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Want to get involved but don't know how to make games? Sticky

A topic by Laura Michet created Aug 26, 2017 Views: 2,396 Replies: 8
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Here are some tools you can use that require no or very little coding knowlege, or are easy enough to learn that you could learn them in two months. I crapped the first version of this list out in the middle of the night when I made this jam, so if you have any other tools to suggest new developers, add them below and I'll stick them in this post!

Twine 1 or 2 -- both are equally easy to learn. Twine 2 runs in-browser, too.  You can find getting-started documentation here.

Bitsy -- a tile-based game editor here on! Great for making games focused on exploration and small scenes. Instructions are in the app!

Ren'Py -- a visual novel engine. Many visual novels you've seen were probably made in this engine, and the markup language for its dialogue system is easy to learn. The quickstart guide is here.

Construct 2 -- an HTML5 game-making tool! Very accessible to beginners! Tutorials are here.

RPGMaker -- makes JRPG-style stuff! There's many different versions and they all cost money, but the older ones are cheaper.

Also check out for more suggestions!


Garry's Mod (and mods) and Source Engine SDK (you have it on Steam if you have any Source engine) would be more fitting.


I hope to god someone makes the whole plot synopsis in garry's mod oh my god

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On it.



I've been working on something similar, maybe we should compare notes!


Here's my Steam.

making the game in source engine is a bad idea making it in ue4 would be alot better 

How legit is the game going to be? I can donate some voice over work (bass / baritone male voice) if people shoot me some scripts/adaptations.