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Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to continue adding bugfixes to the game, since it was a short experimental project. We're sorry!

Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to continue updating the game, as it was a short experimental project. Apologies!

When you unzip the download and navigate to the folder filled with files, you should run the executable. It is planetfriend.exe

Thank you!!

What platform are you playing on (PC? Linux with Wine? etc), and what language/region is your system using?

the Options button opens a text file. You can change "true" to "false" and vice versa to turn things on and off. See below:

screenwidth = [change to the width of pixels you want]
screenheight = [change to the height of pixels you want]
fullscreen = [True = fullscreen / False = windowed]
audio = [1 = on / 0 = off
music = [True = play background music / False = no background music]

Thank you!!

thank you!!!!

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I am really taken by this book on public health I found on the Gutenberg Project website. It has quite a lot to say about sewage, what direction your house should face, how disease inheritance supposedly works, and some useful formulae for figuring how much acid to pump into my home before I am killed:

"The following formula enables many problems relating to ventilation to be solved. Let p = the amount of poison (carbonic acid) in every cubic foot of fresh air, viz. ·0004 cubic foot. Let A = the number of cubic feet of fresh air delivered or available, P = the amount of carbonic acid exhaled, and x = the amount of carbonic acid per cubic foot in the room at the end of a given time. Then—

 = p + P ∕ A, whence A = P ∕ (x - p).

If the carbonic acid in the air of a room is ·75 per 1,000 volumes (that in the outer air being ·4 per 1,000 volumes), and there are five persons in the room, how much air is entering the room per hour?"

I'm generally worried about finding good stuff to put in my project because so much of the 1923 stuff we now have access to is so boring, bad, or racist. I'm sure that there's some gems here in the books but I don't have time to read like 1000 novels to find the good shit.


oh my god. this is incredible.

Merci d'avoir joué!

Haha, thanks! I have never made a game before that was so explicitly just a gross-out game

Thank you!

I can see if I can extend the deadline until noon PST on November 1, but I'd like to end it within the next few days because we've been running this for a while and it is time for it to end.

That said, this is not a competition and there is no voting, so it doesn't really matter when you finish it. Try submitting whatever you have before the deadline and marking it as "in development" through itch! Then you can finish it or upload new builds whenever you have time.

All I'm gonna say is: probably don't be worried about using HL2 assets!

nevermind-- I was able to remove it.

yeah. that one is an opportunistic hanger-on. I'm not sure I have the ability to remove it, however.

Hey dommy,

While I agree that one of the games submitted here looks like an opportunistic attempt to just hook onto a popular jam, remember that this is a game jam, where the points aren't real and the quality of your work literally doesn't matter. It's OK to submit half-baked projects and low-quality stuff to game jams. Game jams are about experimentation, and I hope we get to see a lot of good on-topic experiments, regardless of quality level.


I hope to god someone makes the whole plot synopsis in garry's mod oh my god

If you want dev buddies, post here and tell us what you can do-- and/or what kind of help you're looking for!

Other useful info:

  • What kind of game you want to make
  • What time zone you're working in
  • What tools you've decided to use, if any

Here are some tools you can use that require no or very little coding knowlege, or are easy enough to learn that you could learn them in two months. I crapped the first version of this list out in the middle of the night when I made this jam, so if you have any other tools to suggest new developers, add them below and I'll stick them in this post!

Twine 1 or 2 -- both are equally easy to learn. Twine 2 runs in-browser, too.  You can find getting-started documentation here.

Bitsy -- a tile-based game editor here on! Great for making games focused on exploration and small scenes. Instructions are in the app!

Ren'Py -- a visual novel engine. Many visual novels you've seen were probably made in this engine, and the markup language for its dialogue system is easy to learn. The quickstart guide is here.

Construct 2 -- an HTML5 game-making tool! Very accessible to beginners! Tutorials are here.

