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here the same. I think a good start is to watch the tutorial for the itch io software.

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Tnx, I'll try JPixel, it looks cool :) in the future probably superpowers, there are so many that I'll be old after lookin one by one XD.

How people do these stuff, you must be awesome to develop a tool for developers. ... I wonder how Tartle wiz did his RPG tool?

Tartle Wiz?! Hold on a second. That is me! I have never used JPixel but it looks really good. For the Tartle RPG Tool I did the art using an app on android called IsoPix. For the character generator, I then added some variation to the pixel colors for the character's hair using the burn tool in Gimp. I used an all grey pallet so that I could apply color shading using a script in Unit3d.The hair, eyes, silhouette, beards, and hats are separate sprites.