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Super Bernie World

Join Bernie's movement and transform the United States in this free retro 2D platformer. · By Eniko

bruh this isn't at all like mario

A topic by deathhamster created Jun 25, 2020 Views: 371 Replies: 5
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all the physics are wrong and its not fun


This is true. The story goes that when developing Mario, the first thing they did was make sure it felt good just to run and jump around. That does not seem to be the case here, as it really does not feel good to control; it feels like a low-effort ripoff.


bruh the physics are based on the original SMB for the NES


That’s clear, and they are similar, but it’s like in an uncanny valley of Mario physics. Like, Mario has a lot more momentum, and Bernie stops much more quickly, for instance.


bruh, its meant to look like a rom hack of the original game/games: super mario world and super mario bros


I feel like the game would have been better served by being an actual ROM hack. The intent is there, but the gameplay just feels off.