RPGMaker -- makes JRPG-style stuff! There's many different versions and they all cost money, but the older ones are cheaper.

Also check out for more suggestions!

This is wonderful. Super cool/melancholy idea.

Hey folks-- you can also play this game online, without a download, at this page. Thanks for checking it out!

This is so charming I can barely stand it

I really really enjoy this Prospero idea especially!

This is pretty goddamn fantastic. Amazing way of showing the play arena.

This is incredible. This is A+ stuff

Awesome!! Thanks so much for adding so much great stuff so fast!

The onion-skin animation feature made me think: we could also use with a toggleable visual indicator for what tiles in any given room are marked as walls!

A few new usability things:

  • When you are editing the text of a sprite, you must click outside the box on a blank background before clicking on a new sprite. If you click directly on a new sprite in the sprite selector strip, it will erase your writing and return the dialog attached to that sprite to what it was before you started editing it. I've lost a lot of dialog this way!
  • If you move from one room to the next with a tile selected in the tile/sprite viewer panel, the checkbox for "is this a wall" will remain in the status it was for that tile's version in the previous room. So if you create room0 and room1, create a wall tile in room0, and navigate to room1, it will still show that tile as a wall until you click on a new tile in the palette strip, then click back to the first one. It won't update automatically, basically. Can get confusing, particularly if you're working with duplicated rooms, duplicate tiles where one has to be a wall and one has to be not-a-wall, etc.

holy shit, nice!!

Here's one I made yesterday:

yeah, sorry, characters per "page".

And yeah the thing with making a larger grid of rooms and using them to represent a map, you end up creating SO MANY entrances and exits. It gets a little dizzying

I LOVE this tool!! Here's a few usability issues I came across while building games today:

  • When making animations, it would be useful to see a "ghost" of the other frame in the editor. Makes it easier to replicate confusing shapes between frames.
  • As far as I can tell, exits and entrances can be only one tile. This can be very frustrating if you're making games where the entrances and exits take up the entire edge of the map. If you do this, you've gotta create a new exit on every edge tile and link it specifically to an edge tile on another room. Here's an example of a game where I had to do this. It would be great if we could simplify the process of lining up rooms into a larger map-- right now, the longest and fiddliest part of any game-making experience, for me, is elaborately covering room edges with entrances and exits.
  • Would be nice to see what the max number of tiles we can have is, and get some info on how many we've already made. I didn't know there was a tile limit until I hit it, and the UI for making new tiles makes it hard to count and see how many you've already made. I still don't know if there are limits for sprites.
  • Speaking of tile UI: I would like to be able to see all my tiles at once, as a palette and click on the one I want, rather than clicking awkwardly to navigate left and right along the strip of tiles.
  • Would also be nice to know what the character limit is on sprite dialogue, and whether I'm close to hitting it, like twitter shows for tweet length.

Here's some features I'd like:

  • An "end game" condition of some kind
  • A key to restart the game
  • The ability to change the color of the page background in the game editor

And here's something I think might be a bug:

  • When you create a new game in the same window you were using to make a previous game, you can get stuck with empty rooms from the old game in your menus, inaccessible. I made a game with rooms 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. Then I made a new game; now I've got rooms 0, 5, and 6, and rooms 1-4 living as inaccessible ghosts in me "add an exit" drop down menu.
Thanks so much for making this!! Hope the project goes/is going well!
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We've got a discord server! You can join it here:

Landon helped us set up a discord bot which can be used to find team members! Here's a short description of how to use the bot.

I'm glad so many people are participating! It means a lot to me that people seem excited and invigorated by this event.

Personally-- the problem with feeling frustrated and angry is that it's hard for me to spend a lot of time with my head inside a frustrated and angry game project. I think, as a designer, I want to spend my time working about games that look forward rather than games that stew and fret and make me feel sick.

Thank you!!

Figured some of the people interested in this jam might be looking for teammates! Here's a place you can do it!