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W and A don't work :^^

Hey there,

N is the number of that type of room present in the Station, W is how it's weighted against the rest of the room types in the station overall and G is whether or not that room type is grouped together in one spot

The shape options - ie circle, cross etc generate space stations in those shapes

There is a manual with lots of information in the read me file included but it's a fair cop, when the next update finally comes out I'll also include a separate manual as a PDF

Not sure what you mean by drag rooms to order them?

Cheers, AL

This is for generating space station for use in TTRPG's only, there are no gameplay mechanics as this isn't a game

I am working on an update where you will can design your own stations from scratch but that won't be ready for a while yet

There's no demo I'm afriad

Feedback didn't include any identifiers such as email or even steam user name, however any amount of plain text is considered a pattern and therefore an identifier

Thanks Noah :)

Is there documentation on how to upgrade from one version to another without having to redesign the form? I'm still pretty new to Unity so a little tutorial for something like that would be cool, loving the asset, can't wait for my next Beta release so people can use it!

This sounds like a great feature, can't wait to get stuck in since one of my games is going alpha pretty shortly!

Hey there, I'm Al Wyvern. I'm just starting out, made a little text adventure as a way of dipping my toe into game dev. Now hooked and learning Unity so I can make a proc gen arcade shoot em up with no guns :D