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I got you before you even said anything ;)

No worries, submit as many times as you like (assuming your latest is the lowest)

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With the updated demo starts the Lore Finder speedrun contest! The top three winners will be immortalized in the full release of the game through a gold, silver, and bronze trophy bearing their names and run times. Additionally, anyone who submits a video of their run will be added to the game's credits under a special speedrunning section!

If you want to be listed with a different name than your itch username, please let us know in your submission post.

The contest will run through Sunday, December 23. The official end time is December 24 at 3 am Eastern Time.

Timezones got you confused? See a countdown until the end of the contest.

アップデート版デモでLore Finderのタイムアタックコンテストを行います!上位3名には氏名と記録が刻まれた金、銀、銅のトロフィーが製品版に登場します!さらに、タイムアタック時のプレイ動画を提出した人にはもれなく、クレジットにてタイムアタック特別枠に氏名が記載されます!


コンテスト開催期間は12月23日に行われます。公式終了時間は12月24日午前3時(東部標準時)です。 タイムゾーンで不安な方は、こちらのコンテスト終了までのカウントダウンをご覧ください。


Share runs, tips, strategies, glitches, and link speedrun streams in the #lore-finder channel of our Discord. There are several speedrunners in the Discord channel already and they're more than happy to answer questions or teach you things.



  • You can submit runs multiple times, assuming your latest submission has a better time than your previous
  • For runs to be counted as submissions in the contest they must be submitted in this thread before the contest ends. If you get a better time before the contest ends but post it after the contest ended, it will not be counted
  • All runs are in the any% category and glitches are allowed
  • Runs are valid whether using the web version or the downloadable version
  • All runs must be completed using the game's built-in speedrun mode, regular mode runs will not be accepted
  • Times will be judged using the speedrun mode's in game timer
  • The run starts upon entering the game (when the in game timer starts), and ends upon dealing the final blow to Algarott (at which point the in game timer ends)
  • All submissions must include a video link to your run that will remain available throughout the month of January 2019.
  • Videos can be hosted on Twitch, YouTube, or any other reasonably accessible video sharing platform. If you're unsure if your platform is reasonably accessible, it probably isn't
  • We reserve the right to deny game-breaking glitches that are clearly a result of a bug which should be fixed, so that we can fix bugs for members of our community who are not speedrunners
  • No tool-assisted-speedruns allowed


  • タイムアタックの申請は何回でもできます。その際は、申請した記録が前回分よりも更新されているものとします。
  • コンテストへの申請はコンテスト終了までにスレッドへ申請されていなければいりません。コンテスト終了前に記録を出し、コンテスト終了後に申請をした場合は無効となります。
  • コンテストはany%方式、ゲーム内の裏技の使用を認めます。
  • ウェブ版、ダウンロード版、どちらを使用しても構いません。
  • 記録はゲーム内のタイムアタックモード(Speedrun mode)で行います。通常モードの記録は受け付けません。
  • タイム計測はタイムアタックモード内のタイマーで計測します。
  • ゲームスタートと同時にタイマーがスタート。Algarottに最後の一撃を加えた時点で計測終了です。
  • 申請はプレイ動画のリンクを必ず添え、動画は2019年の1月いっぱいまで視聴できるようにしてください。
  • 動画はTwitch、YouTubeなど視聴可能な動画共有サイトなら受け付けますが、視聴可能か不安があるサイトは不可です。
  • 私たちはゲームを破綻させてしまうような、修正が必要なバグから生じた裏技を修正する権利を有しています。そのため、タイムアタックに参加していないコミュニティのメンバーのためにバグを修正することができます。
  •  ツールアシステッドスピードラン(TAS)は受け付けません。

Leaderboard | リーダーボード

  1. 03:03.13 - Garbeggs
  2. 03:04.77 - PhoeKun
  3. 03:05.84 - Metako
  4. 03:06.06 - DonQuikonga (firebreathpanda)
  5. 03:29.80 - EternalFireseal
  6. 03:36.66 - Sammy2306
  7. 03:41.84 - spiders
  8. 03:46.86 - EveryoneLovesPirates
  9. 03:55.90 - Yoshimon1

Aside from requiring extra art, the hitscan algorithm becomes much more complex for diagonals, and drawing a diagonal line in OpenGL is unfortunately pretty complex, too. :/

Hi, thanks for the video and for the feedback! I posted this in the other thread to comment on the lack of diagonals or aiming for the gun:

Please remember this is a demo before we've truly started development of the game, so certain features won't make it in due to technical complexity, or won't be as polished as they will be in the final product. The lack of up or diagonal shots is one of these, shooting horizontally is relatively easy to implement, but especially diagonals are actually really difficult to implement.

