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Thank you for playing.

I uploaded a Windows build for now. I may consider exporting to other OSes if I can.

Hello! Thanks for the critique!

Yeah, I'm no sound designer (and definitely less of a musician, I'm glad you like it, but I really hate my music haha!), so I understand the complaints. Having options to configure screen-shake and controls is always a good idea, but I wanted to have a release date and commit to it, so... I had in mind one or two more enemy types, also, but I felt that would have taken me too long.

Thank you for playing again! <3 <3


I've been developing this game for one month, approximately. It's not perfect, but I think it's fun and addictive!

Rockslide is a fast-paced action game in which you have to dodge enemies and kick rocks, making them slide and hit them on the face!

Play it in

Thank you very much!

I shared your video on my Twitter.

PD: That platform room wait time design decision will haunt me in my sleep, haha

Yeah, you're right, and maybe add a breath to that fountain ;). Thank you for playing.

Hey! Thank you for your comment!

Some friend had problems with this section, too, so I recorded a GIF on how to beat it on the past weeks:

I think it is the section you refer too but feel free to ask for additional help if it is not.

Probably I should have designed that zone better.


I managed to finally finish a short game. It's called Last Breath. It was developed for a gamejam in Spain.

It's a puzzle-platformer with an interesting mechanic: you leave platforms when you die, and you can use them to progress.

It would be awesome if you played. The game is free! :)

So... Hi.

I'm Daruu, I'm a Computer Graphics and Animation student, and I have made no games.

I see I'm an exception here... haha...

Well I support and love as a great platform to showcase/distribute games. I'm a gamedev enthusiast who has made a little of pixel-art in the past. Mostly contributions to Pixel Dailies on Twitter.

I suppose I can say I worked on some projects, but never finished any. Should focus on small things, haha.

Here's my Twitter. Mind one thing, I'm from Spain so I tweet in two languages.