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Marc Laidlaw has released a genderswapped Half Life 3 plot synopsis on his blog. (Here's a version with genderswapped-genderswapped names.)

Some say the dream is dead. WE SAY... THE OPPOSITE.

Half Life 3 is finally free, where it belongs: out in the world, with us. Half Life 3 belongs to the people. LET'S MAKE IT.

Here's the only rule for this jam:

Adapt Marc Laidlaw's plot synopsis in whole or in part in a style of your choosing.

No genre or artstyle restrictions. You can use the original characters or the genderswapped ones. Go wild.

Jam art (banner and cover image) by Brendon Chung.

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The game will be on the Unity 3D engine. Release date on 23 November 2017
Epistle III is an attempt to re-create HL3 in Unreal Engine 4 using Mark Laidlow's story as a base!
The Ending in Arctica.
Mr. Gordon's Third Science Gun Adventure
A Half-Life 2 RTS modification
Turning Marc Laidlaw's story synopsis into a playable mod
Half-Life 3 is upcoming!
A Garry's Mod Lua made RPG gamemode based off of Mark Laidlaw's script made after the Half-Life series, "Epistle 3".
A UE4 recreation of HL2 mechanics
The Borealis has been located.