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Looking for teammates? Find some here! Sticky

A topic by Laura Michet created Aug 26, 2017 Views: 5,319 Replies: 39
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If you want dev buddies, post here and tell us what you can do-- and/or what kind of help you're looking for!

Other useful info:

  • What kind of game you want to make
  • What time zone you're working in
  • What tools you've decided to use, if any

Source engine?

Yes it is.. just a really old version

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Do you wanna make a team with me? Im also looking for some people...



I need to see some examples of your work or an  idea of what you are skilled in.

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I write music and I'll work with anyone who has released at least one game in a jam before.

I also program, but I don't want to do that for this jam.

I started a team-building thread for my project here: Team Thread at Idle Thumbs Forums

I really want to make a comedy FPE and I hope I can find a few people to partner with :)

Anything I make will be in Unity and will end up something like this: The Eyes of Cheatin Hitman


My name is Boris. 

I'm working on mobile games about 5 years. I'm done a many games featured in Appstore and GooglPlay. I'm do almost everything in 2D field. I'm very big fan of HL and I hope I will help comunity  to create the game that we all wish, even one icon ore small detail or something.

Time Zone +4GMT Yerevan

Thank you!


Character Design
2D Animations 
Game UI UX
Concept Art


Spine 2D

You can see my works here:

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi there, I'm currently working with a development team for a new Half-Life 2: Episode 3 mod. We're looking for people with your skillset! I've sent you a Discord friend request should you like to speak more about possibly joining us! :)

Deleted 5 years ago

I've sent you a steam and discord friend request.

Hey there.

Let me know if you are looking for an audio designer.

Deleted 263 days ago

Developer here (specialized in Lua especially), I've added you on Steam.

Hi there!

Male voice actor here.

Worked on Black Mesa: Hazard Course, and ten years of cartoons on (flash tub). Normal accent is RP English, but I can also help with neutral American accents.

I can also help with script edits, or dialog adjustments to help things sound more natural.

Hey hiii .. I am a programmer.. web sites PHP. 

But I am here to help. I am huge fan of the series and I would love to help and be part of this project.

Please let me know if I can help with something.. 


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Hi there!

Working with Unreal Engine 4 like programming, doing level design and gameplay design also have a little experience in Source Engine. 

I can work with 3dsMax. Interested in creating genres of shooters and horror is also a big fan of Half-Life series. Let me know if i can provide any help to you. 


I'm starting up a epistle 3 project in UE4 and based on what you have said could really use your help! :)

If interested email me at 


my name is Yan Malinovskiy and I'm a 3D Environment artist. I know: Maya, Substance Painter, UVLayout, UE4, Source Hammer Editor. I'm modeling since 5 years. So I'm here to help. I can speak english, german and russian. 

My Steam profile:

i am  Programmer i know:

Web development HTML,JavaScript webgl etc

I know 




Data bases data structures 

And i love games specially RTS games and FPS

I am a fan of all half life games played everything include i know the history of all betas and backstage as possible.

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my name is Konstantinos Iordanidis-Garbes (dj K.I.R.) and i am a 3d-artist/ proffesional real sim developer (addons/mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Railworks and many more..)

I do want at least in my freetime to help you guys with Half-Life 2 Epistle 3, do some props, difficult buildings and provide them directly as "Hammer-Editor ready" Assets.
I speak Greek, German and offcourse English.

Here are some of my commercial projects - Mainly Low-Poly objects (in-game screenshots)

(FSX addons - based on real airports/places around the world)

..more in the future!!!

One of 6  simple 3d-models done with Autodesk Maya back in university years (Concept, Plan, Model, Texturing/Mental Ray MIA-Materials, Rendering*, music & dvd-mastering for my diploma presentation)

*i did rendered quicker with few LAN-connected render-clients on 1440p (if you can all it so...) to force mental ray to render with lower sampling and antialiasing and downscale it to 720p for sharpen the video and fit into a dvd) 

My mod "Hellas Life":

I work now with 3dsmax and stuffs like Photoshop/Gimp/Paintshop pro to proceed to my result.
Notice: i wish not to animate or rigg characters or guns.

Greetings from Germany from a Greek guy

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I'm starting up a epistle 3 project in unreal engine 4 and am wondering if your interested in working with me?.

If so email me at and we can continue conversation :)

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Hello. Im an a illustrator, focused in visual narrative. And a big time fan of HL series (But more into Portal, to be honest, so it could be sweet to work in the Borealis Section). And a non-native english speaker, so be nice with my broken sentences :-D. 

