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Is there a reason the store pages aren’t even viewable to non-owners? Contractual reasons?

I’m able to access it at the moment as a bundle owner; guess you fixed it?

Whoops! 😆 Thanks for replying!

Is this no longer available?

I was going to ask a silly question, but then saw this devlog from a couple months ago:

Since there are many differences, I’m removing all the downloadable versions of the game from now, but they will have new versions soon.

So, in case anyone comes looking and doesn’t click over to that, there ya go. =)

Some people are just unrealistically rude…

There are plenty of free programs that can handle most archive formats including RAR. I like Bandizip, myself.

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In the web version at least, restarting is bugged.

I climbed to the top floor and got an ending, and the restart button didn’t seem to be clickable.

I sat and watched through the window until I got an ending, clicked restart, and pressed space to skip the intro—but pressing space restarted the intro each time, no matter how many times I pressed it. Sit through the cutscene and the game freezes on jumping.

I escaped and got an ending, and there was no restart button.

Refrshing the browser page works in all cases.

I forget what I topped out at, but if you got 13 points I’d wager you understand the point system as well as you need to. But basically you get points with a character for making them like you or showing that you like them. There ought to be a guide, honestly.

I’m not sure how VR would work in a visual novel.

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Admittedly would be cool to be teased about what we freeloaders are missing out on

Found a bug, sequence break: When prompted to check my mail at the start, I clicked on the call button instead, got “I don’t have anyone to call right now,” and then the Interstar icon appeared. I saw the CV scene without ever seeing Meli’s mail.

You gotta host ’em somewhere that isn’t account-bound.

If you know anyone who bought the Bundle for Ukraine, you may have a way to get these files.

D= That’s not a good sign!

Ahh, that certainly explains it. Audio is usually the most bulky part of a game, I believe.

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Thanks for the prompt answer! (And then I take a week to say thanks…)

I see now some of that was also mentioned on the download page, though that isn’t accessible from the Itch app. And thanks to the mention of the Steam versions, I was able to find this from the Technical FAQ, for anyone interested:

What is the mkxp version and how do I opt into it?

The mkxp version runs Jimmy through a C interpreter. Basically, this makes things run at a much nicer framerate. However, battle music doesn’t loop correctly, and some people experience other glitches, so I felt it was too unstable to have as the main download.

How is this version a fraction of the filesize of previous versions? Down from nearly 200 MB to under 20. Was anything cut?

When I try to run this, I get an error message:

Java has not been found on your computer. Do you want to download it?

I do have Java. My Java Control Panel says it’s up to date. Clicking the OK button does nothing. Help

Hey, what’s the difference between the win and pc versions? Is one better?

What is the difference between the --mkxp download and the other one? They both include mkxp files

Cool, much more straightforward. Thanks!

Is there any difference between the NES and PC versions? Or is it a direct port/emulator?

Might I suggest renaming them? Like instead of The Game is here no ads, how about HammerA SWF.rar, etc.

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Please explain the patch. Why is its filesize twice as large as the actual game? Is it a newer version? Why a separate download?

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The Game is here no ads HammerA.rar

Hammera no adsEXE version.rar

Complete Packaga HammerA by Khermann aka airman4.rar

Why on earth are there three completely differently named downloads? Are two of them outdated? Are there differences? Compatibility issues? Which one do I download? Do I need all three?

Whereas I see toys and games separately: you play a game, following its rules to complete objectives; but you play with a toy, maybe making up your own self-enforced rules (though something like Mouse Trap blurs the lines a bit—arguably more fun to play with the Rube Goldberg contraption than to play the game). I would classify something like Cosmic Osmo as a highly interactive toy, as it has no definable objectives, no win state, no loss state.

Not judging—many visual novels are absolutely not games, but I’m planning to buy the rest of the SciADV VNs as soon as they’re available. Because game-ness doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy it.

Could you elaborate?

Maybe it’s just down to personal opinion, but personally, I don’t see how something without objectives could be a game. A toy, sure. An art piece. How is it a game?

Some years ago, a lot of the internet got angry about Gone Home being sold as a game, levying various arguments with varying numbers of holes in them. But it had the objective of piecing together the story through exploration. Of course it was a game.

So, what makes this one a game? What makes this something you play rather than something you play with?

Is it really a game if it has no objectives?

It’s essentially a 3D rail shooter with free movement on a 2D plane.

But yeah, “My game is like [insert game here]” is the worst description one can give.

This really shouldn’t be listed for sale here after it’s been abandoned. The Steam version is the same price for an extra year of updates—last updated in November 2020, compared to October 2019 here.

Will the Itch app be able to auto-update this demo with the filename changing with each new version? Or how will that work? If it won’t work, could you remedy that?

Ohh, that would be nice. A playable online version of Quest

I think that’s why this page explicitly recommends playing the offline version. Quest is pretty neat, but their web tech is terrible.

You can move (and rename) the game folder anywhere and get rid of the rest, it seems.

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This is an excellent question though. Does it need to be in %appdatalocal%?

Edit: It absolutely does not. Just move and rename the folder containing the executable (in my case, empy..tion_26e291384eb56324_0001.0001_5b6de51a672003b3), and then you can feel free to delete any containing folders, including Apps itself if you don’t use it.

Right-click the file and choose Open with. Or change your default browser.

Old comment, so maybe you resolved it, but in case it helps anyone else

So you just follow the cat around until a heart randomly appears? Because that can take quite a while.

I can’t work out how the cat scene is triggered. Any help?