As for jump scares, I personally hate those too! So while I can't speak for the rest of the team, I'll be arguing against using them anywhere in the game.

I explained below why only horizontal shooting is in right now, just leaving a reply here so you don't miss it. :)

Please remember this is a demo before we've truly started development of the game, so certain features won't make it in due to technical complexity, or won't be as polished as they will be in the final product. The lack of up or diagonal shots is one of these, shooting horizontally is relatively easy to implement, but especially diagonals are actually really difficult to implement.

It looks like you had fun despite dying repeatedly! Thanks for the video :)

Glad to hear you're excited! Your video made some instant fans on our team. Stay upbeat and optimistic :)

Thanks for the help debugging. :)

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Thanks for the system information. Could you download and try this special build to see if it fixes the problem, please?

I've created a new build to test, could you download it and see if it runs okay?

It was being worked on but I've been so busy with the Lore Finder Kickstarter that yeah, it'll be delayed until probably Q1 2019.

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Also was that really all there was in the lf-run.log file? And there's no crash.log?

It'd also be very useful if you could give me your system specs.

Thanks for the report. Have you tried running the game in Direct3D mode by running 'LoreFinder Direct3D mode.bat' instead of 'LoreFinder.exe'?

We're actually working on an even better version that'll hit Steam (and itch) later this year!

No it didn't, I looked at it but couldn't replicate or figure out what was going on. Can you email me at eniko at with the crash log and more details? I probably won't look at it this week though considering I'm kind of focussed on MidBoss launch.

Yep, you will be getting a Steam key for the game on release on Steam. :)

I'm sorry the game is being difficult. In the game folder there should be a crash.log file, if you could email this to I'll see what I can do for you.

Glad you're enjoying the game! We don't have any plans to add gamepad support at this time though, sorry.

That sounds like it should be fixable. I'm sick right now but I'll look at it as soon as I can and get back to you on here.

Nice! :D

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Yeah we either need to be able to pick a place where all games are installed, or be able to pick per game. Right now there's no indication where files are kept, and I'm assuming the default drive/C drive is used, which is bad news for those of us who have a small SSD to run our OS on but keep the rest of our files on a mechanical HDD.

It shows you a game at random. :) It has some filter options, but none to show you only games that aren't free. Hence the suggestion.

Yeah but that doesn't apply to the randomizer, or does it? O_o

There's an option to only show free games, there should probably be an option to only show games that require money.

That would be useful. The other way would be to allow us to host our embedded images on itself somehow, like screenshots and the like?

Will this also block images embedded in store pages and hosted on non-https sites?

Ultra Hat Dimension is now available for Windows right here on! A whimsical puzzle game where you are a protagonist that literally wears many different hats. Explore through the levels of the majestic Spluff Palace to find and defeat your arch-nemesis! Featuring tile-based puzzles, Ultra Hat Dimension is a charming jaunt through a gauntlet of fisticuffs.

I perpetually wonder what the bytes in your name represent.

y hallo thar ;D

Yes please, we're currently looking at community solutions for UHD so that would work out great.

Was gonna mention this myself. So, uh +1 I guess? The indentation per level seems pretty extreme to me, could probably be taken down a bit too.

When adding metadata for Ultra Hat Dimension I noticed there's nothing for modding. Might be interesting to have something like that, specifying if the game is moddable in various ways.

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Yeah personally I was thinking of a Steam like system for forums for games. The comments thread for a game isn't really a good place for engagement (particularly since nobody even seems to use it?).

One way to facilitate both players and devs feeling comfortable and connecting is maybe to allow games to have a subforum? If my games had a forum where I could connect with the players of my games, I would certainly be using those and I'd probably stray outside them as well. It also gives both players and devs a reason to be here; meaningful interaction between developer and audience for specific games. Hopefully some of that would spill over into other parts of the forum? It'd also keep most of the shameless plugging isolated.

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The only thing I can say is that I'm a lot more likely to be active in a place where I can talk about my own stuff without fear of alienating people. I don't really know how to create an atmosphere that makes people feel safe to talk about the stuff they're putting so much of themselves into, but I do think being able to mention your work guilt-free is important as I think it'll encourage people to participate in more parts of the forum rather than just having a devlog thread for their games they update without going anywhere else.

Holy run-on sentence, Batman!