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In the browser-based game, I can’t get past “Press Enter to Begin” no matter what I press, running Chrome on Windows 10.

I have seen this with some Itch games. Somehow the permissions don’t get set right, so (for the less technically literate) this command just tells your computer that it’s a program you can run. For the path, just drag the app onto your Terminal window.

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For Mac users: I had to make it executable (chmod -R +x /path/to/ before it would run. It doesn’t have its file permissions properly set.

Yay, thanks!

I’m sorry to hear that, and I hope I didn’t make you feel pressured. Focus on the important things! Hope things turn well for you. <3

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Okay, so I made the folder and copied lib/monogame.framework.desktopgl.core/ to lib/netstandard2.0/MonoGame.Framework.dll (I assume editing the manifest would also have worked), and now the game seems to run fine, except I still get these errors on launch:

AL lib: (WW) GetProcPath: Failed to readlink /proc/self/file: No such file or directory
AL lib: (WW) alc_initconfig: Failed to initialize backend "jack"

Not sure if those are significant. The game does have sound.

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Sorry for taking so long to give it a shot, but:

$ ./The\ Heart\'s\ Illumination
  An assembly specified in the application dependencies manifest (The Heart's Illumination.deps.json) was not found:
    package: 'MonoGame.Framework.DesktopGL.Core', version: ''
    path: 'lib/netstandard2.0/MonoGame.Framework.dll'

Soooo… it’s broken. Or at least, it’s looking for a nonexistent directory.

I did try running it after unzipping to confirm that it did actually unzip, and it seemed fine. But thanks for checking! I guess it’s not a severe problem, just one that requires special download instructions or else it’s very easily mistaken for a severe problem.

Something went weird with the Mac download; the built-in utility can’t unzip it (“Error 1 - Operation not permitted”), nor can Keka or The Unarchiver. But oddly, unzip in Terminal does it just fine, as does B1 Free Archiver.

Please fix it! I have no idea what’s wrong, maybe a permissions issue?

Something went weird with the Mac download; the built-in utility can’t unzip it (“Error 1 - Operation not permitted”), nor can Keka or The Unarchiver. But oddly, unzip in Terminal does it just fine, as does B1 Free Archiver.

Please fix it! I have no idea what’s wrong, maybe a permissions issue?


I can’t find any way to download, so… done.

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And aromantic asexuals get no representation in a game about marginalized people.

The point is this is what happens to real people just because of how they were born.

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Any possibility of improving the contrast? The white-on-pink text is very hard to distinguish, not to mention the pink-on-pink menus.

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I can’t speak to Catalina, but for the same problem on Mojave, run xattr -cr on it in Terminal. (For the uninitiated: Open up Terminal [it’s an app that came with your Mac], type that command and then a space, drag onto the same Terminal window, and press return.)

I was also able to run it without doing that by launching directly.

The link for 2.2.1 leads to SurvivalGamev2.3.2(64Bit).zip, which is at least the exact same filesize as the purchase download, but 2.1.1 works as expected.

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Oh, that. Yeah, I still get the “File is in owner’s trash” message when I click that link.

I don’t see a 2.2.1. The only download listed on the download page is 2.3.2.

What is Is it required by the game? If so, why are they not archived together in a zip file?

Traducción automática (lo siento, no hablo español): ¿Qué es Es requerido por el juego? Si es así, ¿por qué no se archivan juntos en un archivo zip?

Download demo: “File is in owner’s trash.”

Is there anything playable aside from the broken 2.3.2 build?

Aw. Thanks!

I have no VR gear, but this really intrigues me. Can I still play it with my dumb flat screen?

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If you still wanna run the SWF file directly, you could try the standalone “Flash Player projector” from Adobe’s debug downloads.

Edit: I just realized/remembered that SWF stands for Shockwave Flash. And how weird that they used to be two separate things.

I have no VR gear. Can this game be played on a standard display?


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Is it possible to run this game on Mac or Windows? Do I need to find my own Ren’Py executables and figure out what to do with them? Help

The only download listed is one with Linux in the filename but tagged as being for Windows.


I don’t have any VR gear. Just a computer and a flat screen. Can I play this game?

As a Mojave user who can still run 32-bit software, I have to agree—nothing I’ve tried will get this to run natively on my system. I can get as far as the intro using Wine, but once it fades to black it stays black.

Where can I get at the included ROM for Wishing Sarah? The game seems to be Javascript-based, and I’m not seeing a file that looks like a Gameboy ROM.

RAM is memory. Disk storage space is not memory. You said the right thing.

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What was Jill’s number again? Do I have to restart the game to get it? Edit: Checked a YouTube playthrough, it’s 555-8345.

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Notarize? Not doing that just means we’ll get a warning on first launch, like a lot of games on Itch. Easy to work around.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll give it a shot!

What are you using that lets you compile for Mac but not publish for it?

That said, I don’t really understand it either. Sounds like metadata?

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This sounds like it might be it:

Windows, Mac, and Linux for Markets

A distribution that contains the information required to run on software markets like and Steam. This isn’t meant to be run directly (and probably won’t work on the Mac), but should be fed to the app store upload process.

Ren’Py docs, Building Distributions

Ah. I’d offer to help test, but I haven’t upgraded to Catalina for exactly this reason (I’m still on the previous release, Mojave).