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Yeah, I temporarily disabled it for the time being to work on something secret. Please lock and archive this temporarily.

Oh my word I'm stupid haha, done.

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Enter the twilight zone with this innovative experience.

Night Sky offers you an innovative and (non) inspirational experience.

  • Play as a young Amish lad as his simpleton lifestyle gets turned upside-down when he is abducted by extraterrestrial life.
  • Use your imagination to solve puzzles which will lead to the ultimate discovery of the truth.
  • Use extraterrestrial tools to explore the uniquely designed maps.
  • Play through immersive levels loaded with colourful personalities and unique characters as well as dialogue filled with fart jokes 🤠👍.
  • Experience intense psychedelic visuals as your character may or may not stumble across some interesting substances.

Will I enjoy this game?

In order to determine the outcome of this question, we will have to analyse billions of psychological algorithms, but more than likely, yes.

This is not funny.

Uhh, give me a second to think here.. I guess not. However, we would love to hear your constructive criticism.

Note Before Buying

Please keep in mind this game is still under MAJOR development. There is not much to do in the current given prototype, you can currently just explore the levels and view the concept. You will be receiving many updates soon, we've already got the idea of how our storyline is going to be done.

The majority of the money gained from my Patreon and will be used to further develop the game and make it go way past my personal capacity, in order to ensure that the final product is polished correctly. Thank you.

Discord | Portfolio Site

Here's my Steam.

Please view the game page as all the information is located there!

Dedition community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Please post any suggestions you have here and you may have a chance of getting it into the gamemode.

Dedition community · Created a new topic GitHub
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If you are interested, you are able to find the GitHub page by clicking this link.

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On it.

Developer here (specialized in Lua especially), I've added you on Steam.