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No, just voicing my frustration.

(did you know that diagonal jumping is the fastest way of locomotion? it’s true!)

stuck with 24/25 :-(

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is it supposed to be silent? devlog says about audio

this is a RAR so i can’t install it in app :-(

так это на десктопе

ребята, в браузере у вас игра перевёрнутая, вы бы хоть скачать дали

looks gorgeous but gives me a slight headache, idk why

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Gives me error on Linux: "Bad script call: spawn waterglass 31.3 - 40 33.7"

в полноэкранном режиме - чёрный текст на чёрном фоне

Needs a little more feedback because I can't tell if I clicked anything or not. The tasks just run by and my score is negative.

windows build crashes when I press E key… definitely not bug-free.

why no linux version :'-(

Unfortunately, the "go north" command is not supported.

Also, there's no way to undo a command (i.e. "shoot" -> cancel -> "go") and the game crashes if you enter something besides a number when presented with choices

That was a very unsatisfying ending. Alternatively, that wasn't the ending at all, just a wall of text without a single link to progress.

Elevator buttons, the bane of ghost stories.

the game says "stylesheet is null" and the text is all black on black

Garry's Mod (and mods) and Source Engine SDK (you have it on Steam if you have any Source engine) would be more fitting.

Fixed. Note that the map is rather fiddly right now - you have to be sure you're clicking what you're clicking (don't click the text, click the points)