I can offer:

- Concept art

- Character /Enviorement Design

- Storyboard

- Comics



I'm starting up a epistle 3 project in unreal engine 4 and am wondering if your interested in working with me?.

If so email me at and we can continue conversation :)

Can Provide Voice and writing services...just keen to get involved and learn about game development.


My name is matt and I'm starting a epistle 3 project made with the unreal engine 4. I'm a games design graduate from the university of South Wales and I'd also love to educate you on some elements of games development. I'm in need of your writing and voice acting services. If interested please email me at and we can talk further! :)


Hello everybody!

I'm messing around with the idea of making a chat bot based interactive fiction experience, where you'll be exchanging IMs / messages with Gertrude / Gordon and/or Alex as they make their way through Episode 3. Maybe focused around the major choices the characters have to make, and you talking through with them the Pros and Cons of the ideas / influencing their choice.

My plan is to write the dialogs using InkScript

May not have a lot of time for this, but thought would be fun to play around with from a technical side and wrap it in an Epistle 3 bow. If you'd like to help contribute as a writer, or have interesting ideas or suggestions for having a conversation with the characters while they're "Experiencing the game without you" let me know.

(Alternate idea: Maybe you're talking with somebody from an alternate timeline who is playing Half Life 3, and you're talking to them about the game/how to play it/what choices they should make?)

Thats sounds  like a interesting approach to the narrative. So sad I'be already compromised with other project, but I wanna see what happens with this idea, sir. Excelsior! 

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I'm interested in joining in on this. Mostly want to join in on something at least somewhat serious attempt at making this (as in serious feel). I'm a C++ and C# programmer who've worked on personal game projects on and off for several years. Strongs are in more deep engine development and the like, but I also enjoy game mechanic programming. HMU if anybody's interested.

I'm comfortable with Unity and Unreal, but  I feel for this Source 2 might be best?


I'm working on a serious epistle 3 project made using UE4

If interested drop me an email at and we'll talk more


Matt :)

I think that everybody who show up  till now is a enormous and diversified team.  Maybe we should look this more like a collective group  than a list  of individuals available for certain functions. 

It makes sense to you, folks?


Agreed! I really want to make a collective group...but i dont think that this will happen.. Im searching for the most people that i can to help making a actual good mod...but its really hard.

It seems that everyone is divided, I'm looking to join the most serious team here. I've got programming skills in Java,C, PHP, SQL,  HTML, and web design skills. I'm also good at creating concepts and ideas and taking lead of something. My Discord is Fragger123#0785.

I am a 3d artist with about 5 years of experience. I have made a few models for the source engine in the past. If anyone wants to team up, please let me know.  


Could you show what models you've made in the past? Were still looking for modelers. I made some concept art which we use as a frame of reference for models and was curious to see what you've got. Contact me at .

Hi guys!

My name's Alex and I've been in the music side of things for the last ten years. I use Ableton and Notion. Let me know if any of you guys need someone to write (orchestral or produce (electronic) any music for your submission.



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Hi there my name is John Patrick Cube(My surname is a literal C-U-B-E)

I'm a programmer a computer engineering student who utilizes all languages. I have been a HL fan for so many years.
I also studied 3D Modeling and a bit of animation. Im more focused on VFX but I have nothing to show because my PC is at a moment of repair.

Programs used to develop game:

-> Unreal Engine
-> Unity Engine
-> 3DS Max
-> Maya
-> Houdini
-> Speedtree

Sorry for my bad English and I really want to see or just visualize HL3/Epislte 3 because it's been years.

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Hello to everybody! My name is Andrey and i decided (why not) to participate in this jam. Currently project is on prototype stage, but anyway - i need teammates who can help me in making this project. Anyone can help. Rules are simple - There will be no CEO or Project leader here and nobody prefers to do anything. If you see that you can not do this or that thing, then you can move on to another.  No ambitious goals pursued here. Only one goal here is matters - to make a decent game in HL universe.

Link to discord server :

Hello Everybody!

This is my first jam and I am interested in learning the in and outs of them but I can't do it alone.

I have a good knowledge of Construct 2 and I built a full "game" (a infinite runner) and I even already started a rough prototype for this jam (a top-down shooter) but as my profile pic that I made myself shows, I have no artistic ability whatsoever so I was looking for somebody that could help me with that. I would also love if somebody who knows about level design could help me.

my timezone is UTC-03:00.

Thank you all very much.

Dont use source for half life epistle 3 ... use unreal engine 4 ... 

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Hello guys!! i have an idea!

GMan can be GravityMan (from black hole on MilkyWay)        ; )  

Niiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeee!!!!  We going to walk through the Space!!

Kill Gman and Game Over!