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Easy Feedback Form

Easy Feedback brings detailed player feedback and bug reporting to your Unity game directly to you! · By Noah Ratcliff

Feedback/Requested Features Sticky

A topic by Noah Ratcliff created Feb 14, 2017 Views: 776 Replies: 25
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Thoughts? Concerns? Feedback?

Megathread for all your feedback and requested features!

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Since my game is single player, would be nice if there was a wire to easily hook my pause function into the feedback form, so that when it opened, I could pause the game, preferably after the screenshot was taken.

I added this myself by editing the FeedbackForm script, but when I update, going to be broken again.

Just a thought.


Thanks for the feedback! This Thursday's update will add hooks to call functions when the form is opened, closed, and submitted. So, you'll be able to hook your pause function in without editing FeedbackForm.

Excellent - sounds good.

Also - is it just an API permission constraint that limits you to use existing boards? Would be nice to add it directly to my existing board for my game.


Although not planned for the next update, in the next few weeks you'll be able to define your own feedback categories from existing boards/lists, so you can use your game's board.

:+1: look forward to it.

Minor thing, but may want to consider making the sort order on the canvas on the Feedback prefab something pretty high, so that there is a good chance it will be on top of any other UI.


That's a great point, thanks!

Is there an easy way for me to get a notification that the card was made on the trello board? perhaps just by assigning it to me?


Automatically self-assigning would definitely do the trick!

I'll look into implementing something like that. Thanks!

Yeah - seems simple enough to do. Sounds good.

Just a minor thing, but on the client it tries to launch this as a game. (Downloaded it using that so it's easier to update it.) It looks like it's possible to have it open the file location instead.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the suggestion! Looks like it can be done with manifests, so I'll be sure to look into that further.

Edit: Currently you can't create a manifest that opens the folder directly from the itch desktop client (see: #1149). However, I changed the project type to "Game asset" instead of "Tool," which opens the asset folder by default in the itch client.

This might not be a big deal after the current issue with "invalid value for desc" is solved, but when the feedback has a minor failure (no real error, but a warning that stops it from submitting, like the above), being able to retry sending it again. So a tester won't lose their screenshot/text they typed up for the bug report.


Keeping the current report after a failure to submit is a really good idea, thanks!

(p.s. I saw your bug post, I'll be looking into it tonight and respond properly :) )

Thank you! :)

Another idea could be having an option for Log severity.
Only include logs in the report based on severity that the user is able to select. So maybe 3 options, All, Warnings+Errors, and Errors only.

It could shorten the length of the log report, and allow filtering if that is something desired. :)
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I normally expect Escape to cancel whatever modal window I have up. Would be nice to have an easy way for EF to do this too. (Also yes I finally updated to the most recent version and I love it!)

Developer (2 edits)

That's a good suggestion, thanks!

This behaviour can be added with quick FormElement script, but I'm adding it to the roadmap, as I agree that it should be default out of the box.

Is there documentation on how to upgrade from one version to another without having to redesign the form? I'm still pretty new to Unity so a little tutorial for something like that would be cool, loving the asset, can't wait for my next Beta release so people can use it!

Developer (3 edits)

Sadly, there's no solid documentation yet, I'm currently working on it though! An upgrade guide is a great idea to include with the docs. I'll look into that.

In the meantime, if you save your changes to the Feedback object as a separate prefab, then update the asset, your changes will persist. Just double check that you're not missing anything on the included Feedback prefab.

Edit: Documentation can be found here, and is also included as a PDF with the asset :)

Thanks Noah :)

Hello there. I'm considering integrating your asset for bug reporting, but I'm almost sure the haters I already have will use it to send me "personal messages" and basically flood the Trello boaRd with trash.

So, I thought a good way to mitigate this would be using IP filtering to prevent reports even being sent if you're on my IP blacklist.

Do you think it would be possible for EF to get the public IP without me resorting to an external method?

My preferred way of doing this would be letting the user fill the form and send it as normal, but secretly not sending anything at the end.



EF doesn't have anything to do with the user's IP address but I think it would be possible to check the public IP address via a web request (see this thread). It would take a little bit of hacking but it would be totally possible to not actually send the report if the IP is on your blacklist. The source is included with the asset so you shouldn't have any problem modifying it to your needs.

Exactly the thread I saw this morning, haha! Okay, will do it that way. Thanks!