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Music Player or Jukebox page

A topic by Jonathan Hirz created Sep 17, 2017 Views: 224 Replies: 3
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Hi. I want to have a music player as one of my projects on my page. I want to be able to have a playlist of all songs that are available to listen to, and have the option to pay for mp3 downloads. A built in music player that loads and plays the uploaded "downloads" (songs) would be really cool. Is there another way I should go about this? I searched for "webgl jukebox", "html5 music player", etc, but couldn't really come up with anything. I tried AmazingAudioPlayer, which built a page that works on my computer, but not on itch. Any ideas are welcome, thanks.

//edit - well I got that amazingAudioPlayer working, I had messed up the upload. I still think a built in player would be cool for musicians who want to sell through


Thanks for the feedback, we'd definitely would like to add our own music player in the future since  a lot of creators are already uploading soundtracks. An alternative option in the meantime is to embed a Soundcloud or Bandcamp widget.

oh nice, I didn't realize bandcamp had a widget. I was just going to use soundcloud but it seems like they might be shifting or going under. Plus the end goal is just to have itch as my page with everything on it. :)

hello, it's an old thread but i have the same problems and i can't find a way to solve it, how did you make AmazingAudioPlayer work?