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Nice work! Figuring out the in-air slowdown was key, especially firing off two shots per jump. Controls feel great (my controller worked great, thanks for the support), art is super cute.  Great job =]

level 7 top score. meow.

Nice one you guys! Sound effects especially bring back some memories.

This game is really fun! My kids play a level or two every night before bed. Thanks for making it (and your tutorials)

Thanks! gotta love free Kenney asset packs

Thank you! I check on this once in a while to see if it works on my mac, I was surprised today that it did! Glad to finally be able to play it. =]

Nice one Zach! *fish noises*

I've been using this theme for a long time, but I never properly said "THANK YOU!" I love how close it is to the original theme, just darker. It's perfect!

Same with the Mac version please :)

And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the giveaway. It's really appreciated.

Bullets should definitely work off screen, but I was thinking there could be a way to know there was a gas station near by, so you can slow your shooting down to avoid blowing it up. Either a loud warning when you hit one (maybe give them a little more hp to give you time to correct), or another indicator showing the nearest station.

For the extra fuel, maybe keep the same ring, but have look past 100% in a different color? Like reserve fuel or something. Not sure if that makes sense, but I recommend having something showing you're getting more fuel.

I meant the game itself hard crashed to desktop when I hit the exit on Demo 3.

Sorry I answered these backwards.

Thanks for letting me test! Playing on a Macbook Pro 15" with a PS4 Dualshock controller. Here are some rough thoughts and a couple bugs.

Crash upon hitting the waypoint in Demo 3

Coins sometimes orbit ship (not sure if bug)

Is there supposed to be a second gas ring? Sometimes after filling up the orange ring, I can hear more gas going in, but there's no visual for this.

THIS GAME IS REALLY FUN! My 4 yo was totally into watching me play, and wanted to try. He loved crashing into the red planets.

Love the pixel art, all the particle effects, enemy design is great.

Love the slow pace of it, where one mistake early on can screw up the whole level. Makes for great replayability and perfection seeking.

Controls work great with no extra setup, but the button prompts don't match (Xbox graphics on screen, playing with Dualshock)

Nice to see something this well polished with Godot!

Thought: accidently blowing up gas stations that are off screen really sucks. Maybe there can be an indicator that one is near, like the waypoint and exit indicators. Or maybe have coins regen some gas, so there's some risk/reward with blowing up enemies and chasing their coins.

That's about it for my first quick play session. Thanks again! This is AWESOME!

Loved seeing the art shared on twitter, and loved playing through the mountain! I especially like the effect you used on the trees, and flipping the normals. Looks really cool

This is a super neat wrapper, the videos make it look really easy to use. I am getting some weird behavior with my Dualshock 4 on my MacBook though, and maybe I just have it set up wrong, but I thought I'd ask. The L2, R2 and R1 triggers seem to be firing the Down, Left, and Up controls (L1 does nothing). Also, DPad and face buttons do not work with the Gamepad inputs. I know you said in the video they were mapped to an xbox controller, was just hoping the layouts could be used by just picking the corresponding button. Thanks again for your work on this, just wanted to share what I tried out. :)

This is so good. I keep wondering "can I...?" and yes I can. Like, can I pause mid jump and move this platform higher? YES!


Hey Amos, I finally got to installing this extension and it works great. Thank you for making it, saves me a step of searching in the app for something. In Safari, the buttons aren't indented properly, they seem flush with the left side margin rather than lined up with everything else. Super small detail, but thought I should mention it. Thanks again dude!

I'm guessing this is an error in the MacOS version of the game? =]

Thanks! Works great with a few minutes of testing. Though are we supposed to get points when hitting the yellow speed boost block? Racked up a few just running in circles over that button :)

Came to the comments for the same request :)

Glad to hear a Mac version is coming, looks like a lot of fun for me and the kids

oh nice, I didn't realize bandcamp had a widget. I was just going to use soundcloud but it seems like they might be shifting or going under. Plus the end goal is just to have itch as my page with everything on it. :)

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Hi. I want to have a music player as one of my projects on my page. I want to be able to have a playlist of all songs that are available to listen to, and have the option to pay for mp3 downloads. A built in music player that loads and plays the uploaded "downloads" (songs) would be really cool. Is there another way I should go about this? I searched for "webgl jukebox", "html5 music player", etc, but couldn't really come up with anything. I tried AmazingAudioPlayer, which built a page that works on my computer, but not on itch. Any ideas are welcome, thanks.

//edit - well I got that amazingAudioPlayer working, I had messed up the upload. I still think a built in player would be cool for musicians who want to sell through

The spuds are getting their revenge!

I have decided to try and expand on this idea. Basic top down shooter, but with some elements of stealth. I want to have enemies that are a little smart and can search for the player if they hear him/her, and equip the player with weapons and traps that make take downs fun and interesting.

I'm currently starting the game over from scratch and building a system to load small tilemap levels. Current head-meets-wall situation is ironing out tilemap collisions with the player.

I'm leaving the old web build up for now, but when I have something playable in the new engine, I will post that for download.

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I have a simple prototype game using luxe engine, html export ( that won't launch in the itch app. It says WebGL is required to run. Game runs fine in Safari (I'm on macOS 10.12.1), so it looks like the browser the app uses doesn't have WebGL yet? Any ideas on how to fix this?

//edit - I realized this is because WebGL doesn't work on Chrome on my computer, and I think the itch app uses Chrome somehow. I guess it's up to the end user to get WebGL working on their computer then?

The general need to create. To make something that will exist when I'm gone. This desire quickly went away once my son was born, but I still enjoy tinkering with games dev and making/playing with systems.

Woohoo! I've been wanting a community/dev log/blog type system for a while on Happy it has launched. =]

I'm Jonathan. I work full time, and have a family, so game dev is just a hobby for me. Something to hack on when I'm bored or feeling creative. I use snõwkit/luxe currently as it fits my style and comfort level perfectly.