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Asked in an email if Mobile support could be in the realm of possibility.
I had tried to put it on a mobile device without thinking about it, and realized it won't show the feedback form when I called Show(). 
There weren't any errors though. :)

The reason of course this would be helpful mainly on iOS, is that we have no way to view what is going on inside Unity in a release build. iOS locks down the app, and you can't even attach to it with XCode after deployed. The bug reporter that ships with Unity is pretty general when it catches an exception, instead of a line number, it will just give you a class and function, and sometimes that isn't really enough to find the problem, having the actual device log would go much farther.

I would be happy to help/test with this if needed!

Nice! Going to look into updating the reporter after I get a little farther along with the playstation stuff I'm working on atm

Another idea could be having an option for Log severity.
Only include logs in the report based on severity that the user is able to select. So maybe 3 options, All, Warnings+Errors, and Errors only.

It could shorten the length of the log report, and allow filtering if that is something desired. :)

Thank you! :)

This might not be a big deal after the current issue with "invalid value for desc" is solved, but when the feedback has a minor failure (no real error, but a warning that stops it from submitting, like the above), being able to retry sending it again. So a tester won't lose their screenshot/text they typed up for the bug report.

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Hey there!

Hitting a weird warning sometimes and I'm not really sure what is going on with it? It seems to be kind of inconsistent in when it happens, so I'm having trouble nailing it down.

In the trello.cs class I'm getting this message back when I try to send feedback. I checked the description value that is passed into the add card function and it seems to be fine.

invalid value for desc
EasyFeedback.ExternalAPI.Trello.<AddCard>c__Iterator0:MoveNext() (at Assets/Easy Feedback/Scripts/ExternalAPI/Trello/Trello.cs:103)
UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)

I can get it to work if I change a few things around, on line 103 in trello.cs:

 if(LastRequest.downloadHandler.text == "invalid value for desc") {
 UploadError = true;
 ErrorMessage = "invalid value for desc";

Before it was just logging it out, but if I treat this as an error, it will show an alert, and fail, but every time after when I try to submit it works!

So it seems like classifying it as an error clears some weirdness out and allows it to work on the next go.

Any idea on why this would happen? I can get more info if needed. :)