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Maybe comic base ╭⚈¬⚈╮

Pretty good for a game jam game, the flaws I can tell are mostly a matter of polish, like improving the HUD, cuz reading a bunch of bars can get a little hard or even remember which is what,  I thought the floating can of pestiside was a boost and ran into it many times * ・・(o_ _)o The flies and the interaction with the pond also can improve, the mouse capture can feel very cumbersome playing on web and with the menus. Again, just a matter of polish, d(^^*) looking forward for new releases.

I agree with Pixelectric, very impressibe and polish ( ̄ε ̄〃)b awesome work!

(・ω・)v There's still the intention to implement traffic on the road from the first scene, but you know... ◔_◔ dev takes time. (๑>ᴗ<๑) Thanks for the comment!

(つ >ω●)つ Awesome indeed!

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I didn't make the jam submission so... sorry, I don't know •﹏• But, thanks for the comment (σˋ▽ˊ)σ hope you follow the game/devlog to play it when is finished

Thnx buddy, sorry the game is still in pieces ο(_ _ο)彡3

⚆ᗝ⚆ Thnx!

ヽ(ヅ)ノ Thnx, I didn't know about Hammer Fight (σ`・∀・´)σ I'll check it

(^ω^) Thnx!

Still, great job for 48 hours (・ω・)b nice game!

Dude, I think the quit button in the options menu doesn't work, thought continue serves as well

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Pretty fun, just need a little more juice

Looking forward to this!

I played the post Jam version, I ended up speechless.

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:D had a lot of fun trying to win and kinda messed up with the params and cheats

What a compliment, sure!, please (^v^)

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Made a short review in Spanish but don't worry, it has closed caption so hope you enjoy it as well.


Thnx, just wanted to know :)

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Let's say I want to make a version of Super Mario, not a ripoff (like super cat bros or so) but with the actual nes sprites, names and everything.

Could you please explain me the constraints and consecuenses?

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Tnx, I'll try JPixel, it looks cool :) in the future probably superpowers, there are so many that I'll be old after lookin one by one XD.

How people do these stuff, you must be awesome to develop a tool for developers. ... I wonder how Tartle wiz did his RPG tool?

Looks pretty cool, just saying ;)

Hi everyone!, road(me) here.

I'm that boy who always wanted to do cool stuff but ended seeing those awesome things being made by others, now I want to make my own :) I'm pixel art lover (but can't do) really like good looking aesthetics, since I have no experience yet so I'll be trying to gain some EXP from here.