early next year.

My favorite group project was Slaughtertrain, which I made with Plus Ultra. It's a Snowpiercer simulator.