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I have a simple prototype game using luxe engine, html export ( that won't launch in the itch app. It says WebGL is required to run. Game runs fine in Safari (I'm on macOS 10.12.1), so it looks like the browser the app uses doesn't have WebGL yet? Any ideas on how to fix this?

//edit - I realized this is because WebGL doesn't work on Chrome on my computer, and I think the itch app uses Chrome somehow. I guess it's up to the end user to get WebGL working on their computer then?


That's right, the itch app uses the same engine as Chrome/Chromium - which is usually pretty good at getting WebGL running, at least on Windows/macOS, I'm surprised it doesn't seem to work with your system, maybe it's a bug on their end?

We keep in sync with Electron, which keeps in sync with Chromium, regularly, so if it gets fixed upstream, itch will get the fix as well!